Few Days in Egypt

Few Days in Egypt

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Nigerian Movie
Few Days in Egypt ~ 2010
Story – Wisdom Ikum Ralph
Screenplay – Endurance Ugo Egems
Director – Endurance Ugo Egems
Producer – Wisdom Ikum Ralph

Tony Umez – Ben
Eucharia Anunobi – Patience
Emeka Ani – Baba
Christy Okonkwo – Ifeyinwa
Raymond Manafa – Onyekachi
Jim Lawson Maduike – Wisdom
Elvis Chuks – Fabian
Winny Lazarus – Faith
Ifeoma Nwachukwu – Ifeoma
Cynthia Nwachukwu – Uju
Okoro Stan Tangible – Jude
Eric Eneh – John

Themes Explored:
Battling Adversity

My Rating – 9%

Patience (Eucharia Anunobi) does not seem to be able to have children and so resorts to witch doctors to try and make her wish come true. Her efforts produce no results and in the meantime she and her husband Ben (Tony Umez) take in his brother’s child Ifeoma, promising her parents to treat her as their own and pay for her schooling. They are not true to their word and end up horribly abusing the child to the point that she feels there is not other option but to run away. Running away is her saving point because it is after she runs away that her greatest dreams actualise.


Why on earth did they put some atrocious wig on a girl that is meant to be only 12. We see her in church with her heels and wig singing gospel song “every good thing comes from my God” Ifeoma turns into a big singing star. I thought it was a stupid ass story line and seemed to be a ruse simply to showcase this Ifeoma (as she is also called in real life) chick. Her music video is inserted at any given opportunity and is never ending.

At the end of the movie Ifeoma who is now slightly older (like 13 or 14 but still too young to be wearing old woman garb) is wearing a granny grey striped suit, old woman drop earrings and a cropped wig. WTF? I was in disbelief. Eucharia turns up at the church to try and shoot her after killing the witch doctor. What kind of nonsense is that? It was truly a mess.

Why is the movie called “Few Days in Egypt”? Not only is it grammatically incorrect, but it has no relation to the content of the movie. No one spends a “few days” anywhere that I know about let alone in Egypt. Whoever named this movie should be flogged, alongside everyone that didn’t protest. Nigerian Movie Nigeria

I would not recommend this movie it is absolutely awful and a waste of time. We are introduced to random characters in a haphazard fashion, which is very confusion The acting is for the most part dreadful to the point that it would be comedic if it wasn’t so tragic. Let me not drone on too much about the small details. Let me put it simply and let you know that this movie is absolutely horrible with no clear focus. It is like watching improvisation. No let me correct that it is even worse watching improvisation because the script is unrealistic and fake, with improvisation there may at least be some realness in the dialogue. *A BIG BIG BOO*

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  1. boy o'l boy!!!… what a review….i sure will not bother with this one..i actually thot they would be shooting it in Egypt!!

  2. my ribs r crackin nolly…i can imagine d look on ur face as u were watchin d movie…do we still need 2 watch it…?lol..keep up d gud work!!! cheers!!!

    • I am amazed I even got to the end. I kept thinking it would get better and then it got to the end with the kid with the wig it was just tooo tooo stupid!

  3. lol at d rating n review. lol. nolly evn frm d nme sef i cnt watch it. WTH is a few days in egypt?? lol. naija movies dey tire person sha

  4. Beyonceh says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Am I having a problem with my eyes or are you kidding me right now????????????? 9%?????? Oh, I have never seen this in my life…..What a waste?



  6. Rita Bisong! says:

    The story lines its nt captivating…its just plain!!!its going to be boring watching it!

  7. Come oh,did Francis Umeh actually think properly before writing this stupid ass script? I don’t think so! Some directors are just full of shit, biko. Please trash this movie!

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