Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Holy Cross ~ 2006
Story & Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Dickson Iroegbu

Sylvester Madu – Santos
Nonso Diobi – Mike
Tonto Dikeh – Cynthia
Jim Iyke – Cross
Uche Elendu – Monica
Ebele Okaro – Mrs Bsdmus
Pete Edochie – Chief Badmus
Jim Lawson – Papa Mike
Emma Ayologu – H.O.D
Ada Nzekwe – Tracey
Ramon Akeem – VC
Mirabelle Osuoza – Mrs Douglas

Campus Cultism

My Rating – 42%

Cross is the Capone of THE SKELETONS, a secret cult on campus. Mike is a hardworking boy from a rich home whose sole aim at university is to educate himself and become a productive member of society in his own right. One day at a restaurant he falls into a trap set up by Cross to search for new recruits. It is set up for Cross’ sister Monica to be verbally attacked publicly in the restaurant by another cult member. Mike shows his bravery by defending Cynthia and Cross is impressed by his steadfastness and courage and is determined to recruit him into the group by any means necessary. The influence of The Skeletons reaches great lengths and into the higher echelons of society and after Mike’s family is threatened he succumbs to the pressure of joining the cult. From here the events that take place spiral rotate his life into a completely different direction.


At the beginning of the movie Jim Iyke is talking and he says, “Meet my sister. She’s a skeleton” and the camera pans to Uche Elendu. I was looking hard and thinking, that the chick just did not look skeleton skinny to me. Why on earth was I thinking that perhaps the movie was about eating disorders? LOL! Only to find out shortly afterwards that Skeleton was the name of the cult!

One thing that I didn’t get was how Monica was part of the FRATERNITY. Is a fraternity not a BROTHERHOOD and are “brothers” not men? Yes women are closely related with some fraternities, like the Kappa Sweethearts, Omega Pearls, Sigma Doves and Alpha Angels that exist alongside Black American Fraternities, but she was an integral member of the group sporting the tattoo and taking part in ceremonies.

The skeleton tattoos were ridiculously fake, like they had been drawn on with Tippex. We know that a skull is white, but for the sake of the tattoo they should have just added an outline to make it look real. Cynthia is horrified at her friend Monica’s tattoo and even more so when she is told that it is permanent. Why then not long after when she sees the same tattoo on her boyfriend does she tell him to “clean it.” Why are you talking about cleaning when you know it is permanent? Or perhaps she was offering to pay for laser surgery?

In this movie we learn how sometimes good people are cajoled into doing bad things. Mike only ended up joining the cult to protect his family and keep them out of harm’s way. Monica only joined under pressure from her big brother whom she idolised. It is however a dangerous cycle because that same person that was cajoled and so reluctant to join will be the same person encouraging the next person to join and using the same strong-arm tactics, as we see in the movie.

In the end we see father convicting his son to death. He does not bear any visible emotion and it is all very unconvincing. This whole parent convicting child business is obviously done for shock purposes but is so unrealistic that it is pointless. I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but there are other campus flicks that are much better like Black Bra, War Game, even Last Supper is better than this. One thing that was very annoying throughout the film was the music. It was truly awful. They were playing loud eerie ghoulish sounding music, chiming bells and all sorts of noise that were thrown in anywhere without matching the scene.

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