Friends In Love

Friends In Love

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Friends in Love ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Majid Michel – Chike
Tonto Dikeh – Debby
Uru Eke – Bella
Ejine Okoroafor – Bianca
Irenila Nneka Eze – Susan
Sylvan Ugwumadu – Receptionist
Jerry Okpar – Ismeal
Kingsley Godwin – Susan’s Boyfriend

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 43%

Having been recently proposed to by her boyfriend Chike, Debby is having doubts. She feels that the relationship has developed too quickly and that she does not know him well enough to accept the proposal. Anxious to make sure that she is making the right decision she enlists the help of a friend Bella to act as a honey trap. Bella is bitter having been hurt by men and is more than happy to assist Debby in her mission. She is convinced that she will catch Debby’s intended husband cheating on the first day and so is wholly surprised when she discovers that he is clean living and loyal. Almost disbelieving that such a man can exist she decides that he is too good to let another woman have. Debby calls Bella for an update with regards to the surveillance operation and is told,

“Your boyfriend is worst than a dog.”

She has decided that she wants him for herself and so the chase begins.


Bella uses her cousin Bianca to set up Debby into thinking that Chike is cheating on her (or like Tonto says, “chiting.”) Her plan backfires and very soon he gets it into his head that Bianca is his soul mate and it is fate that keeps making them cross paths. Rather than fall for Bella he falls for Bianca and begins to use Bella as a sounding board, much to her frustration.

The girl who introduces Bella and Debby is a useless actress. Tip: If you must have someone that useless, either out of pity, nepotism or free labour you should at least give them a role where they do not need to speak. On failing that you should not put them in the first few scenes because it can put people off.

I must mention Tonto’s face. It is getting lighter and brighter. She is now around Majid’s colour. She is no longer lightskinned she has transformed into bleachskinned glow in the dark. I could not stop staring in amazement, she also had in some light eye colour contact lenses and her eyes were looking itchy. She would not have looked out of place in a horror film. All I have to say to that is… take a look at Uche Uwuji and mind yaself. It is not a good look at all!

Acting wise I normally love Tonto’s performances. Here I must say I was not feeling her at all. It didn’t seem like she gave herself to the character. She was just reading lines and overdoing it at the same time. Uru Eke too, major disappointment. Majid Michel was just OK, nothing special. I have to blame it on the direction because I know all of them can and normally do, do better.

The story in itself was not bad but the execution was terrible. There were too many unnecessary scenes. Cars driving, gates being opened and closed, watching Majid do fellowship and a friends house, Walking in the park, hugging (for a good 5 minutes WTF?) just nothingness with music over the top. It was never ending and booooring. Editing was rubbish. At the end of part 2 there is the static like a phone is going to ring… TWICE. Why didn’t they reshoot or edit it out? This is not the sort of quality I would expect from a Tchidi movie.

We get an epilogue at the end of part 1 saying, “It was later discovered that Bella was one behind the set up. She was disgraced and rejected by all her friends.” How can you have an epilogue when you have a part 2 that goes on to show the rest of the story. Tchidi did this in Beautiful Soul too. Part 2 was slightly more interesting but only by a small margin. There was a good build up of dramatic tension just before the confrontation between Bianca, Chike and Bella. I was wondering why Bella confessed, it seemed out of place because she did not appear to be truly sorry, neither did she have a next plan up her sleeve and they were not good friends so I wondered what the point of that was.

I would not recommend this movie. When you counter in the fact that this is a Tchidi movie AND starring heavyweights like Majid and Uru Eke (Widow’s Men), it is even more sorrily disappointing how bad it is. Part one is 55 minutes and part 2 is 45 minutes, add into that a lot of filler and few years ago this would have been less than a one part film. The dialogue was basic and uninteresting and despite having a great cast the performances fell flat. Thumbs down!

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  1. Heard about the new movie to be released….
    hAA, the trailer

    u must be 18 or above to watch oh
    Please be advised, graphic GRAPHIC.

    I am not responsible

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Yes I’ve seen… LOL

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    That news at ten music is really off putting I swear it wasnt playing over the other trailer I saw…

  4. Nolly,

    I agree ith your analysis completely. The movie was definitely a waste of my time. I expected more from Tchidi' s movies and this one was a complete flop.

    I used to admire Tonto as a new flava to Nollywood. But now I really can't see beyond the obvious bleaching. It is too much and it is definitely not needed. She looks completely ridiculous! I swear I will boycott any movie that she is in based on this. I saw Wild and Dirty at first I thought it was the camera, but no sadly I know it is not the case. I think Nollywood should be represented with people that are not ashamed of who they are.

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    SG my sister from another mother you have spoken very very well! Its like the more she bleaches the more that something special that she had that made her a joy to watch disappears…

  6. n i thot i was d only one dat noticed tonto's face…1st saw it on native son, i wasn't impressed…i'm really nt a big tonto fan cuz i don't like all d under-sized cloths she alwaz wear…it looks really tacky n she has half of her body outside…whoeva is in charge of costumes shud do a beta job…keep doin wat u do nolly…cheers!!!

  7. complete flop for this one too for me, I watched it today and was very disappointed.
    Tonto's skin was so white, Bella played well and I didn't like the end of the movie, too much hugging and kissing, I wanted more drama, lol.

  8. nollywoodforever says:

    She is white and scary so not a good look… they hugged at the end of the movie for a good 5 plus minutes… ridiculous!!! Rmeinded me of Tchidi's movie Loosing You… and him wailing in the background Hoooooooooold Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. Patricia Kayden says:

    Sorry, but I loved this movie. Maybe I'm not as fussy as all of you, but I really enjoyed it.

    I have met women who lie to get a man, and women who focus so much on one man that they refuse to let go – so the plot seemed realistic to me.

    I know it was meant to be a serious movie, but did a lot of laughing.

  10. Sometimes, the reviews really confuses one cos some pipo say yes some say no………….. I ordered this movie arleady and by the look of things I might have wasted ma money, but I will watch it and come back with my comments..


  11. Hmmm Beyonce beyonce lol You will only have yourself to blame… Were you not warned?

    When other people tell you that trash is good you need to look at their past record to see whether or not they are generally in the habit of recommending trash before you put your faith in them. Some people will say any and everything is good.

    I would not say that you have wasted your money… more like you have even insulted its value by burning it… LMAO just kidding… see it as a learning curve. It is watchable.


  1. […] is in this rubbish too. I had hopes of seeing her in something good after Widow’s Men. First Friends in Love and now this. So So disappointing. On the plus side her make up was looking very good. Very subtle […]

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