Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

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Heavy Heart ~ 2009

I won’t even bother listing all the credits for this one as it is basically part 3 of SOMEWHERE IN THE HEART so the credits are listed there. In the beginning there is the ten minutes of Uche Jombo getting dressed *YAWN* In the part 2 we see flashbacks to part 1. It is a complete CON, RIP OFF and WASTE of money. DO NOT FALL VICTIM LIKE I DID!

To top it off we do not find out who Awole is, and it ends off like there is more!!! Can you freaking imagine?

***419 ALERT*** You have been warned!

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  1. This film is absolute nonsense!!!! Sick and tired of this sort of crap..

  2. lol nolly…thanks 4 d heads up!!!

  3. would love to watch movies

  4. The name of this movie caught my attention. Reminds me of an obituary announcement..with heavy heart and grief of soul. and you have definitely buried it with your review..lol

  5. I was sooo dissapointed with this movie what a waste and big actors were ther but nonsense movie

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