Innocent Pain

Innocent Pain

African Nigerian Movie Review
Innocent Pain – 2010
Continuation – Silent Omission
Story – Hyacinth Onwuka
Screenplay – Nkem Alu
Director – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Producer – Hyacinth Onwuka

Mike Ezuruonye – Enyioma
Yul Edochie – Osondu
Eve Esin – Fumi
Ngozi Ezeonu – Grace
Chiwetalu Agu – Amechi
Charity “Cha Cha Eke” – Ify
Francess Kennedy – Enyiuche
Austin Osadebe – Ukpabi
Ofili Ugbo – Ofili
Joy Helen – Oma
Leo Ewuzie – Ogbu
Emmanuel Emordi – Osita

Themes Explored:
Healthcare in Nigeria
Tribal Stereotypes
Social Class
Greed Rating – 77%

While driving two friends Enyioma and Osondu played by Mike Ezuruonye and Yul Edochie come across a road accident. Enyioma exits the car to go and investigate and helps the locals retrieve a man from the wreckage which Osondu then reluctantly helps him take to the hospital in their vehicle. At the hospital they refuse to treat the dying man without a police report. Despite Enyioma not seeing the need for a police report as no crime has been comitted he agrees to their demands in order to save the man’s life. It is when he goes to get the report from the police station that the trouble really starts.

Healthcare in Nigeria
The nurse tells Osondu and Enyioma,

“If you want the doctor to take care of him you will need a police report.”

It is as though they are implying that the injured man is a criminal. Even if he were a criminal how would a police report disprove this? The man has been genuinely injured in a car accident. Even if he were a criminal does that mean that he does not deserve to live? Wouldn’t the sensible thing to do be to treat the man and then ask questions later? I know how this goes because my first time to Naija I found myself going from hospital to hospital trying to get somoneone treated only to be told there were no medicine available or that they would not admit police cases. It was not even a police case but then you need a police report to prove that which is simply absurd in my opinion. It was drama after drama. What is up with that?

Tribal Stereotypes
I didn’t know that Yoruba woman are known for being loud and talking too much, but I deduced as much from the movie, as everybody Fumi, the sole yoruba woman in the movie came across they would refer to her as “the yoruba woman” and exclaim at the fact that she likes to talk to much. Eve Esin was the actress playing Fumi and as a Yoruba woman she was killing me with laughter. It was a little over the top but funny nonetheless. Everyone who meets her asks “is she Yoruba?” as if they don’t know.

Social Class
One of Enyioma’s relatives Exclaims “money is power” and its true. The family of the dead man want to jail Enyioma by any means necessary, without really knowing if he did it or not. It makes them feel better to punish someone for the death of their son. and their social class affords them the opportunity to do just that. If they want they can get anyone locked up, because that is how it seems to work if you have status in the society and are connected in Nigeria. It is a sad but true fact.

I was so shocked when Fumi told her friend that she was going to plead Enyioma’s innocence with the family and instead she goes to see the mother and starts co signing on the accused’s guilt. What kind of liberties is that? Then I see she is trying to persuade the mum to accept money as a consolation. If the woman is already rich why would she wasn’t money instead of justice? I hate the way nigerians try and cover up everything with money. Even though the woman has more than enough money she would rather take money than fight for justice for her son. Money really can buy anything and not just material things. You have seen it.

Grace’s late husbands brother wants to marry her not out of love but to keep the wealth in the family. He does not want her to “marry out” under any circumstance. She is adamant that she does not want to marry any man again but he is still scheming on how to get her to accept. His stance is that it is tradition.

All the people that have the power to influence Enyioma’s release want something in return. Namely sex or money. The chief of police and the random man that gives Enyioma’s wife Enyiuche a lift want to take advatage of her body. Because the wife didn’t want to sleep with the chief inspector he even came to raid the house for drugs. The dead mans family want money and nothing less that what they have demanded. Everyone wants something. There is no any emphasis on justice. I guess that’s why a lot of people pay their way out of situations. Caring about justice is pointless when u are surrounded around people who don’t care.

Charity Eke
Charity Eke was the stand out performance for me. She was credited as Ch Cha but it is the same chick. She was also in Room Service and Cry for Justice, must have been very small roles because I don’t even remember her. But this was the first time that I really took notice of her. She was very good. Instead of giving her more juicy roles they are giving her sideline roles while others who butcher the English language and cannot act their way out of a paper bag have movie roles thrown at them left right and center. She played her small part well and with much vigour, as well as actresses who have been in the game for many more years. Her speech was very natural and her facial expressions on point.

I would highly reccomend this movie. There is a part 3 and 4 called silent omission which I have not yet watched but will definitely be on the lookout for. I enjoyed it and the cast did a great job in their roles. Eve Esin outdid herself and I can see her in more comedic roles in the future. This movie highlights two very important issues in Nigeria today. Injustice and the healthcare system and I commend it for bringing to light and tackling these issues. Grab ya copy now!

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  1. Thanks for the review NollyForever. I will be looking out for this movie.


  2. LOLOL this movie was jjokes, at the begining when the police man started askingg mike, how many languages does he speak, whats his blood group, what are the colour of his eyes..its like accident victim, how should he know LMAO

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