Father's Blood

Father’s Blood

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Father’s Blood ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Mike Ezuruonye – Matthew
Mercy Johnson – Olivia
Patience Ozokwor – Salome
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Sarge
John Mgbere – Chief Orthega
Vivian Ezejiaku – Nurse
Ugo Uwagbama – Ishmael
Sunday Irogboli – Akpan
Jefrey Iloba – Briggs
Sochima Jonathan – Grace
Jonathan Ganagana – Thomas
Sule Rahmat – Mimi
Chukwuoma Ejikeme – Abigail
Nneji Uju – Ugo

Forced Retirement

My Rating 77%

Sarge’s bosses have told him that they want to retire him at the end of the month. He is not in support of this at all as he is still fit and desperate to work because he has a family to support including a 23 year old son in school. His pleas to keep his job fall on deaf ears and his bosses will not recant their decision. In a fit of desperation Sarge resorts to extreme measures to ensure that his family are provided for, and he is willing to lose his life in the process.


Sarge played by Ifeanyi Ikechukwu is a G. As he robs the Bureau de Change where he works as a security guard he points the gun at his boss, who is laying face down on the floor and roars at him,

“Chief, you want to retire me? Come and retire me now! You want to retire me again? I will retire you now!”

Ifeanyi is cast well as the man who is driven to an out of character act by desperation. The torment is written all over his face through his expression. He interpreted the role very well. Forced retirement is a real issue that people of retirement age have to deal with every day the world lover. They are made to feel useless and hopeless even if they are able bodied and fit to work as we can see in this movie. Having no job with a family to support knocks Sarge’s pride as a man.

On the other hand the role of the Chief was minor but majorly butchered. Chief Chief! What can I say – this guy’s acting is more that horrible. Maybe if I say it in French it will lessen the pain I felt when watching him. Il est très horrible!!! His name is John Mgbere and I surely hope not to see him again unless he is not talking. If he is somebody’s friend or relative… A beg was it necessary for him to have a speaking role?

After Sarge commits the robbery he speeds off in the getaway car to some remote woodland area where he buries the suitcase. He then calls his wife and tells her where he has buried the money and what he intends for her to do with it,

“It is for Matthew… Tell him it is his father’s blood. He must use that money and become someone in life.”

He then directs her to present the money to him in 2 years time when he is 25. In this we see a father’s love for his son and desire to see him son succeed where he did not. He is even willing to give up his life to ensure that his son enjoys a better quality of life. He knows that his boss will come for his family if he simply runs away so he makes sure that he alerts them to where he is by shooting his rifle, so that they will kill him and in turn leave his family alone.

Why are we shown Salome, Sarge’s wife taking money out of the gold case and hiding it under the bed? I thought she was doing that to then get rid of the suitcase but then fast-forward to two years later when she is presenting Matthew with the money and we see all the money neatly stacked back in the gold case. Why show her taking it out of the case? Why not have her hide the whole case underneath the bed? That made no sense to me.

Matthew is told to use the money wisely but what does the stupid boy go and do? He goes to buy a car to impress a girl that he was hawking goods on the roadside with, all because she says she will sleep with him if he has a car! He comes by where she sells her new goods with his new car and on top of that he is decked out in sunglasses and some brand spanking new attire. I thought this was a bit too much of a transformation in the one day. So because he buys a car he must go on a shopping trip too?

Matthew’s change in character I felt was too sudden. You have bought a car and some new clothes and all of a sudden you are talking with a posh-ish accent, it felt a little unbelievable to me. On the contrary when he decks out Olivia in her new clothes she looks different but still retains the local razzness that she had about her.

Matthew squanders his money on fast living and after his car is wrecked he really has nothing at all to show for it. His mother finds out and is distraught that her husband has died for nothing. Olivia almost gets herself killed by Matthew after he sees her talking to a man in the hotel where she is staying, and finds himself in prison because of this. We see how his father’s ill gotten gains have only brought his misery, but should the sins of the father be revisited upon the son?

We see how the pressure of trying to live up to his parent’s expectations and the guilt on his head about not making the most of his father’s sacrifice leads Matthew to using alcohol and sometimes weed as a coping mechanism.

There is a scene in part 2 which is hilarious. Olivia is now born again and trying to get Matthew to straighten out his life and marry her but despite the more modest dress you can still see the thug in her. She rolls up to his house determined to change his life by force. When he tries to escape her she grabs him and wraps her legs around him to the point where her asks her, “Is it by force to marry?” to which she exclaims, “yes!”Another hilarious scene involving Mercy Johnson is when she sees him on the street with one of his girls. She beats her up in the middle of the street and then runs back to Matthews house ready to descend on him should he come back. She then sees him with his alcohol and chases him until she wrestles the containers from him!

Alocholism and addiction is an important topics touched on in the movie. We see how the effects go beyond the person who is addicted. People close to an alcoholic are affected in that they have to deal with the erratic behaviour, the aggression, the stealing, and the shame involved. Matthew thinks only of alcohol. One one occasion he runs out of money and screams at his mother,

“Give me money ooo and let me go and drink beer before the cold ones go hot.”

It is comic but so tragic at the same time. The ending was unpredicatable. I thought it was going to be a fairy tale ending where Matthew becomes born again and he and Olivia live happily ever after. It was not an idealistic ending in that sense but it was very real. Very often where addiction is involved there actually is no happy ending and lives are wrecked or lost in the process. It is a sad situation where a mother sees the only way for her son to be free is in taking his life, and Salome expresses that out loud,

“It is good for you to be dead… I have watched you drowning in your own vomit… I have set you free.”

I liked this movie. I would recommend it. The main characters played their roles well and complimented each other. The use of the slow motion and sound effects to go along with it at the end of the movie were very nicely done and added to the dramatics of the whole scene. My only criticisms would be the sudden change in Mike’s accent. Sound also needed some improvement. Many times when the scene would change there would be a block in sound which was very noticeable and it happened more than one. THUMBS UP!

NB: At the end of Part 1 there is an epilogue despite the part 2 Tchidi why? I want to know. Is this in case people only buy part 1 or what? Someone please tell me! I believe this movie is 2009 but then in one scene they have Mike singing Sisquo’s unleash the dragon so who really knows if this is repackaged or not?

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  1. i'm even likin dis review nolly…will def. try n watch dis…cheers!!!

  2. Sure you will be seeing more of me since I actually sponsor the movies as Executive Producer. But we are aiming for perfection so it will be better and improved…

    • Ah that explains it then! It was a nice movie but as is the case with Tchidi Chikere, he makes great movies alot of the time but not everyone that is involved in a movie needs to be in front of the camera!

      • if ur the man that played the role of the father's boss,

        i would advice you to quit acting for ever!

        you can maybe try ur hand at omethign elese where you wouldnt need to speak, like mining tin.

        sorry,its the truth.

  3. Allison Orovwigho says:

    I just saw a preview of Father's Blood at http://www.naijaplace.com and I think John's acting was good. That's my own point of view. Thanks

    • I am sorry I do not believe you for one second. It is clear you are in cahoots with, or even are John because you are pimping out the same site that he was. You must have thought you were dealing with an idiot to even come here and post this!!! LMAOOOOOOO! How would you even know what film to click when none of the films on that site are named? The site is a mess… A beg!

  4. i see Mr T is not happy with us ohhh Nolly – but he cant hold us down – Mr T – accepting and taking constructive criticism will help you some. We still love you and you remain one of or favourite producers but we (Nolly and Ms Tilli) like to call a spade a spade – so sue us 😆

    • Tilii you have spoken very well. Correct babe… Nothin do you… They can keep hollering hatersim and jealousy all they want. It is not lies we are telling and so we shall keep forging ahead helping the masses to steer clear of trash that is being put out and at the same time promoting and bigging up those works that deserve it!


  6. sharry islandgirl says:

    does anyone knows where i can fine the movie 30 days with gennyv email me please

  7. whats going on with nollywood the story lines are so boring i am a bit surprise, come on nollywood
    have u all lost it, i stop watching jamaican and american movies for these


  8. Beautiful but tragic movie. I was really impressed by the story and that the script writer actually had the guts to touch such a sensitive issue. I also thought it was good that they didn't use the alcoholism aspect in a comical way, which is normally the case (just think of klint da drunk or some nkem owoh movies etc..). Nonetheless the funny scenes for example when Mercy Johnson was chasing him down the road, were totally hilarious and really had me cracking up. The ending was tragic, but I would say very realistic because it symbolised so much especially when Patience said continuously "you are not my son", because that is how addictions changes people..they become total strangers to their loved ones. All in all a good story and good execution (with lil' flaws of course) and a must watch. Kudos.

    • It was handled sensitively but still had its comic moments. Yes it is true… addictions can turn people into strangers and the stranger that Mattew came was one totally unrecognisable to his mother.

  9. One of the best movies av seen lately… Mercy & Mike never disappoint. Kudos…

    Ill gotten wealth always brings misery!!

  10. he movie was great! Mercy, Mike, Patience and Ifeanyi played their parts very, very well. The majority of the acting was on point. I thought the storyline was realistic – as well as the ending – and Mercy Johnson's latter points were absolutely hilarious. Gwon Mercy. Get yo man!

  11. watching the movie gonna let u informed later…

  12. really entertaining.. just finished p. 1… unpredictable.. I enjoyed.. M. Johnson was good in it… lemme go see P. 2 hope it isn't tiresome..

  13. Part 2 is a waste of time.. 25%

    • Naaaa PArt 2 wasn't that bad. It did get a little ridiculous but I found it funny and had a very strong message at the same time!

  14. TheChuckylee says:

    Dis movie was very nice.I think Tchidi deserves an award 4 his contribution to nollywood.Most of his movies from back then to now are very good.He's very creative and also makes even a simple story entertaining(world's apart).Mike,Mercy and Patience as usual gave excellent performances in dis one too.Congrats Tchidi.

  15. loved MJ die for dis movie!!infact as u said dey all tried with d exceptn of 1…i think we all kno who

  16. I've just watched it….It was a very touching story and a good material for debate. Tchidi Tchikere is very good. This movie deserve an award….

    Your review is brilliant…

    I found the aunt of Olivia very funny. She was a bit overacting but it was funny. You did not mention her.

    There was a couple living in the same coumpound with Salome who was strange. The woman looked more like the daughter of her supposed husband….

  17. OMG… This movie is AWARD winning.

    The writers did quite well by keeping their audience on edge of their seats with excitement, enthusiasm, drama and stirring emotions.

    Although there were some mishaps from reality in a scene when the son, who is suppose to be a drunkard, runs like a marathon runner; this movie still sits at the TOP of the totem pole in its excellence.

    Awesome WORK!!! Special Nods of grandeur goes to Patience Ozokwor for her portrayal of an overwhelmed-mother.

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