Honest Deceiver

Honest Deceiver

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Honest Deceiver ~ 2009
Story – Fatima Zanna
Screenplay – Wonder Obinna Obasi
Director – Andy Chukwu

Ini Edo – Diana
Justus Esiri – Denis
Benedict Johnson – Flobert
Ali Nuhu – Damian
Fatima Zanna – Eva
Steve Eboh – Senator
Tony Ezimadu – Chief Williams
Kingsley Precious – Raymond
Maureen Ihua – Maira
Ngozi Duru – Annabel
Veronica Dafe – Doctor
Lilian Ume – Sophie
Sylvia Oluchi – Lara
Esther Okereke – Regina
Marcus Pilla – Nico
Inno Nwafor – Smack
Andy Chukwu – Oscar
Oge Madu – Court Clerk
Chinonso Ogbuka – Rose

Themes Explored:
Mental Illness in Nigeria
Marriage of Convenience in Nigeria
Domestic Violence in Nigeria
Politics Nigerian
Family Secrets in Nigeria
Money Rituals in Nigeria

My Rating – 50%

Diana is in a long term relationship with Flobert. Her relationship is being threatened by her parents who want her to marry Chief Williams’ son Damian in order to aid her father in realising his political ambitions. They will not accept Flobert, deeming him a “pauper” and below their social standing and this is despite the fact that he helped put both Diana and her sister through school. Eventually Diana is persuaded to accept Damian’s proposal and wedding arrangements are made. At the same time Flobert discovers a secret about Damian that could have a devastating effect on Diana’s future. Flobert tries to tell Diana the secret about Damian but she refuses to listen, misreading his intentions. However it is not long after marriage that she discovers the secret for herself, and slowly throughout the plot other secrets emerge.

Senator Macauley’s political ambitions are under threat by the appearance of someone from his past that he would have rather forgotten. He now has to make the decision between his son’s future happiness versus his political future.


We are shown how money and greed can ruin relationships. Before Diana’s family came into money they were accepting of Damian, especially because at that time they needed him. In the same way Flobert’s friend was formerly good friends with Damian before Damian’s family came into money and resulted in the end of that relationship. We can see that conditions are temporary and the same way that one acquires money is the same way that one can lose money. Relationships should be based on personal qualities and characteristics, not superficial material things. Both of the sister’s marriages were arranged by their gather for greedy ulterior motives, and we see the grief that is caused in the process.

In Diana’s time of need it is her friends that the family looked down upon that are sitting by her hospital bedside giving support after she has been battered by the crazy man that her parent’s set her up with simply because of his father’s positioning in the society. We can see how money is not important in the grand scheme of things. It cannot buy sanity or happiness. What good is marrying a rich man whose family are connected when he is crazy and batters you? Can you enjoy money and status when you are lying in a coffin?

Damian’s secret is his mental illness. In my opinion it was badly portrayed (what’s new right?) He was made into some sort of Jekyll and Hyde sort of character. He supposedly went for treatment in London. The treatment is supposed to have worked so why is his behaviour still off? Is he still supposed to be on medication or what? It is unbelievable that NO symptoms whatsoever are displayed before the marriage but then immediately afterwards his madness is full throttle. As I have said before RESEARCH IS VITAL. If he was treated in London why is there no name for his condition apart from “madness.” It doesn’t take much to google schizophrenia or bi-polar and make the symptoms fit.

The whole wedding set up was hella confusing! Maucauley says that his own son is supposed to marry Eva, Diana’s sister and because he is being blackmailed by his wife’s long lost son Oscar, he agrees to pretend to be Oscar’s father in order for Ocar to wed Eva and prevent any scandal. I found it weird that Eva’s parents did not look shocked to see another guy being brought to them. Are we supposed to believe that neither Eva or her parents or sister had never even met or seen a picture of the guy that she had planned to marry? NONSENSE! Raymond presents himself at Eva’s parents house after the wedding and they look shocked when he announces his name. Hold up! I don’t remember Oscar pretending his name was Raymond so why the shock?

After Oscar locks up Eva in a hotel room after their marriage he tells her the truth behind the situation, and tells her,

“I did it because I love you so much.” HUH? How? They apparently haven’t ever met so how does he figure he loves her? Then at the end of the movie we see Raymond enter the picture and come to claim Eva. Raymond has come with a gun and ready to kill for his “wife.” This is superstoooooopid. She apparently has never met either of them and they are both going postal over her. During the confrontation Oscar asks Eva who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Hmmm… Great choices, which one should she choose, a kidnapper or a potential killer?

In the end we learn that Damian’s father used his brains for money rituals and this is what caused the madness. I thought it was a ridiculous ending. I find that Charm/rituals always used as a cop out to explain someone’s behaviour. If Damian’s father had in fact used his brains for money rituals as is claimed, then why was he sent to London for treatment? Why are we told that the treatment worked? How can the treatment have worked if he wasn’t really mentally ill? After the children in the movie being sacrificed by their parents for their own selfish gains it was nice that it ended with everybody with someone that they actually wanted to be with and their parents accepting of the choices made. Ali Nuhu is popping up everywhere and is stiff like cardboard, as is Fatima Zanna. Her acting was patchy as was her story; both needed a lot of work. Kingsley Precious is swaggalicious and a nice piece of eye candy. On the whole I found the movie a little too far fetched for my liking and there were too many holes in the story. If the execution was better it could have been a really good movie, but the execution was weak. I’m indifferent about recommending this. You decide!

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  1. joyce stevens says:

    hey its so great and loving just to sit or lay down looking at these movies i am person who dont get tired looking forward for new ones i love them i like all words cant explain it how i love watching African movies its apleasure. They came just in time.If i can get a payment plan with u guy s i would love that saying i get the movies and i pay later i dont know if that is too much to ask.I used to have a friend who used to send them for me from state but he has left there.

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Hey Joyce thanks for coming by! Who is you guys? LOL I don't sell movies but there is plenty of places online that you can buy them. I don't know any places that will give them to you on credit though!

  3. this movies is over interesting, at first when we started watching it. i said to myself"what is the meaning of the title and who will be the honest deciever"

    sha sha it is lovely.

  4. zainab jibrin says:

    Today being the first i watched dis movie i really loved it. It was not only interesting but wonderful,extra ordinary interesting. I enjoyed d ending a lot. Most especially i would say dat i really loved Kinsley Precious who acted

    as Raymond.

  5. zainab jibrin says:

    Sorry i forget i watched on the 9th of dis month

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