Her Proposal

Her Proposal

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review

Her Proposal ~ 2010
Story – Nwafor C Innocent
Screenplay – Irenesale Escoba Jeffery
Director – Chiejina Ephraim Onyemaechi
Producer – Nwafor C Innocent

Starring Actors/ Actresses:
Mike Ezuruonye – Teddy
Queen Nwokoye – Victoria
John Dumelo – Deji
Obi Okoli – Mr Amadi
Chiwetalu Agu – Mr Phillips
Williams Uche-Mba – Victor
Yul Edochie – Victor
Gideon Nnedu – Teddy Junior
Nwafor C Innocent – Chief Ogbuefi
Uche Nwaogu – Ngozi
Moses Taiwo – Ngozi’s Friend
Ene Egwa – Ene
Francis Ebiloma – Fred
Kingsley Onuobia – CY
Gaddafi Kingsley – Victor’s Father
Uche Nwogodo – Victor’s Mother

Drug Trade

My Rating – 62%

Mr Phillips played by Chiwetalu Agu is the school teacher responsible for awarding a much coveted scholarship to study at a university in the UK. Teddy is the brightest boy in his class but it looks like Mr Phillips is going to fix it so that another student, Victor who is a failing receives the scholarship instead. This is because he has a relationship with Victor’s parents and has been receiving money from them. Mr Phillips provides Victor with a cheat sheet to copy from in the examination room to ensure that the plan does not fail. We get to see what exactly the consequences are when exactly that happens.


Bad mind Mr Phillips plants drugs in Teddy’s bag when he goes to visit the family and supposedly pray for Teddy’s safe journey. Was the point of this meant to be that Teddy would get caught with the drugs and Victor would be able to take up his place instead? Even if the scholarship were re-awarded surely Victor still wouldn’t get the place as he scored an F on the examination. Did Mr Phillips just want to get his own back for his dastardly plan going wrong?

In the scene where Mr Phillips comes to pray for Teddy he tells him,
“When you get to the US take your studies seriously.”
HUH? The guy is going to the US not the UK!

The cheating scene was ridiculous. Not only was the boy next to Teddy copying from him very obviously but so was Victor in the back taking out the cheat sheet and blatantly poring over it. He wasn’t even trying to be discrete. This would have not been so bad had there not been two other invigilators in the room apart from Mr Phillips. How you have 3 people patrolling the exam room supposedly looking out for cheaters and they don’t see JACK???

Another thing I observed was that when Teddy is going to the airport to study in the UK, I assume for 3 years, why does he only rake a small ass rucksack and a smallish sports bag. Teddy are you serious? Come on! That is the type of packing you would do should you be going away for a weekend trip not for years! Perhaps the scholarship was providing his entire wardrobe too!

The scene between the home and airport was fraught with tension for me. I really thought that Teddy was going to get caught with the drugs so you can imagine my elation when he found the package. I understood why he may not want to tell his parents but why on earth would he not even throw the package out of the car on the way? Even by the time he got to the airport it was still in his bag as he did not want to make his parents suspicious, better he tell his parents than to possibly end up in trouble for something that was not his own doing.

Why did Teddy put the drugs in the innocent, kind woman’s bag. I didn’t think fit his character with appeared to be exemplary in the movie. Although we know that the woman did not get in trouble for carrying the drugs, the end result could have been horrendous. She may have been caught with the drugs and jailed for many years. Why would Teddy do that instead of dumping the stuff? Even to have Teddy go to the UK and essentially become a drug dealer did not tie in with his character for me.

I know his parents were village people but why did they not find it even a little bit suspicious that their son has gone to the UK to study, not to work mind you and then is able to hook them up with a mansion and as troop of luxury cars from A PART TIME JOB. Na wa ooo wages in England for entry level jobs must be SKY HIGH, but of course they are not so this was not realistic at all

The casting choice for Gideon Nnedu who played the young Teddy was perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this guy favoured Mike Ezuruonye baaaaad. He had the same lips and mannerisms as Mike even down to the way that he walked. The similarity was uncanny. I’m convinced that they must be related. He was a little bit wooden but I see potential in him. I love Queen Nwokoye in this sort of village girl role. I thought that she played the part excellently and everything about her performance was smooth and effortless.

I would recommend this movie. It didn’t finish at the end of part 2, so I can only surmise there is a continuation. The story had me intrigued enough that I’d want to find out what happened in the end and the motives behind a lot of the action. The acting was on the whole good and the storyline interesting. Perhaps in the rest of the movie my questions will be answered.

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  1. LOL……..u r so funny Nolly. My was called The Little Barron and believe me I did not enjoy this movie at all. I'm not a fan of Queen at all.

    The whole drugs story didn't do it for me but oh well it's only a movie. John Dumelo is going to play a bit part in the 3&4, he teams up with Yul after his failure to succeed. Yul's father disowned him after failing and not getting the scholarship. He later becomes a waiter and reunites with Mr. Phillips. The 3&4 was messed up up because John Dumelo continues to look for Mike for the so-called drugs after all those years. Mr. Phillips will later kidnap Queen for a ransom and it was just f**ked up.

    I actually returned it to my distributer for another movie, thats how bad I hated it.

    • Awwww you really hated it that much? LOL I quite enjoyed it despite the fact that alot of things didn't ring true. It was a bit ridiculous that years later you are hunting for these same drugs that were not even supposed to be there… How is he gonna have it all that time. Remember when Mr Phillips asked him to just post it back to him? LMAO

      Thanks for the heads up on the name change I've amended it.

    • twittycrock says:

      Nolly gurl I do concur with u on all levels. This was deffinately an interesting movie. I loved young Mike proformance 2. But the drug dealing in the UK US whichever by him was kinda weird. Its like it took a curve ball 2 me. let's wait and see wt happens next huh.

  2. You are welcome NF! I love Chiwetalu Agu, he's so hilarious…..how can you asked a person to mail out cocaine via post from abroad. I was even suprised he did not say my favourite line……..BAMBUTU…….LMAOF!!!!!!!!!!

    • Especially that amount of drugs… Its not even like a little bit of powder… The same way it might make it through customs is the same way it can be seized too.

  3. Brandy Amy says:

    Adwoa,who wants to know if you are a fan or not.Talk about the movie. I'm a big fan of Queen Nwokoye.She is really good.I've watched a lot of her movies nd I'm impressed.Nolly attests to dat so why dat irrelevant comment.I watched d movie nd I loved her performance.I love the movie.Can't wait for the 3 nd 4 if it comes out.Nolly u r doing a good job,keep it up.

    • Thanks Brandy Amy,

      I must ask you why can't Adwoa say is she is a fan or not? I am a Queen fan and if Adwoa isn't it her business she is entitled to say so. We won't all agree who is good or not, although I may have to restrain myself from abusing somebody if certain names get called good… LOL

  4. Brandy Amy says:

    I love Queen Nwokoye.I'm a huge fan.I loved the movie.I am waiting for the concluding part.Nolly,u r doing a good job.Keep it up.

  5. It's okay if you love Queen……..that's my opinion for not being a fan so what's your stress? If you read my comments, I did talk about about the movie so what's your point…….?? I didn't like the movie because the story drag too long.

    As Nolly will say: I agree to disagree…….my opinion is my opinion…..period.!

  6. LOL…………

  7. watching this movie was a waste of time- the movie really dragged on and it seems as if some actors were there just to make up numbers- for example, john dumelo and those cocaine barons- what was the point of including them in the movie at all?

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