Ini Edo’s Movie – Memories Of My Heart

Memories Of The Heart

Nollywood screen Diva Ini Edo has finally decided to put her dreams to screen as she produces her first movie, MEMORIES OF MY HEART which will be premiered on the 15th of October at 10A Ikoyi Avenue, off Macpherson Street, off Bourdillion Road,Ikoyi, Lagos. What a long way Ini Edo has come since her first major movie role World Apart Please note the movie promo stuff says the movie is called MEMORIES OF MY HEART, yet the poster says MEMORIES OF THE HEART. Which one is it? I don’t know. This is the kind of stuff Nollywood loves to do and they don’t seem bothered by the fact that a movie title is called something slightly different every which place. The picture quality looks slick though. See the trailer below:

Memories of My Heart promises to be a block buster and was co-produced with Nollywood industry veteran Emem Isong. The movie tells the story of Halle an aspiring actress who had atteneded several auditions without getting a role. She finally gets her chance when she claims to be Bankole Da Silva’s fiancée, an oil magnateshe’s never met. (Sounds a little bit like the storyline in THE GAME with Yvonne Okoro and John Dumelo) She’s given the role on the condition that Bankole funds the movie. Halle now struggles to get out of the web she has spun forherself. Just as Halle gets Bankole’s attention, Bankole suffers a terrible accident leaving him with amnesia. Dr. Dammie, a female doctor nurses him back to health and into her waiting arms. As the relationship deepens, Halle re-appears on the scene throwing Bankole into a state of confusion.

In the revealing the movie’s storyline, Ini Edo the Nollywood actress said,

“Memories of my heart is a love story. Its a feel-good movie to make you fall in love again and I assure you, after watching it, you will”.

Memories of my Heart stars Ramsey Nouah, Ini (herself), Uche Jombo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Kofi Adjorlolo, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot and many others.

I’m looking to forward to seeing this movie and seeing what Ini Edo has to offer. It is involving Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy so here is to hoping that it is better than NOLLYWOOD HUSTLERS!

See some pictures from the set of Memories Of My Heart below:

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  1. By looking at d trailer n reading d write up, we already knw where d movie is going…letz just hope we don't get bored b4 we finally get there…lol

  2. Naija oh Naija,absolutely no attention to detail. Last time i checked the spelling of that word was 'Concealed and not Concealled' haba. Its not that difficult to spellcheck is is?

  3. And i made a blunder in my comment, lol, i guess it is difficult to spellcheck 🙁


  5. The movie is going to be nice n enjoyable i can feel, i will comment further after watching it

  6. hey nolly !!! you've been away for a while just to point out that this movie was done before the game or written should i say… so basically in this case they took the storyline. but deffo looking out for it

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