Friday Night


Friday Night

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Friday Night – 2008
Story – Adjoa Van Vicker & Diana Morris
Screenplay – Van Vicker
Director – Van Vicker

Van Vicker – Pape
Nana Ama McBrown – Missy
Livingston Kwane Lotsu – Andre
Omar de 1st – Rashid
Fred Magma Johnson – Kobi
Gloria Osei-Sarfo – Abigail
Ziggy Nartteyson – Gambo
Patrick Sarfor – Jake
Maame Gyamfua Asibey – Brenda
Janet Osei-Sarfo – Bernice
Nii Offei Dodo – Stick
Gloria Nyarko – Abena
Sunita Tetteh – Christabel
Edmond Quarshie – Hotel Manager
Bright Alogbaya – Sunshine

Prostitution in Ghanaian Culture
Pimping in Ghanaian Culture
Marriage in Ghana
Infidelity in Ghana

My Rating: 8%

This the blurb from the back cover of the movie:

Childhood friends Pape, Koby and Rashid, now married have made an outing every Friday Night, a tradition in their lives, even though their wives try to talk them out if it. What they do at these outings is “unimaginable”. Koby has a grudge that he must settle with Pape so he honours a deal with a notorios pimp Jake the Shadow to get one of his whores Missy in trouble to get back at Pape. Missy on the other hand wasnt to buy back her freedom, like her friend Debra in order to pursue a singing career, but Jake has a plan in motion.

It was a perfect hook up but on the wrong night.

Friday Nights can be freaky.


The reason that I have copied the synopsis fromt the back movie cover is that I could not finish watching this movie, and to the point I had got up to I could not really tell what the general gist of the story was except there was a pimp, some hoes and a dude cheating on his wife.

I was looking forward to watching this… Van Vicker’s attempt at writing and directing a movie… I wish I could say that it was a great effort but I can’t. It was torturous watching this absolute drivel. If you look at it the concept isn’t bad but the execution was horrible,  a complete waste of a story. I started with an open mind but only 11 minutes in and I was ready to be finished.

The begining alone should have contained some scene to draw viewers in and make us want to keep watching, instead we are stuck with a club scene with loud music and no dialogue. I got bored very quickly and my patience was wearing thin but I persevered.

We see a scene with Andre in his bedroom in his marital home. One of the girl’s he met from the club the night before calls him on his cell. He starts shouting at her that she shouldn’t have called him. His wife then walks in and he hangs up on her changing the conversation as if he is talking to a business associate that needs to meet up with him urgently. his wife is suspicious and while he is pretending to talk on the phone calls it. Of course it rings and he is BUSTED!

So what does he go and tell his wife as his excuse for lying,

“It was this stupid girl from the club last night – You know how they are. She said she was lonely.”

What kind of idioticness is this? What man is going to say that, a man that is supposedly trying to show that he is sorry. I would imagine they would at least pretend that they were trying to get rid of someone that had been after them for a while. I mean what is a married man doing giving his number to a chick in the club only LAST NIGHT anyway?

The wife then does some exaggerated talk to the hand type of gesture. The whole scene is so dreadful, fake and terribly acted.

There is another scene that was also kinda weird. The prostitute Missy has run away from her pimp and is in the gym. The camera focuses on her and Brenda. Brenda keeps looking over at Missy and smiling in a suggestive way. It looks to me like Brenda is a lesbian trying to prey on Missy. When the exercise class is over Brenda goes over to Missy and they start talking. The exchange is as if they are strangers, however within minutes they are talking about things that would suggest that contrary to being strangers they actually know each other very well. This is the height of bad execution.

Maame Asibey who played Brenda acted like she needed to be in a pantomime. Everything she said was as if there were an exclamation mark after it and her eyebrows were constantly raising as if she were suprised. Nana Ama Mcbrown was decent, but what good is decent with everything else around you being so bad?

Half an hour in a gave up and switched it off. Perhaps it gets better but I really didn’t care enough to plough through. I would not recommend this at all. On the plus side Livingston Lotsu (with the dreads) was a nice piece of eye candy.

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  1. Lesleen says:

    I have to see it for myself in order to comment. From experience, the movies, here in the USA, that are always bashed about by the so-called critics, are always the ones making big bucks at the box office. Van has always been one of my favourite African actors, and i look forward viewing his first attempt at producing a movie..For now I am keeping an open mind until such time..

  2. pamelastitch says:

    Van Vicker is HAWT and I am sorry that is where it stops for me. His acting skils…ehm null and others: me no know…

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    Lesleen brace yourself… LOL
    Yes Pamela he is hotter than scotch bonnet pepper thats for sure. He does ok sometimes, but most times its nothing to write home about.

  4. Ovunda Ihunwo says:

    people should learn to mind wat they know how to do. Van is a good actor. i think he should maintain it and not lead himself into an artistic suicide by trying to produce one. this attempt has ruined many good actors.

  5. depend on how you guys view good actors…… a man with one face is not a good actor to me… and as for the film he try making, well let us believe this is his first, we all have make mistakes in our first attempt at one time or the other. he will lean from this one that i believe….. Nollywood forever i feel you all the same, there are just some movies that you cannot seat down to watch… let us give room to nu concept…

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    Cyril which new concept? I thought you said you were going to watch it before commenting. As I said before…My support has been shown by buying the movei in the first place. since I bought it I am entitled to voice my opinion. and my opinion is that the movie is straight up trash. All I am doing is calling a spade a spade… I am not going to sit here and lie for the sake of supporting rubbish.

    He will learn I'm sure… and anything he learns will make his next movie better… we hope anyway LOL

  7. first of all u dont know acting and then you want to produce movie.

    Van Vicker go sit down somewhere and lets rest.

    Magid is really kicking ya ass lately – well lets wait till the summer is over, Magid has 6 movies coming out – some with Genevieve, Uru Eke (widows men), Nse Ikpe, Jim Iyke, Mercy Johnson, Tontoh Dikeh and the likes – all produced by our very best Emem Isong and some my Tchidi Chikere.

    Take your time and gain some acting experience and improve before you say u want to produce. I knew the movie will suck before it even came out.

    Will reviewing "The King is Mine" on my blog soon – i got words for those two idiots Frank and Mumuni.

  8. Take forinstance Dessy.

    Desmond Elliot has been in the industry for years, improved in his acting as time passed (but not the shouting :lol),learnt a lot along the way and smartly decided to partner with one the best Emem Isong to co produce his first movie RELOADED, and see how successful it became. He has two more coming (GUILTY PLEASURES and BEFORE THE LIGHT) out this summer both co produce with Emem – very proud of Desmond.

    Now thats smart thinking.

    You just dont jump into producing when u dont know what the hell its about.

    If i was to choose a veteran to produce movie i will choose none other but RMD – Richard Mofe Damijo – he understands the industry and the whole work of acting. Van doesnt cos if he did he will research his role before playing them just like Magid did for Crime to Christ.

    Yeah but still he sho is cute aint he. But for me thats it. Acting, i rate him "GOOD" but not "GREAT" and if you aint "GREAT" then i dont care for your movies.

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    LMAO… You know I have only seen Majid in one movie and that was the great flop that is THE SHEPHERD, so I look forward to seeing what he is actually capable of…

    • NF: you should start with "Divine Love" which was both Majid Michel, Van Vicker and Jackie Appiah's first movie. In this movie Van palyed as Majid's boss. It's a conflict between the two Maxwell (both bare the same first names).
      Please watch this movie and see how Majid has progress since this movie…'s like he just left Van and Jackie behind.
      You can also watch Royal Battle with Majid, Van, and Jackie….see how much Majid has improved!
      I think Majid's breakthrough was in Crime To Christ……he was pheunominal!!!

      I think Miss Tell It Like It Is is right about Van Vicker….You just dont jump into producing and directing when u dont know what the hell its about.
      Friday Nights was a waste of my precious time and he didn't stop there..he still went ahead to write/direct/produce. New movie is RAJ the dancer.

      • You know I had Divine Love but I never got around to watching it… Having moved house who knows where it is now. Would you say it is worth watching or am I going to come back and cuss you? LOL

        I have heard about this Raj the Dancer… Hopefully he will do a Rukky Sanda on us all and get his weight up!

        • It's worth watching only because it was their first movie not Majid has improve tremenderously.
          Rama Brew, Akorfa Asiedu, Doris Sackitey, and George Williams…are always on point.
          If you watch it you'll know that Van Vicker doens not understanding the essence in acting.
          I just want to prove a point that Majid Michel understands and knows what his fans want.

          I just want Van Vicker to prove us wrong for once!!

  10. if aint watched Magid yet at least start off with Crime to Christ. He first caught my eye.
    Definately a force to be reckoned with and can just tell he takes his job seriously and does his homework. He will do well in futre. I have high hopes for his future in acting.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Friday Night was hopeless but Van Vicker has written, co-starred in and directed something even more atrocious. It's called 'Raj The Dancer'. Ugh!

  12. okay, Van's first attempt was so sad. i am a Van vicker lover but even i couldn't finish friday night PART 1. i was so disappointed and i watched it over the weekend and still nothing. the script, the camera shots and quality..oh boy i was traumatized!

    Raj the dancer was ok..very average if not below, his dancing was soo bad! but the storyline i liked. again the camera shots could have improved. it had some comedy parts but like i said it could have been soo much better.

    now waiting for "Distance" with Nadia..hope that would be explosive!

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