He Lives In Me

He Lives in Me

He Lives In Me – 2004
Director – Kabat Esosa Egbon
Producers – Kingsley Okereke, Ikechukwu Onyeka, Emeka Igwemba

Genevieve Nnaji – Sheila
Muna Obiekwe – Greg
Emeka Enyiocha – David Martins
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Papa Sheila
Uche Iwuji – Anita
Benedict Johnson
Ada Elebo – Vivian
Remy Ohajianya – Patrick
Emeka Ani – Martin

Haunted House

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 76%


Sheila played by Genevieve Nnaji is with her family during a break from school. On her return things are different at home. She constantly feels the presence of someone else around despite not being able to see anyone. It is when she begins to notice that her things are being moved around that she becomes really concerned. David Martins played by Emeka Enyiocha becomes friendly with the family and begins dating Sheila. He turns out to be the person that they bought their dream house from. Through him they learn about how both his parents were murdered in the house. A ghost Greg played by Muna Obiekwe finally reveals himself to Sheila. What could it be that he wants? It seems that he is trying to keep David from getting close to Sheila but the question is why? Is he trying to protect her from something?



David has already killed his whole family to acquire property and now he wants more. This is greed of the highest order. He is ready to ruin an innocent girl’s life all for the sake of money.


I loved the bit where David sees Sheila’s chain. After viciously attacking her the sight of it reduced him to a whimpering mess and it was a sign that karma is catching up with him. When Muna yelled at him, “You’re gonna pay brother!” I almost gave a round of applause.

Memorable Scene

When Genevieve first catches sight of the ghost and he is parked up against the wardrobe all dressed in white with folded arms. What a great scene! Geneveieve looked very frightened and screamed until she fainted. It was very realistic but very funny at the same time.


The Chemistry Genevieve Nnaji and Muna Obiekwe was electrifying, no word of a lie you could feel it grab you through the screen. The build up to the relationship between Sheila and the ghost was very nice. It was gradual and as their love grows so does the chemistry and ease of contact between them. The kissing scenes between them were sizzling. They have excellent on screen chemistry.

The Soundtrack

The music that would come when the ghost would appear was more annoying that eerie. The music in the movie in general was annoying because they would play it too loud over the dialogue so you would have to strain to hear.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Why are they referring to a half brother as “step brother?” Say What? Step means that you are not related by blood, but Greg refers to Dave as his stepbrother even though they have the same father.

In one scene dad says to mum, “I went to her room the other day and I saw 80 bottles of brandy.” Come on who gonna count 80 bottles. Say What? After 6 bottles all you need to know it that its a lot! He then does on to say, “I think she has taken to drinking.” Duh you don’t say!


I would definitely recommend this movie. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I don’t normally like ghost and spirit stories but I loved this. It essentially was a feel good love story with both the acting and story reeling you in. It was heart warming and felt real. On the downside some of it did drag on and on, especially at the end (geez that was overkill) but it is a 2004 movie so some allowances can be made for that. This one is a for sure thumbs up.

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  1. That was a cool movie! Saw it back in the day. Now I wanna go watch it again. That's if I get to find it! Not sure its still in stores.

  2. So happy to see you back! I hope your holidays are finished and that you will concentrate on more important things like, you know now, us!!! All of us waiting for your reviews to buy or watch movies!!! loooool!

    I am running on Nollywood Love's channel to see the film…With my slow internet connection it will take me the rest of the day! LMAO!

    By the way I have started an english version of my blog!

    Take care!

  3. I have seen this movie. It was great! I am glad you are coming to see things my way. I love Muna as an actor. And I have always loved his on screen romance with Genevieve.

  4. Sanjahoney says:

    I have never seen Muna abd Gene in any on screen romance…gotta see this. Will tell you my thought on it after i watch it

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