For The Promise

For The Promise

For The Promise ~ 2010
Story – Ezenwa Collins Chinedu
Screenplay – Tchidi Chikere
Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Ezenwa Collins Chinedu

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Tonto Dikeh – Zizi
Sam Dede – Chike
Stephanie Oforka – Ruby
Elvis Obi – Dr Mike
Pat Asore – Bernice
Chigozie Nwaoye – Pascal
Chidimma Agu – Breadseller
Joseph Mike – Tim
Sony Iyke – Alade

Domestic Violence
Charms (JuJu)

My Rating – 58%

Chike (Sam Dede) and Zizi’s (Tonto Dikeh) marriage is thrown into disarray because of Zizi’s refusal to follow her husband’s orders to not wear make up and what he considers to be provocative clothing. He is fed up of men harassing her because of her looks and dress and thus wants her to downplay her beauty. At first Zizi agrees with her husband’s proposal, but then later reneges on the agreement that they made.

Zizi refuses to go out looking like a “village wife.” At his wit’s end Chike shreds all of her clothes and lunges at his wife physically and verbally abusing her. It all gets too much and Zizi seeks refuge in the house of Ruby (Stephanie Oforka) a woman that she met one day on the side of the road on another occasion where she was being attacked by her husband.


Bad Influence
Ruby appears to want to help Tonto going as far as to approach her husband to try and tackle his treatment of his wife. As soon as he opens the door Chike immediately launches a verbal assault on Ruby,

“So you are the one that is teaching her to wear these boys follow me clothes all over the place?”

Because he sees Ruby beautifully made up and in nice clothes she assumes that she must be the one influencing his wife. Does his wife not have a mind of her own?

Charms (Juju)
Ruby gives Zizi a raw egg to drink telling her that by drinking it her husband will never hit her again. Zizi is desperate and does it under much persuasion. It does work but the question is what is Ruby’s motive? She just met Zizi, why would she be so insistent that she drink the egg? We see Chike wake up in the middle if the night soaked in blood. The charms have repercussions in Zizi’s life extending beyond her marriage.

Domestic Violence
Zizi didn’t swallow the egg to gain anything but freedom from domestic violence at the hands of her husband. It was her that was condemned for “giving and taking from the devil” in the soundtrack that played, because she swallowed the egg, yet there was no sort of message to say that domestic violence is not acceptable, neither was there an acceptance by Chike that he had been wrong for beating his wife, or any apology. I wasn’t best pleased with that.

Sam Dede and Tonto both delivered. The new girl Stephanie Oforka is absolutely beautiful, with a very graceful demeanour. As an actress she was alright but could have been a lot better. She was very understated and there wasn’t enough passion in her delivery, but I could definitely see the potential in her.

Say What?
When Tonto turned into a mad homeless woman, she was waaaaaaay too clean. How would you be squatting on a filthy roadside and your T-shirt is a brilliant white? One week later she is wearing the same thing in the same spot, and the T shitrt is still looking kinda crisp. At that point it should have been filthy already.

I would recommend the movie. It wasn’t anything new, but it was nice enough with some funny moments scattered here n there and good performances from Sam Dede and Tonto Dikeh. The message given being, “be careful who you trust” and “don’t do juju it will always backfire on you.”

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  1. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi Nolly,I liked dis movie.Well I don't know why u gave it such a small rating.Perhaps it's because the storyline is not actually new.Dats one thing I like abt Tchidi.His ability to make good movies out of even overused storylines like worlds apart which brought Ini Edo into the limelight.I also like how he used the juju theme which didn't make it irritating either.I also like how he tries to use new faces like he did with Uru Eke in widows men.Dats wat a good director is(Ugezu J. Ugezu & Frank Rajah shd go for some lessons from him).The new girl has good potentials too.Sam Dede and Tonto were also good in their roles.Overall the movie was nice.

    • Anything over 5 is good LOL I thought it was ok but nothing special. It is one of those ones that in a few months I will barely remember. For sure it was easy to watch, enjoyable but I would hardly gush about it to someone or tell them they HAVE to watch it, hence the rating!

      I love Uru Eke but after Widow's Men I havent seen anything from her that I was like WOW, which is such a shame because she has great untapped potential.

  2. Does anyone know who sang the devil song throughout this movie?..thanksxx

  3. okeke samuel says:

    Pls hw cn i get the theme song no gain of this movie tnx…

  4. Peter Petraik says:

    Please! Where can I download the theme song to that movie ‘From The Promise’ whose lyrics are:
    Temptation comes with a very beautiful thing… The devil comes only to give you pains…he will promises you blessing…. The devil has just come to kill and destroy so run don’t take from the devil run… no matter what the devil say there is no gain……….
    I need that song very much. Thanks.

  5. I love the soundtrack. It’s a nice movie. Lots to learn. What is the soundtrack call. Thanks

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