I Love You To Death

I Love You To Death

I Love You To Death Ghanaian Movie Review

Date Of Release: 2011
Repackaged as Facebook Lovers
Story/ Screenplay –
Director –
Producer – Desmond Akudinobi

John Dumelo – Kelvin
Nikki Samonas – Erica


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 10%


Jessica is desperate for her brother Kelvin played by John Dumelo to settle down. At one point she even believes that he may be gay and so sends her friend to go and seduce him in an attempt to find out either way. Her attempt is unsuccessful. Kelvin however is talking to  Erica played by Nikki Samonas on the internet via Facebook, but little does he know that he is not really her that he is talking to but to her brother who is an unemployed graduate who has taken to 419 to support them. As the internet romance heats up Kelvin is desperate to find the girl whose pictures he has seen online.

The Opening Scene

The way the movie opened was bad. Watching John walk around an office for ten minutes with music playing is not very interesting at all. One should try and grab the viewer in the first scene and this was not it. Throughout the movie there were way too many scenes like this. Why do we need to see someone endlessly typing on a laptop? No talking just music playing over the top *yawn*


Erica and her brother keep talking about being wretched and poverty stricken. Wearing a headscarf all the time doesn’t make you wretched. They look pretty well taken care of. Clothes neat and smart and the house looks decent enough even though they call it a wretched house. The duo did not seem poor or wretched at all in any way shape or form. This characterisation was very poorly done. There was not even anything else to suggest their lowly position in life, except the fact that they kept saying it. SHOW DON’T TELL!


The dialogue in this movie is bad bad bad. In fact beyond bad, it is bloody awful. Imagine a brother asking his sister,

“Tell me something, who was on top? Who was under? Who giggled and who screamed?”


Nollywood Forever Says What?

The movie is pretty nonsensical. Practically everything in it was a SAY WHAT moment. So let us begin:

Erica says to Kelvin, “We just had sex” but then why is she acting like she was raped. Say What? That doesn’t make sense.

Later Kelvin says, “I don’t get why she would get up and leave after we just had the most incredible sex oh my god” Say What? How does that even make sense when you said you didn’t even remember sleeping with her? Huh?

Erica claims she was raped and then turns up at his office all smiles and calling him baby like nothing happened and like they are a couple. Say What?

There are scenes where Kelvin is talking with 3 different girls on the phone seeking their advice about his fiancée. We can only assume they are his friends but it is strange because they have never been introduced in the film and then are just thrown in haphazardly. Say What? It doesn’t make sense at all.

How is some small girl ordering her brother to bring her a wife so that she can become an aunty? Say What? Nonsense! In real life she would have gotten a big fat slap.

John actually tells his friend that he is looking for a girl to marry because his sister is “on his neck” this is so laughable. What grown ass man is going to be stressing over one little monster that wears false lashes to swim? Say What?

Who on earth goes swimming with a full face of make up AND false lashes? Say What?

Jessica is so desperate for her brother to pick up any girl but then when she sees her talking to a girl she starts freaking out calling the girl “wack” Huh? Say What?

How did Jessica find Erica’s house? If they are meant to be so poor but lying that her parents are in Europe why would they even let anyone know where the house is, especially since they are running 419 game. Say What? 419 101 you don’t let your mugu know where to find you.


I would not recommend this movie at all. It ends with prologue which simply came across as lazy to me. The timeline doesn’t even make sense and rape is trivialised and being made a mockery of. All in all a useless movie that you don’t need to waste your time watching. The script was rubbish, the story was not well developed, long scenes of characters walking around and doing not much generally *yawn* and the characterisation was crap. However if you did end up watching. Trust me I sympathise.

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  1. Hi Nolly, this has nothing to do with this review but I wanted to ask you if you could recommend a website to get my african movies. I once bought 3 movies from a website, and they charged my card but never delivered it. When I emailed them they sent me a phone number to call. I did and found out it was a bogus number.

  2. Falade Josiah says:


  3. I buy my movies from a website called africamovies.com the number he gives for contact is legit… and you can talk to him on the fone… have been dealing with site for 4 years

  4. Please I need the name of artists and the title of the songs used in the movie’ I Love You To Death’

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