Gold Not Silver

Gold Not Silver

Gold Not Silver African Movie Review

Year of Release: 2010
Story – Ezenwa Collins Chinedu
Screen/ Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Ezenwa Collins Chinedu

John Dumelo – Richard
Tonto Dikeh – Naomi
Ken Erics Ugo – Nwokolo
Sam Dede – Chike
Eka Aribia – Regina

Gender Roles

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 40%


An unhappy queen (Eka Aribia) begs a peasant widow (Tonto Dikeh) to marry her husband, the King (John Dumelo) and set her free from a loveless marriage, but then the widow’s husband Chike (Sam Dede) comes back from the dead. We see two men battling for love and ego and two women each wanting to run away to a place of love and peace.


I was not feeling the way that rape was just swept under the carpet in the movie. #epicfail I also wasn’t feeling the fact that the queen persuaded Naomi to marry the king and she agreed so easily. She just got raped by the guy and we don’t see any psychological turmoil or anything. Bullshit. Added to that she kept on wailing about how great her husband was and the love they shared yet the story she narrates to Regina about the relationship that they shared is almost tragic. She even said that at a point she was treated as an “enemy” by her husband. In another scene where she laments about him she tells the king,

“He was so nice to me. He didn’t do anything to hurt me in any way.”

So which is it? Were you not treated as an enemy in your own home and constantly beaten? There were too many inconsistencies in the stories told for me.


The queen played by Eka Aribia was passable, as in I didn’t want to throw rocks at her. She definitely was not queen material though. I saw Tonto’s “sex face” in this movie too many times. I didn’t think all those scenes were necessary. The movie dragged a bit and Ken Erics Ugo and Sam Dede were the one that brought some life and excitement to the movie with their boisterousness. Ken Erics Ugo was the stand out performance for me. He really excelled as the razz and outspoken Nwokolo in this mediocre movie.

Gender Roles

The King offers Tonto a room in the palace for her own safety, until she chooses a man to marry or become a concubine for. We can see that in this culture a woman is no one without being attached to a man. Since Naomi has become a widow men feel free to take advantage of her and it is only through attaching herself to another man that she can escape that.


The king punishes a man for “molesting” a widow. Meanwhile behind closed doors he is doing the same thing to his wife. He knows all the right things to say, but his actions are on the contrary. Another man continues to harass the widow by going to her home to propose. He then threatens her when rejected and is brought before the King. The King tells him,

“Where is it written in the law of this land or country that a woman should accept any suitor whether she likes him or not?”

Very hypocritical considering he is in a loveless marriage and has never slept with his wife. She was obviously forced into marrying the king.


The King rapes the widow on the first night that she is there. What a nasty undisciplined man. We see yet again a terrible portrayal of rape, another rubbish “man portrayal” of that makes it seem that women actually like, or at the very least don’t mind being raped. Tut tut. Absolute rubbish.

Memorable Scenes

1) The Queen tells the King that he doesn’t make her laugh and he proceeds to start sticking out his tongue and making funny sounds. She obviously doesn’t find it funny. He then screams at her, “You’re not laughing!” before trying to remove her clothes again.

2) Chike returning from Gabon and people just fleeing at the sight of him. Absolutely hilarious.


I would not recommend the movie. I found it more than boring and the story not that interesting. By the end of part 1 I really had no interest in knowing what happened next and so I wasn’t going to watch part 2, but then Ken Erics Ugo came in and saved the day and pepped it up a little. I found it amusing that the very things that Regina loved begin to turn her off when she faces the reality of them. How ironic that the one thing she now hates in his was the one thing that she wanted from the king. She comes to the stark realisation, “what works for boyfriend will not necessarily work for marriage.” It is food for thought, nevertheless THUMBS DOWN, you can get food for thought elsewhere!

Question: What did you think of the movie title? I couldn’t figure it out myself. One theory I had was that, what the women had originally was their gold and the men they went to thinking were gold were in fact silver.

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