Four In Love

Four In Love

Ghanaian Movie Review
Four In Love – 2011
Repackaged as THE CEO
Story – Selassie Ibrahim
Screenplay – Narh Mate Kodjo
Directors – Afam Okereke, John Izedonmi
Producer – Selassie Ibrahim

Starring :
Nadia Buari – Farida
Desmond Elliot – Larry Lee
Selassie Ibrahim – Gloria
Ekow Blankson – Asempa
Roselyn Ngisah – Grace
Paddy Wonder – Jeff
James Gardiner – James
Francesca Gray – Maggi
Portia Asare Boateng – Joyce
Maleeha Ibrahim – Nana Yaa
Beverly Afaglo – Cynthia
Timothy Bentum – John
Omar de 1st – Brian

Gender Roles

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 43%


James played by James Gardiner is feeling neglected by his wife Farida played by Nadia Buari because she is always on call at work, which is always seemingly more important than him. She however is intent on keeping her job at any cost as she considers it is a great opportunity to work for her mentor Gloria.

Gloria is a workaholic whose husband a movie director is also feeling neglected. Despite this feeling he is always loyal to his wife and does not consider cheating on her. There are rumours that he messes about with his actresses and his wife is paranoid that the rumours are true. Her jealousy and paranoia threaten to ruin the relationship.

Marriage and Gender Roles

What is the role of a married woman? Is it wrong for a woman to dedicate so much time to her work? In the movie the women are portrayed as neglectful and not knowing their place whereas if it was a man he would most probably be portrayed as dedicated and working towards the betterment of his family. Is this right or wrong?

In one instance Farida has to go and pick up her boss from the airport after a trip abroad and her fiancé James exclaims,

“If we get married and God willing have kids will you be globe trotting for your boss? For Christ’s sake is meeting your boss at the airport really part of your work?”

On the flip side Gloria is the big boss with more responsibility and has a husband and child and seems to be able to spend quality time with her family, even though it is not as much as her husband would like. As Farida is on the bottom rungs of the ladder perhaps this is the time that she has to prove herself and make the necessary sacrifices.

Nollywood Forever Says What!

What was the whole point of Desmond recruiting Cynthia on the street to be an actress? SAY WHAT? How did that fit in with the whole storyline? Even him being a film director did not seem to fit in with the story.


I would not recommend this movie although it is just about watchable. It was very slow. I had high hopes in the beginning but by part two I was just plain bored. There doesn’t seem to be much point to it all, although the characters were believable and well acted the story lacked oomph. By the end of part 2 the story is just getting started. The pace was way too slow for me to be interested in watching the continuation.

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  1. With such stars, I would have expected a better movie. So what was the point of the movie? Did she later lose her fiance or what?

    • You are asking me? LOL I really didn't get it. My dealer had the part 3 and 4 but I left it there. Didn't see the point in buying what I already know is rubbish.

  2. justmedeela says:

    I own this movie. The name on the case says The CEO. The movie was so slow and boring I wanted my money back.

  3. anonygirl says:

    u dont want to talk about that boring new actor

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