Genevieve Nnaji CNN Interview Video

Ever since it was announced that CNN were making Nollywood superstar actress Genevieve Nnaji Connector of the Day we have all been waiting for the video. Well wait no more.

Max Foster interviews Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji:

Gooooo Genny! I am so happy for her. This is progress for Nollywood. First Oprah, now CNN. She was clearly nervous as haaaaayle but she did a great job and she looked beautiful.

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    WISH U ALLLLLL THE BEST…………!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gooooo genevieve!!!!

  3. Genny is indeed talented and represent hope and a role model to the teaming population who aspire to be like her her role in the movies and her work is an indication that she is endowed with something extra wishing her the very best in her future project…….

  4. gen,ur wonderful;i love ur style and i wish God to prtect u to the next lovel.u deserved it grul.keep it up,we girls out there re so pround of u and ofourse other stars of nigeria.make us pround.

  5. she was nervous but awesome as always

    loads of love to ya genny

    • I watched the interview and while I admired GN as an actress, the CNN interview was a disaster- I am not saying she should have faked her accent but it was difficult to understand what she was saying. on the other hand, it may be me because I am not that used to hearing African accents

  6. Good job Genny.You are a class act.You stand head and shoulders above the rest.I am really proud of you.Stay classy.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and classy this lady is. I am so glad CNN chose her to get a perspective on the Nollywood film business. She is articulate and well spoken. I also love the way she was dressed very sexy and ladylike at the same time. Love you and very proud of you sister Genny.

  8. Love our Genny and I wish the same for Rita amd my other favs!

  9. Originalsly says:

    Gene is the hallmark of Nollywood in acting and professionalism. I have no doubt that she can hold her own with any actress including Angelina Jolie when it comes to acting and I can't think of any actress who can be so quick and on point when it comes to interviews. Keep it up Gene and continue to be picky with your movies.(Let me go eject Felicima and replace it with the just released Bursting Out dvd!)

  10. Congrates Dear. I took 20yrs to get there but at last u've arrived. at least Omotola became a UN Ambassedor 5yrs ago an Van Vicker 1yr Ago.

  11. boluwatife says:

    I love nollywood

  12. richard akuson says:

    mehn..she is freakingly owesome,chic,stylish,classy and d best.who no go d nervous 4d almighty cnn.abeg she nailed it.thumbs up genny.gracious as always-incredible as ever.ur d reason for my hope in nigeria and africa.

  13. So proud of Genevieve NNaji she's representing,she must be so proud of herself!Well Done wooow!!!!…..BUT honestly what KIND of ACCENT be dat now???genevieve tell me is it american or african woman using all the power she has in her voice to sound american? Africans should be proud of their accent no matter how it sounds like,is is not better to talk REALLY SMART AND GOOD english and have an african accent or talk rubbish english i say RUBBISH english not making right sentences,not making sense at all but have such a nice and beautiful american accent,now tell me what the answer is? And by faking accent she would not express herself the way she really wants to so she's only hurting herself,she's pretty,representing everyone knows u were born in nigerian is no as if they'd be surprised to hear u with african accent,just be YOU! Anywways good interview,glad that she's representing Nolywood.


  14. lauryee143 says:

    hey NOLLY! lol

  15. ufuoma peace says:

    i luv genny so much and i pray God should continue to take her higher higher and higher Amen

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