Fighting For Nothing

Fighting For Nothing

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Nigerian Movie Review
Fighting for Nothing ~ 2009

Story, Screenplay & Director – Tchidi Chikere

Jim Iyke – Kodili
Kate Henshaw Nuttall – Dinah
Camilla Mberekpe – Carol (Mama Kodili)
Ify Afuba – June (Mama Ernie)
Somadina Adima – Uche
Ed Nnasor – Native Doctor
Kennedy Kalu – Elder John
Emmanuel Ibeh – Elder David
Valentine C Uka – Prophet

Poverty in Africa
Family Feud African
Depression African
Guilt in the movies
Village Life in Nigeria
Spirits Nollywood
Revenge Nollywood
Resentment Nollywood

My Rating – 71%

Ernie and Kodili are best friends and as close as brothers but their mothers hate each other and because of this show pure disdain for each other’s sons despite the love their son’s have for one another. It all began when Ernie’s mother married his father. Kodili’s mother claimed that Ernie’s mother had snatched her man and married him. She blames Ernie’s mother for her condition in life. She is resentful that she married a poor man and remained in the village in poverty, while Ernie’s mother, due to marrying a wealthy man had the benefit of an educated and well travelled son to shower her with gifts on his visits home. Their sons are grown and decades have passed but the feud between the two women continues and ultimately tears both families apart. Nigerian Movie Review


The drama really starts when Kodili’s girlfriend Dinah approaches Ernie for money to buy a new hairdryer for her salon. The friendship’s close bond is thrown into disarray as a result of this single action. Kodili suspects that Dinah and Ernie are having an affair. Dinah was spotted outside Ernie’s house early one morning, and denies that she was there, only to admit it later on. Both Ernie and Dinah refuse to tell what she was doing there, not wanting to dent his pride, but this only causes the situation to escalate.

Kodili catches Ernie walking hand in hand with Dinah. They had actually met up to discuss telling him the truth about their original meeting. As they are walking they are exchanging praises with regards to Kodili and the love that he has for each of them and them for him in return. Kodili of course only sees them holding hands and flips out. This scene is hilarious. Dinah blurts out, “I went to collect money from him.” Kodili chases her, throwing a spade at her head.

Another very funny scene is the fight that the two mothers have at Ernie’s mother’s gate over Ernie’s mother’s supposed man snatching. Kodili’s mother berates her for her overuse of “grammar.” Camilla does a great job as a meddling mother. She makes up stories and puts ideas in her son’s head to turn him against Ernie. She goes as far as poisoning him to death.



After Ernie’s death things take a turn for the worst. Kodili is wracked with guilt that he is the cause of his former friend’s death. He takes his frustrations out on Dinah telling her that he will not marry her because he wants her to “suffer” in turn she tells him that she is going to leave him to, “go and look for someone who is interested in living.” She is not serious but wants to jolt him back into reality. This does not work and he only ends up taking life seriously again when she fakes a pregnancy.

It is not a happy ending because on finding out that Dinah lied about being pregnant Kodili is heartbroken. It does not matter that she actually does really becomes pregnant either as the trust is broken and even if he did believe she was pregnant he wouldn’t necessarily believe the baby was his anyway.


I would recommend this movie. It was a nice simple setting village movie with a great cast and a good solid story that leaves us with lessons to be learnt. These are; never cry wolf because in your real time of need you may not be believed. The truth is always best because lies just escalate and get you into trouble and last but not least to not carry around emotional baggage for years on end because it will only consume you and leave you bitter and twisted.

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