Heal My Soul

Heal My Soul

Nigerian Movie Review
Heal My Soul ~ 2010
Story – Chiejina Ephraim Onyemaechi
Screenplay – Obi Ted Xavier, Nkem Alu
Director – Chiejina Ephraim Onyemaechi
Producer – Chiejina Ephraim Onyemaechi

Olu Jacobs – Obasi Nigerian Actor
Jim Iyke – Chidiebere Nigerian Actor
Uru Eke – Mabel
Maureen Ihua – Edna
Mercy Johnson – Chioma
Yvonne Nelson – Jane
Ali Nuhu – John
Uju Aroh – Eva
Chiejina Ephraim Onyemaechi – Musa
Wilfred Ajayi – Jide
Susan Ekwe – Stella
Edmund Quarshie – John Paul

Themes Explored:
Family in african Movies
Infidelity in african Movies
Injustice in African Movies
Lack of respect in African Society

My Rating – 37%

Chidi played by Jim Iyke is the wayward son that keeps on bringing his home into disrepute with his area boy ways despite his privileged background. His father Obasi has had enough and ends up throwing him out of the house, telling him return back to school. His mother on the other hand ends up feeling sorry for her son and allows him to go and stay with her sister, his aunt until school resumes without her husband’s knowledge. He is reluctant to go even there but has no choice. His mother wishes that she never sent him there when she finds out that Chidi has been locked up for attempting to rape his cousin. Will this guy ever be reformed?


Chidi is finally released when his parents beg his aunt to release him for the sake of the family name. EFF Family name she should have left him there to rot! How will the guy ever learn his lesson if he keeps on getting bailed out? His parents were way to soft on him and just gave him license to go and repeat his actions. His mother and father were saying they wanted to deal with the matter themselves. How did they deal with the matter? They didn’t do a darn thing!

The movie is watchable but I just didn’t get the point of it. It seemed to have no focus or direction, like the whole thing was being improvised as they shot. Wee see Jim Iyke in his typical wanna be American thuggery despite the fact that his parents are wealthy and he does not live in America. His behaviour did not even make sense. There was nothing to give us a clue as to why he was the way he was. When his mother sends him to his aunt he is walking out of the house ranting and raving at her even calling her a, “playa hata.” That was just weird. Is the guy supposed to be mad or what? Because no sane person would behave like that. Is it America that is supposed to turn sane people insane? Why only America?

Mercy plays Jim Iyke’s main chick until a new girl comes along. So you know it is par for the course that she exclaims “my loooorve” every other sentence. I actually find her catchphrase kinda amusing and you can’t hate on Mercy because she is one of the best in Nollywood. I do noot know why she keeps lowering herself to act in crappy films like this though. Mercy be more selective please!

Back at school Chidi is a girl juggler. He is juggling both Chioma played by Mercy Johnson and Mabel played by Uru Eke. The whole story about him going from one girl to another and playing them off against each other, drags and is highly unoriginal. Disappointed that Uru is in this rubbish too. I had hopes of seeing her in something good after Widow’s Men. First Friends in Love and now this. So So disappointing. On the plus side her make up was looking very good. Very subtle and highlighted her beauty fantastically.

Whoever thought up this story wasn’t even thinking like any person with sense. A lot of it was just ridiculous. Chidi tells Chioma that she should tell Mabel that they are soulmates because he won’t tell her. Instead of Chioma to get upset with him she plans to attack Mabel. We also see Chioma catch Chidi and Mabel in bed together. He jumps up and begs Chioma, “Please its not what you think!” After Chioma leave he turns to Mabels and tells her he has nothing to do with Chioma. On what planet does any of this make sense? You just begged one girl in front of another and then turn to the one you dissed and say you know nothing of the other and she believees you. Riggght.

The films ends with Chidi and his Mama in the hospital after his mother gets herself involved in a brawl that he was a part of. What mama is going to be thugging it out on campus brawling with her son? Really? I mean it was so unbelieveable to me. I don’t even know what to say. It is kinda funny when I think about it though.

I would not recommend this movie. It is just about watchable and has its comic moments but overall it was an epic fail. The storyline involving Ali Nuhu and Yvonne Nelson didn’t tie in well with the main storyline which was already shaky to begin with. Most of the times I was just wondering what they were doing there. There is even a continuation. The nerve of it. Can you imagine? I will not be watching.

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  1. Definately not finishing it now, watched 20 mins of it and i slept (I never sleep while watching Movies. Even if it has 10 parts I always just go on, but this is a no no) Jim Iyke I lovee you soo much. I loved you In 'Love my way' with Genevieve, Kalu and Tonto. Please stay away from movies like this (it hurts to say bad things bout people you like). loll @ mercy's 'my lurveee' its funny but highly annoying ( very good actress but picks up dodgy 'back room of a Dvd rent store' kinda movies sometimes. Honestly some of them could be nominated for The American Razzie awards.

    • Not watching it sounds like a good plan to me… The two parts I watched were long enough and then there was no point to it… so what is two more parts gonna do except waste my life?

  2. I was very dissappointed to see this movie as I was watching Grand Player. I love Jim Iyke but his bad boy role is beginning to annoy me. This movie was as worse as Grand Player with both himself and Mercy Johnson.

    What kind of a noturious man rape his own cousin? His mother was the worse of it all. I mean your son rape your niece and you are so calm about it…WTF? I strongly agree with you on your rating because this movie was wack. Mabel claims to love Chidiebere but leaves school after he has been hospitalized and never goes to see him. After a while she goes back to his father's house to look for him and he all calm about it and does not question her on it. I really didn't get that part at all.

    Oh Nolly…..it gets worse when Yvone, Ali, and Mercy puts on this fake ralationship to make Jim jealous, Mercy and Ali Nuhuu…OMG…WTF?????? Although Jim realise that Mercy is the right girl for him she forgets about him and move on with Ali Nuhuu…..what nonsense! So all this time that was shedding tears over him and even went insane….it took Ali Nuhuu's character for her to realise that Jim ws not the man for her.(CHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)



    NOLLY……have you seen Grand Player?…….it's similar to this rubbish. (starring Jim Iyke, Mercy Johnson, Mike Ezurunye, and Biola Ige)

    • OH LAWD Do not get me started on the Grand Player. I was meant to post the review for that but didn't get round to it. That movie was just ridiculous and a waste of time… Just some sorry excuse to see half naked girls fighting.

      I am glad I did not waste my life watching the end of this movie. It sounds pitiful to say the least.

      • I guess the noral of the movie is "you never know what you have until it's gone" This was the only message and they drag the story up to four parts, what rubbish!

  3. bebe xx says:

    This film was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! haba!! what was the idea! It had Jim, Mercy and Uru (Yvonne Nelson and Ali Nuhu i dont really care for)and they did what they could.

    But It was just a childish and mundane story, just nonsense!

  4. Thanks for saving me $10

  5. ha ha ha,

    i dunno

    the movie was bland but had some funny bits.

    i think the best part is when yvonne is telling ali nuhu nd mercy about chidi's fight.

    i watched that scene like 8 times,

    shame the movie was really boring,

    i kinda like the ali nuhu guy , but the scene with him and mercy professing love made me cringe!

  6. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Initially when I saw Olu Jacobs, I was sure the movie would be interesting. I was wrong. It started off one way, supposedly showing us an spoilt brat of a man-child with no boundaries. I thought it would be about how he would finally reap what he had sown. Instead it turned into some romantic melodrama.

    There were way too many scenes of them discussing Mercy's characters apparent mental breakdown (although she did not seem crazy-sad, just a little stupid). I expected her to be completely bonkers and running round the neighborhood naked. Instead she is just chilling with her friends family.

    The relationship between Mercy and Ali Nuhu did not make sense. Even when he agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend they rarely showed scenes of them talking, or laughing or anything. Just 1-2-3 boom love! Why?

    • Olu and Mercy should not be acting in shitty films like this at all. They need to take a leaf out of Genny's book but I guess evrybody gotta eat!

      The 1-2-3 BOOM love is very common in Nollywood. I blame it on writer with no idea about character development.

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