Honey Choochi Choochi Love

Honey Choochi Choochi Love

Kiss The Bride

Ghana Movie Review
Honey Choochi Choochi Love – 2010
Repackaged as Kiss The Bride
Continuation of Kiss the Bride – Recovered Kiss
Story/ Screenplay – Patricia Nice
Director John Izedonmi
Producer – Ruffy Samuel Kwansah

Jackie Appiah – Chelsea
Ruffy Samuel Kwansah – Jacob
Tonto Dikeh – Nadia
Kalsum Sinare – Mrs Owen
Kofi Adjorlolo – Albert Owen
Salma Mumin – Salma
Mr Adams – John Izedonmi

Parental Pressure
Social Class

Nollywoodforever.com Rating – 16%

One day Chelsea played by Jackie Appiah loses her dad’s phone containing all of his business contacts and information. It falls into the possession of Jacob played by Ruffy Samuel Quansah who goes to return it, despite the encouragement of his friend who tried to persuade him to keep the expensive handset. After meeting him again Chelsea starts to have dreams about him and very soon they are dating. Chelsea’s dad seemed to love Jacob but will he feel the same knowing that his daughter is dating him?

What I see in the first part is who wholly disappointing. It lasts 35 minutes only including ads, and the ads last 8 minutes so do the maths… 419 dey o! In the first part the story barely gets started. It is the typical rich girl meets poor boy and parents in arms Nollywood story. There is nothing at all different here. Chelsea goes beserk threatening to kill herself until the family accepts the relationship *yawn* It is quite a task to get through this movie because it is so booooring.

Nadia played by Tonto Dikeh is introduced right at the start of the movie as Chelsea’s sister who lives somewhere abroad. The whole her sending a video to be played for her parents stating how much she missed them and crying like someone was dying and blah blah blah didn’t fit for me. Why introduce that if we get to the end of part one and it isn’t even explored? Nadia then comes back the day after she finds out Chelsea won’t leave her room so why couldn’t she come to visit before that if she really wanted to.

My favourite line in the movie (the only part that made me laugh) was where Chelsea’s daddy said to her with regards to Jacob,

“Don’t u know that you have forthcoming examinations? But all you want to do is go around goofing with this rotund beast of an elephant baby!”

Chimooo daddy done finish Jacob!

Samuel Ruffy did the soundtrack. The oochy coochy song I thought was wack at first but I actually started liking it after the 3rd play. It had a 90’s RnB feel. Do you remmeber the group Something For the People? It sounded like something that they would have done.

Movie Title
I thought that the title was stupid and spelt stupidly. The repackaged title KISS THE BRIDE was even more nonsensical. What bride and who is kissing any bride? Bloody idiots.

Salma Mumin
Salma Mumin who was playing the character Irene was as annoying as she was in Temptation. She was wearing false eyelashes for what? It looked out of place. Looking like a village girl with canerows flat shoes and false lashes? Huh Say What? She also over exaggerated her acting again. Useless actress in a useless movie. Oh lawd. Rubbish waste of time.

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh’s acting was unbearable. I normally like her but the way she was twisting up her words was cringeworthy and she wasn’t believeable. I don’t know if it was just her or the wackness of the script. I couldn’t say. It was just all to the bad.

Nollywood Forever Say’s What?
The guy (Jacob) has been working what? A few weeks, a month at most and he has managed to buy a mansion and top of the range car? Yeah right? They didn’t even say the company gave it to him.

Put plainly this movie is uninspiring trash. Let me not go on too much lamenting about how crap this movie was. I’m sure you get the point. The story is lame, unoriginal and uninteresting. I would not even recommend it if you were bored. You might have more fun just staring at your walls. Just bin it or swap it with someone you can’t stand. Thumbs down.

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  1. i watched this movie it was just stupid..reminded me of that movie with richard gere and olivier martinez..soo stupid and useless..aargh!

    • It reminded me of nothing… But rubbish lol. I sat there just shaking my head the whole time. And then the cheek to make it even longer that 2 parts when the two parts already existing made up just over an hour? Liberties!

  2. Lolz

  3. I watched this movie….Oh lawd! it was as bad as the title…I just wanted my time back

    Thanks for the review Nolly

  4. Betty Boop says:

    All i can say is – serves you right for buying/watching a movie title honey coochie coochie love!

    I mean – WHAT? What kind title be that one too. I saw peddlers trying to sell that DVD and I run away in the other direct, lol!

  5. KeepitReal says:

    The name alone is a total turn off. I wont be wasting my money.

  6. OMG………..was it that bad Nolly?? LOL….you are 2222 funny………

  7. Didnt like the movie,fall asleep to be honest.Iexpected it to be better,funnier.A better storyline could have done the job,it was too long for nothing maybe that's why. They could have chose another title though,the title expanded my expectations making me think is gonna be better,more original than it actually is,to be honest a more boring title would have been better for the movie,making me title"for such a basic titl it's a good movi£it would hve been nice,but sorry to say it was the opposite,it feels to me as if ruffy samuel is doing too much for his character,but he don't need to he is got the face,the height already too much don't need to try to be over the top lolu know wat mean,not trying to be rude in any way ooo just saying oo lool.

    16 per cent is a just rating for this movie indeed.

    • sorry for my muistakes in writing forgive me oo lol

      • *they could have choose a better title though,a more basic title would have been better cus then the movie would then have a higher standard than the title cus the movie is not dst bad for me it was just the title that made me expect more from the movie i the title was more basid it would have been better lol

        Thats what i was tryna write .

      • Don't worry you have been forgiven.

    • No matter what they called it. It would have been a flop. Like Shakespeare said,

      "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

      I agree the movie was boring. In fact very boring and a waste of time.

  8. Obinna nwakonobi says:

    Is realy horible .i gv it 2%

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