Hot Tears

Hot Tears

Nollywood Ghanaian Movie Review

Hot Tears ~ 2010
Story/ Screenplay – David Owusu/ John Izedonmi
Director – John Izedonmi
Producers – Dozie Omechi/ Chinelo Omechi

Ecow Smith Asante – Nill
Akua Atta – Praman Mama
Clement A Bonney – Praman Uncle
Francesca Grey – Praman
Salma Mumin – Phil
Edmond Quarshie – Joe
Dominic Demordzi – Skido
Redone Ardday – Richard
Mavis Donkor – Pat

Peer Pressure

My Rating – 16%

Praman played by new actress Francesca Grey has returned from abroad to start studying at a university in Ghana where her mother lives with her uncle. She lives in an isolated hostel away from her friends, preferring the serenity as opposed to being around a lot of people. Trouble starts when Nill, played by Ecow Smith Asante takes a liking to her and she rejects him. Refusing to take no for an answer he is determined that he have Praman by any means necessary, and if that means by force then so be it.


The beginning of the movie is very slow. I started watching one day and just had to turn it off. I came back to it when I had absolutely nothing else to watch and managed to endure the entire movie, and trust me when I use the word ENDURE. It is most appropriate.

The movie was mostly nonsensical and badly done. How are you going to rape a chick and then go and boast to your friends that you slept with her like it wasn’t by force. What is there to really boast about? I found it strange that Praman was walking on the beach wearing a bra and knickers as opposed to a bikini. I mean where do you see that, let alone in Ghana? What happened? Did the budget not allow for a bikini? I mean here in the UK you can even buy one from Primark for 3 quid.

After the initial rape and then following gangbang we see Praman crawling back to campus naked. Seemed like a sorry excuse to show nudity. I mean where did her bra go? There is no way she would have crawled all the way back to campus in that state without being stopped or at least someone offering her some type of cover, or to take her to her mother’s house, or the police.

When Praman crawls back into her lodgings the rapists are waiting there for her, ready for another session, and they all take part despite the fact that she has blood dripping down her legs and smeared around her mouth. Even the little one who initially refused to participate is now more than willing. When did he decide that he wanted to join the rapists? How did he change his mind so quickly? Where was the transitioning period? His thought process is never shown or explained.

They tell her,

Henceforth you are our sex machine

These guys look like a bunch of loser misfits. They are hardly cult guys with big connections so how on earth would they think they would get away with it, to the extent that they think them raping her is going to be an ongoing thing?

Nill goes to university with Praman and he has already been seen by her mother and friends at her house harassing her. Does he not think if the consequences of the rape being reported? I guess not. It is not like a date rape scenario where she may not want to report it because she is dating the guy and feels like no one will believe her and it is not like stranger rape where she does not know his details and whereabouts.

More Nonsense
After the rape Praman’s mother and uncle are speaking abour the situation. The uncle tells the mother than Praman will recover in 6 months, to which Praman’s mother replies,

In that 6 months she might have lost her job abroad

Huh? What job? There is no mention of her working abroad, and if she is working abroad then why is she studying in Ghana. How long is she studying for? A week, a month? How does that make sense?

So the rapes are bad enough, but then after the rapes we have the constant flashbacks to the rapes, and then from rape we go to Praman getting supernatural powers from her friend and wreaking her revenge. It was sooooooooo ridiculous and stupid.

The movie was just disturbing and haphazard, there were too many rapes and to the detriment of the story. It was more like a horror film. Why after Praman got raped the first time on the beach does she crawl on her hands and knees and go to where the guys are located. There is one of her and a crew of them. Is she mad?

Peer Pressure
I assume the little one takes part in the rapes to fit in with his peers as they are always mocking him and calling him, “virgin.” He perhaps thinks that he will gain respect by partaking in the gang’s activities but in fact he loses their respect as it is obvious he has no firm convictions so it is easy for them to target him to kill Praman. They now believe that he will do anything given the right pressure.

I think that the worst part of the movie was when Praman goes to take her revenge and this is because she went to approach all the guys in a seductive manner and NONE of them recognised her. WHAT? Simply because she was wearing Sunglasses (and in one case she was not even wearing the glasses) and a different wig she was unreconisable. BULLSHIT! Her voice did not change, her body did not change. She was exactly the same, and then she pulls of the wig and all of a sudden they recognise her. LAWDY LAWDY LAWD! How the actors continued shooting this crap is beyond me. Gotta eat or don’t gotta eat. I would have felt SHAME!

I would not recommend this movie. It seemed like it was just a showcase to flaunt this new actress Francesca Grey’s body. I have never seen her before, but why oh why would you take such a role? Yes she was pretty (A cross between Noirin Kelly from Big Brother and Rukky Sanda) and yes she did have a nice body but ewwww we don’t wanna see it in such a manner with all the nasty close ups of her stomach hair and overflowing bosoms. It was horrible. A sensitive subject like rape handled in such a stupid and careless manner. RUBBISH! BURN AND DASH!

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  1. Thanks for your rating. I wouldn't bother watching!

  2. Ajmystro says:

    I really hate the way these african directors portray rape in

    their films…like its just something that happens and one can get over!It's very insulting and condescending!

    • I agree! They don't properly handle the rape issues, but then its a reflection of how the african justice system works. Anybody who rapes another should be in jail, and the movies should help spread the message about this ugly vice. No wonder most african men commit the crime, and think they can get away with it.

      • Both of you have some good points. I agree rape issues are not handle properly handled and this is indicative of attitudes in society at large. It stinks and I hope we will see a change in this very soon.

  3. TheChuckylee says:

    Dis movie was jst a carbon copy of the hollywood movie I spit on your grave.Now it seems nudity is the identical twin of the Ghanaian movie industry.I'm soo ashamed of dem,if they can't come out wit any better movie they shd leave nollywood 2 do it alone.

  4. this movie was just a hot mess….

  5. unfortunately i did…i couldnt finish though,it was just too much for me

  6. y d nudity in ghana movies? plz they shud hav a rethink…

    • I guess that has become their selling point, and they must think that it is an effective technique because they continue to churn these movies out.

  7. Its gonna be porn and crappy as usual, dont waist ur time and dollars

  8. Ghana is going through a sexual revolution. Kiss Me if you can, Heart of man, 4Play, Hot Tears…..shall I go on.

  9. @Nolly -Nollywood4ever!!! i wanna say a big thank you for your reviews dey reali help and im grateful.. u take a lot of time to let us know about these movies and i appreciate it a lot. God bless u, as 4 dis hot tears, u r so right, i shudnt hv bothered watchin it. My question still remains, how on earth can rape take place in such an open place, in broad daylight, of all places d beach!!!..common der has to be sumone passing by or sumthin somewhere lol.. its just vry unrealistic n u r so right about the little guy, i instantly became confused wen i saw him smiling in d girls room and even willing to join in. Previously he seemed scared and very reluctant, he was even feeling sorry for the girl, so y d sudden change, even if he changed atleast dey wud hv allowed us 2 see where his friends were persuading him, or sum kind of clue dt he changed his mind… lol smh, tnx a lot tho……..

    • Adaeze thanks a bunch for coming by!
      Sorry for you that you got caught up watching this absolute and abysmal TRASH!!! LMAO!

      The stupidity is astounding. She gets raped on a beach and then crawls after her attackers leading them to rape her again. KMT

  10. where can i watch the movie

    • Wherever you normally watch your movies. If you are in London I can tell you where to go… If not then boooy I don't know!

  11. Just a poorly-done rip-off of "I Spit on Your Grave"…

  12. U guyz really know how 2 analyse movie.unfortunatly i jst finished watching d nonsense earlier and i taught i should google the film and analyse it but u guyz hav done it all.thankz

  13. Lol! I am so loving nollywwoodforever! Seems to me like dere are no good script writers and film makers in ghana cos all we see dis days in their movies…Complete dudity without talent.well done Nolly please review beauty 1and2 with angela okorie and Samantha with Annabella Zwyndila.

  14. Pls dis got 2 change in our african continent we need change nt savage

  15. The movies is a rip of american horror movie i spit on your grave.ghollywood sha

  16. I tnk de americans’i spit on ur grave’ is a total trash & das nt worth our eyes.dis stupity & bullshitness has eateninto africa too…….ewwwwwww!!!!!!

  17. The producer & his director did poor work, they shld b fried & roasted in hell.Besides wah moral right do hv tu r*te movies.u guys r gud @ collapsing movie industries mayybe u hv been hired tu do diz….damn!!!!!u guyz hv tu watch ‘mirrow of life’ it w*z upaclass brazillian porn.It high tym dey stopped diz crap .

  18. I tnk de americans’i spit on ur grave’ is a total trash & das nt worth our eyes.dis stupity & bullshitness has eateninto africa too…….ewwwwwww!!!!!!


  1. […] Hot Tears is a Ghanaian movie. On the cover you can see Francesca Grey, smiling showing off her beautiful body in a pink bikini. This movie did in fact feature a lot of nudity but isn’t it strange how on the cover the chick is wearing a pink two piece when in the actual movie she went to the beach in bra and panties. I even commented in my review how strange it was that they couldn’t even go get her a bikini to wear. So what gives? The girl does not even smile in the movie. She is repeatedly brutally raped but they have her on the cover wearing sunglasses and pink bikini like she is taking a trip down to the Florida Keys. How does it relate? […]

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