Garden Of Love And Tears

Garden of Love and Tears

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review

Garden of Love and Tears ~ 2009
Story – Ezihe Richmond
Screenplay – Chinedu Anyanwu
Director – Nonso Emekaekwu
Producer – Ezihe Richmond

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Tonto Dikeh – Jenny
Ramsey Noah – Michael
Patience Ozokwor – Monica
Kofi Adjorlolo – Magnus
Daniella Chioma Okeke – Margaret
Seun Akindele – Dickson
Anita Joseph – Sylvia
Comfort Ugheoke – Rosie
Emmanuel Inyang – Jack
Enyinna Nwigwe – Tommy


In this Nigerian movie Jenny played by Tonto Dikeh appears to have the perfect marriage, a loving husband, played by Ramsey Noah and two beautiful children, a boy and girl. She is blossoming in her marriage. The family have lots of quality time together and enjoy being with each other. Her friend Margaret, played by Daniella Chioma Okereke, however is perishing in her marriage dealing with a cheating husband. Jenny is Margaret’s confidant and slowly her friends distrust in her own husband rubs of on her. Her world is shattered when one day she walks into a restaurant and finds Michael feeding another woman. It is completely innocent but Jenny is convinced otherwise.

My Rating – 54%


The “Cheese” Factor

The first thing that I thought about this movie was that it was a very much so over the top cheese fest. Edam, Brie, Mascarpone, Swiss, Cheddar, Mozarella and Parmesan, they all came together in this movie. First of all it started with cheesy clichéd “happy family” scenes. All sitting around the table together and eating and smiling cheesily throughout, in every scene the family were just overly cheesing like they were about to get their pictures taken.

There was another scene outside of the family home that stuck out to me as being pretty cheesy as well. Michael goes to meet his friend’s prospective wife and his friend is gushing about his chick just way too much for it to be really a man talking to a man. The guys says,

I can’t seem to stop dreaming and thinking about her. She has transported me into another realm

Allz I’m saying is Chinedu Anyanwanu must be one cheesy guy.

Believability Factor

So we know that Michael was not cheating on Jenny but seriously what did he think he was doing feeding Rosie at the restaurant? That was too much. Lying about being in the office was one thing. I can get that but why would you be feeding your friend’s girlfriend. I would not find that appropriate at all.

After Michael is accused of cheating he declares that if his wife believes that he is cheating then he may as well go and cheat. I thought that this whole concept was mega stupid and the way in which they had Ramsey Noah announce the fact was too fake. I felt like they were trying to shove the message “Don’t accuse ya man of cheating or he actually will” just too forcefully.

The story and the characters were too simple I didn’t think it was properly thought through. From being a loving caring husband Michael turns into a violent cheating drunk literally overnight. That was not at all believable to me.

Funny Scene

Monica, played by my favourite Patience Ozokwor tries to settle an argument with Magnus played by Kofi Adjorlolo,

Just get on your knees and ask me to forgive you and we can settle the matter

When he refuses she tells him,

Magnus I don’t want you to die of hunger apologise while you still have the chance o!

It is like a battle of wills and neither party will back down. She goes on to say,

I will not beg you tufiakwa over my dead body!


Ultimately it is the love of the grandchildren that brings Magnus and Monica together; we see how family rifts don’t just affect the people involved. There is a rippling effect.

Performances by the Cast

Tonto Dikeh’s hair and make up was looking absolutely fantastic in this movie. She and Ramsey performed well. Patience Ozokwor and Kofi Adjorlolo were the stand out performances for me. They interacted well and made the movie enjoyable. Comfort Ugheoke is very pretty but still can’t act for shit. She was wooden one minute and then overacting emotions the next. Anita Joseph is another dreadful one. I won’t bore you all with the details.

Audio Quality

I was watching the movie and it started going out of sync between the voice and the action at the end of Part 1. Then in part 2 I hear some repetition on two different occasions and on top of that towards the end Patience’s voice is completely dubbed out and another put on top of it. Can you imagine? The voice is not even similar, it is a lot lighter and sounds younger. There are even sections where the sound is completely cut out. I think you can deduce from what I am saying here that the sound was abysmal and really let the movie down.

Most of the movie was just too cheesy and cliché for me and the sound was awful. I did however love the soundtrack. There is a song about fighting like cat and dog that I’ve heard in other movies that I absolutely love. I’d say this movie is one to watch when you are just lazying around and have nothing better doing. It is not one that I would go out of my way to watch but it is a good one to perhaps watch with kids because there is a really strong message about the preservation of family. I would recommend this movie on account of the village scenes. That is what really made it for me, otherwise I may well have ejected before I got to the end.

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  1. I too have watched this movie and cheesy is the perfect tag line for the movie. What kind of an imbecile of a woman needs to be fed and by her prospective husband's friend? And it was too too long.

    • Can you imagine sitting in a public restaurant with the friend of your fiance and getting fed by him? Ok, if she did not have hands that would have made perfect sense. In fact they should have made her handless! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

      • lol at problem solved. The only good thing about this movie for me was I was didn't waste my hard earned coins on it. Watched it online.

  2. hi nolly, i had thot this was an old review until i saw d date…ok, nw u knw i'm nt a tonto fan, but she really made d movie boring 4 me…i knw she was just playing her role, but did she really have to act like a fisherman's wife all d time? all that nagging n stuff finally got 2 me, n at a point i wondered hw poor ramsey felt too…lol

    since she felt she had a good man in d beginning, y d turn around? would it b to bad for her to look beyond this 1st indiscretion…?

    ramsey's friend was an eye candy tho…hw come i'm yet 2 see more of him…cheers!!!

    • Hey Aegoli!

      I believe the friend is Seun Akindele and I've only now realised by recognising the name that he is the one in Jungle Juice he plays the photograpger called Dede. If you have a chance to get hold of that movie make sure u do!

  3. Nolly…….thanks for your review. You are absolutely right about everything you've stated. How can a prospective MARRIED man with children be feeding food to a friends girlfriend he's just met??????? That scene was pretty weird and stupid. I mean they has just met on the faithful day. Why did Michael had to lie to his wife about beeing at the office when he was having lunch with both Dickson and his potential girlfriend?????

    It would have made sense if Michael had told his wife the truth and then when she got there it was only the two of them having lunch.

    Patience and Koffi Adjorlolo made the movie more enyoyable for me. They were hillarious and entertaining at all times.

    Seun Akindele:Dickson is a hottie, I would love to see more of him.

    • He shole is. I didn't even notice him til Jungle ride but now he is firmly on my radar…

      As for Michael… that was stupidity at his finest. Granted I know that there are alot of men that do idiotic things but not feeding their friend's girlfriend unless of course he is trying it on her.

  4. I've watched the movie and it was just ok for me!!!

    It started to slowly! And there was for me too much unnedded part such as the blind singer man! Maybe it's because I don't understand english very well! But it was just a waste of time for me!!!

    Magnus and is wife were perfect!!

  5. I watched the movie and enjoyed it, great family and kids they take me

  6. LOL!!! I just found the movie absolutely hilarious as i'm beggining to find most Nigerian movies these days. I never take them seriously.

    And what in the freaking hell was all that "note passing" because they didn't wanna speak to each other about?? I thought that was EXTREMELY childish and cheesy as hell

    Ranmsey would pass Tonto a note and say

    "can i turn off the lights?"

    and she'll pass a note back saying "NO!!"

    hissssssss smh!!

    Anyway, i think that little boy was a good actor!! i cant say the same for his sister though.

    And Tonto and Ramsey definitely had on set chemistry in my opinion

    I know i'm maddd late… just trying to catch up on all i've missed since i haven't been here 🙂

    • I think the note passing was an attempt to keep the romance alive! Spekaing of child actors. I just watched a movie called Unbelievable with the BEST child actors.

  7. Busiswa says:

    can someone please tell me the name of the song that played in the background,where Tonko walks in the room and ramsey alread put the blanket on her side of the bed…

  8. I enjoyed the movie…although it was toooo long.Yes,some parts were not relevant.The part about feeding his friend's fiancée may seem unrealistic,however we are in a very funny world where strange things do happen…D oda day i was watching a court case about a woman divorcing her husband because he was too nice.(so strange stuff like dat happen in life)Their son's acting was really lovely..u hardly see nigerian kids that can act as good as he did…

  9. I think d movie was great n funny with some little ish buh well done kids it aint easy to b away from ur parents dat lng #amlizzy#

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