Games Married Women Play

Games Married Women Play – 2011
Story – Jennifer Nwaji
Screenplay – Emma Iroh
Director – Ndubuisi Okoh
Producer – Ebere Iheanacho

Peace Kanu
Chioma Chris
Nseno Ukpong
Grace Johnson


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 4% 

The Games Married Women Play

In Games Married Women Play Funke ends up reuniting with some old friends after accidentally crashing into the car of one. They had lost contact years back but had been living in the same city for many years without knowing. After reuniting the two women introduce each other to other long lost friends from their school days.

The Games Married Women play is set in Abuja and features a casts of unknowns. This is risky for obvious reasons but seeing as it was produced and written by women I thought I’d give it a shot, as women seem to be the ones bringing bigger and better to Nollywood. Although women are a minority in the industry they are overrepresented in putting out top quality movies. I’d like to say that in this instance I was wrong. Very wrong. The movie is dreadful.


I would not recommend the movie at all. The sound is bad from the very first scene. It is echoey and electronic sounding. I hope that it gets better but  any improvement is temporary. The movie is one endless round of a bunch of fat mamas shaking their ass in a hair salon/ restaurant and egging each other on with their schooldays nicknames. I watched about 35 minutes before I gave up totally so I never got to find out what games married women play and to be honest I don’t give a toss either. A big thumbs down.

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