Family Romance

Family Romance

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Family Romance ~ 2009
Continuation – FINAL ROMANCE
Story – Princess Loveline Nwosu
Screenplay – Princess Loveline Nwosu, Eric Stephenson
Director – Eric Stephenson
Producer – Princess Loveline Nwosu
(Bees Production)

Clarion Chukwura – Felicia
Desmond Elliot – Greg
Queen Nwokoye – Erica
Cynthia Okereke – Mama Matilda
Princess Loveline Nwosu – Matilda
Zack Orji – Chief Desmond
Kalu Ikeagwu – Alex
Uche Ogbodo – Natasha
Godwin Isong – Akpan

Step Families
Career Vs Family

My Rating – 58%

Chief Desmond’s wife Natasha is so preoccupied with work that she barely has enough time for her family. One day she leaves without telling him to go and represent in a big case in Abuja. Fed up, in her long absence he remarries a much younger local girl called Matilda. Matilda’s presence in the family home brings about much discord. His children are incensed that their father has married a girl that is younger than them all and treat her with much disdain.

At a loss for what to Chief’s children reach out to their oldest brother in the UK and their mother, who is still residing in Abuja to aid them in rectifying the situation. They believe that their mother and brother will fare better in persuading their father to remove Matilda from the home. Little do they know that their brother returning from the UK will only add a new dimension of complication to the whole situation.


Career Vs Family

Is career more important than your loved ones? What is the point in slaving away and never having time for your loved ones. Who will you share your successes with? In the movie Felicia is totally focused on work. She sees nthing else. The gravity of her blinsightedness comes all the more apparent when she is told that her husband is in hospital and she cannot find the time to go and see him. She tells the children to take care of him. What if he had died?

The double take effect was used in practically every scene and was soooo sooo annoying. Who on earth thought that this would be a good idea? Ok we get it you have learnt that special effect. It does not mean that you have to use it in every scene for no good reason.

Matilda’s hair was atrocious. I seriously wonder if that was done on purpose to emphasise her localness or if Princess Loveline actually walks around looking a hot mess. Hmmm… It was relaxed hair but with tonnes of regrowth. She had all the front sticking up in the air (not stylishly but haphazardly like the chick just woke up or was homeless) and attached from the middle to the back was a foot (ok slight exaggeration) of horse’s mane. I mean WTF happened to blending?

Uche Ogbodo is a very pretty girl but she needs to stop applying her make up with a paintbrush. She seriously looks like a clown. She also needs really focus on her craft and stop the overacting. She was shouting all the time when it wasn’t needed and overemphasising every gesture and facial expression. The movie would have been so much better without her in it.

Things that I loved about the movie was the dialogue and the interaction between the siblings. Princess and Eric did a great job with the script. The dialogue was rich and realistic. Some of the banter was hilarious and I laughed out aloud on more than one occasion. Greg, played by Desmond Elliot had some of the best lines and he carried them off brilliantly.

In one scene Alex is in the house, his sole purpose to persuade their father to get rid of Matilda. Matilda walks into the room and he greets her with grace, as well as giving her a warm smile. Greg is disgusted and tells him,

“You’ll just be smiling at any he goat or she goat you see.”

In another scene we see Desmond tries to pick up a girl on the side of the road by beeping his horn and thinking she will just walk over to the car and slide in. Of course it doesn’t work and it quickly turns nasty. Instead of driving out the guy gets out of the car and starts abusing her,

“A fine gentleman in a beautiful car honks at you and you don’t answer. Who the hell do you think you are? You are stupid.”

Overall I would recommend the movie. It was an absolutely great cast that meshed together really well with the exception of Uche who we could have done without seeing at all. I really enjoyed parts 1 and 2 but by the time I got onto part 3 and 4 my interest in the film was waning. It dragged on for a bit too long and would have been a much better film if they had made it shorter. Nevertheless it is one worth watching.  UPDATE:

After watching FINAL ROMANCE I lowered the rating from 68 to 58. It kind of got worse in the continuation. I won’t bore you with the details! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian Movie Review African Actors and Actresses

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  1. Princess did a good job with the story but she should do something with the hair next time. I liked it.
    Clarion Chukwura looked flawless and played her role perfect. I was very glad to see Mr. Zack Orji after a long time.
    The story was great! I think Alexander shouldn't have to be too hard on his mother because she raised them to be where he.
    The children was grown and did not need so much from their mother.
    Chief Desmond had very right because he wanted to spend more time with his wife. I guess he felt at their age it was time to spend the rest of their lives together.
    Uche Ogbodo has always been wearing too much make-up. I was suprise she wasn't wearing lacefront I don't really like Queen Nwokoye but she did well in this movie.
    Desmond Elliot……always the best! Kalu did well too.
    I didn't get to part 3&4 but overall like you said it's watchable.

    • Love Clarion. She is always on point. No complaints there at all! I thought it was enjoyable but 3 and 4 let the whole thing down. I hate when that happens.

      I didn't see the problem with her always working. That is how she got where she is. that is how all her children were in good professions but I thought it was ridiculous for her to be on her way to a party and then answer a call and flake out. Sometimes phones need to just be turned off. There is a time for work and a time for family, but work always came first. that is a problem. that means that you can never be held at your word.

      I never realised Uche was so bad an actress before I watched this movie. It was not good at all.

      Queen Nwokoye has really come on leaps and bounds. I am really impressed with her now whereas before I used avoid her movies.

  2. What the heck was that?????I don't even know where to start..the actress who was supposed to be desmonds (mind you – a business tycoon/multimillionaire) "new wife" was totally miscasted. Hellooooo?! I mean even if she grew up in the orphanage at least after getting married to desmond wouldn't she look more refined and not so terribly local. I don't even know where to it from her totally terrible dressing, the lack of ability to act realisticly and to show emotions or the totally horrific mob on her head that was supposed to be "a hairstyle"!The ending was total crap (including totally awful spelling errors…as usual) just as the whole movie was. I really wonder how much they must have paid these amazing nollywood actors to act in this joke called "a movie". Life is really too short to waste on a movie (that has ridiculously 4 PARTS) that is totally confusing, missed the point on so many occasions, left so many questions unanswered and had the "special musical effects" at totally random and unecessary times. In short total bullcrap with amazing cast that couldn't even make up for this nonesense with their (as usual) totally brilliant acting!

    • Chii she casted herself. She was the producer. This is the issue with some of these behind the scenes, they get excited and want to become a star without actually thinking about whether they are any good or not.

      Princess was one of the weaker links in this movie, but there is hope for her yet. I believe that she has potential to be decent.

      I liked the mocie but I agree with you 4 parts was entirely too much.

      Did u catch that double take effect they kept doing? It was making me dizzy! LOL

  3. the film was alright! i kinda sorta avoid Queen's films but she was alright to watch in this one. love Dessy always! Nollyforever do us a favour and review 'Forgive me Father' just watched that and really liked it.

  4. i have not seen the movie here in miami the movies gets release later then up north ,cant wait to see it

  5. The movie was Ok.

    What a horror! was dat a bird nest or what? She should've relaxed her hair! I mean she lookd like she just woke up 2 do each scenes, was not der enough time 4 da hair?

    grown @$$ man dependent on his father's money, wat a brat!

    Matilda's character: the girl did her best.
    U right about dat double take, it was annoying. dey should've used this film nd finish da movie once nd 4 all.

    Sounds were off nd music was inappropriate in certain scenes.

    • What I liked most about this movie was desmond. HE was just having me cracking up the whole time!
      Princess' hair was something else. I can't believe noone questioned her on it… but I guess she is the producer and paying everyone so they will just keep their mouths shut.

  6. nollywood, i totally agree with your rating for this movie. i watched part 1 & 2 about 3 weeks ago and every time i try to watch 3 & 4, i just get bored and finally just finished watching it. there were so many mistakes in the movie, its ridiculous. first uche was leaving in the states and the next she said its the UK, which one is it and get it together. i don't even want to say anything about matilda's hair. HORRIBLE! some of the things that happened in the movie didn't even make sense. like when matilda received the letter and desmond took it. what happened to asking for the letter back? really stupid!

    if i'm right, i think Forgive Me Father is the movie with Osuofia and Osita. i was expecting to see the usual crazy and funny osuofia but totally didn't get it. he was too nice for me. i didn't like the movie. couldn't even afford to finish watching it but will wait to see what you have to say after you watch it

    • That happened to me with part 3 and 4! It just started dragging unnecessarily! Took me a few takes to complete… Oooh I didn't notice the whole uche UK and US thing…. mmm not good at all.

      I think with the letter thing she didn't bother because she knew that it was pointless. Why would he give the letter back since he was always doing things to try and antagonise her.

      I havent seen Forgive me Father… and I don't think I'll watch it. I'm not too fond of the two rats.

      • KedraLCurry says:

        That is called continuity . This is the reason you have a script supervisor on set . Wow something so simple.

  7. what the hell waste of money,actress and time they all need to take acting lesson from stephanie and mercy even john dumelo doing better than these veterans.IS THIS SITE COMING OUT OF GHANA OR NIGERIA ?

  8. KedraLCurry says:

    Hmm well the audio in this was not that great. The storyline was predictable. This the problem with most movies coming out of Nolly wood. Quantity and not Quality . The girl’s hair was just a shame she looked a hot mess though out the film even the make up artist did not do a good job cause her face looked kinda messed up. It had some funny  moments in it.

  9. Owanna benjamin says:

    Hello guys can someone assist me in telling me where to find this movie?:because I tried YouTube but no success..need it asap please.which site?

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