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Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review
Story/ Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Arsenal Bruno, Henrey Ukpai, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Kofi Adjorlolo – Murktar
Mike Ezuruonye – Ikenna
Ini Edo – Zainab
Tonto Dikeh – Aisha
Prince Eke – Ekene
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Deputy Governor
Pat Asore – Amina
Uche Ebere – Vivian
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Kola
Kennedy Kalu – Abiodun
Joseph Mike – Mike
Ikeh Kenneth – Gang
Emeka Osuji – Tutcha

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 72%

Zainab is due a visit home and her friend Aisha is accompanying her. Despite her father making reservations for the both of them to fly into Abuja, Zainab is hell bent on driving instead, seeking “adventure.” Although at first Aisha refuses to join Zainab on the drive to Abuja, she relents and ends up joining her. Zainab definitely finds the adventure that she was looking for. At first they get lost and the car breaks down. They manage to get help with the help of a stranger but when sunset hits and the gas runs out they are left no option but to follow and intimidating stranger into the bush. It remains to be seen whether he is to be trusted or not.


Zainab is a damn fool. Your father owns an airline and you are there wanting to drive from Lagos (I think it was Lagos, if anyone remembers different let me know) to Abuja. What adventure could she possibly be looking for? Perhaps the adventure of getting robbed and shot? Nonsense. Nigeria is not the sort of place that you take road trips just for the fun of it.

It was ridiculous that Zainab was so insistent on driving, especially when Aisha told her that she would go on ahead and catch the flight without her to the point that she walked out of the door. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would just follow her friend as what is the point seeking adventure on the roads between Lagos and Abuja by yourself? It would have made more sense if Zainab had been running late and then decided to drive, but she was not even running late. It seemed like the girl was on a suicide mission.

The Forest Scenes

Why does Zainab try and clobber the poor guy when they are in the woods after he has helped them so much. Is it because he is still in possession of her gun?

What sense did it make for Zainab to go and look for the stream to shower in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night? She was already mouthing off about how she would not cool or wash plates because it was her maids job so how realistic would it be that as prissy as she is she would want to go and wash in a stream. They had only been stranded 5 minutes.

It was in the forest scenes was when the tension really began to deepen. I never knew what was going to happen next, between Aisha licking her lips at the sight of the grunting stranger and Zainab attempting to clobber him every so often. So from trying to kill the guy Zainab now ends up spontaneously having sex with him up against a tree.

Reputation… Scandal… Jealousy

Aisha’s reaction to her friend getting with Ikenna was borne out of jealousy although she tried to disguise it as concern. After catching them in the act she tells Zainab,

“Wait until your parents find out about this… Wait until the scandal breaks in all the newspapers in Abuja.”

Er love you are such a hater. How can any scandal break unless you are the one to break it? She is an adult how is it your business if she sleeps with one random guy in a forest. Na wa! Aisha was taking hateration to another level. It would have been fine if Aisha were simply disappointed because she liked the guy. That is a natural feeling, but ultimately she had no claims to the guy so she needed to suck it up. Aisha was acting like Zainab had just snatched her husband. She even said to Zainab, “I could never throw myself at a filthy low life like that.” Erm but you did!!! Cooing how “fine” he was and constantly eyeing him up.

Zainab tells Ikenna that he cannot set foot in Abuja because she doesn’t want him creating scandal for her. Is the city not big enough to contain them both? It was looking to me like her own friend was more of a threat to her in terms of ruining her reputation and creating a scandal. She does not even know where the guy is headed to when she warns him. He does not even know who she is and all her yabbering about scandals would only serve the purpose to plant the idea of creating a scandal into his head.

Ikenna’s hotel room came like it had a revolving door attached to it. We see Vivian coming through to flash her bribes of cash, fake passports and houses in California in order to get Ikenna to leave the country so that the fact that she unduly sent him to prison is not exposed. We see Zainab throwing her cheque around to try and make him leave Abuja in order to avoid embroiling herself in a scandal and we see Aisha simply turning up full of lust trying to force him to sleep with her. It is quite funny watching these women get so heated up, scared what Ikenna’s next move is going to be while he just lays back coolly.

The general wants to give Ikenna a job because there is “something I like about him” WHAT? You have barely spoken to him and when he came into the compound you looked at him in disgust. So at which point was it I wondered, that he began to like Ikenna? That scenario would have been more realistic if there had been some banter between them or commonality explored. In that case we would be able to see where this “like” had suddenly emerged from following the initial disgust. We also see Zainab’s mother stand by and approve of the guy after she had only just recently seen him in the supermarket with Zainab and whispered in her ear that she did not like the guy.


When the girls hit the road in search of adventure the sound becomes appalling. A certain level of distortion is sound is inevitable when driving at high speeds with the wind interfering etc, however the sound was so terrible that you could barely hear the conversation between the two girls. At one point Zainab is driving at 120 MPH and Aisha panics and is told to shut up. Not only do we hear wind, static, and heavy vibrating noises but we hear loud orchestral dramatic music. It was overkill. The orchestral music was appropriate in some scenes in the film to heighten the tension but a lot of the time it was misplaced.


Ini Edo and Tonto Dikeh gave stellar performances, performances last seen in a Native Son. They had great chemistry as close friends and the fear they had of the stranger called Ikenna was very believable. Mike Ezuruonye played the silent but deadly character effortlessly; he embodied the character and gave nothing away in his movement, expression or eyes, which added to his character’s mystery.

Overall I really liked the movie, however I am getting annoyed about movies coming out and not finishing then you have to be waiting endlessly additional parts. What kinda buuuuuuuuuulsh… is that? It had its flaws as I have explored but after all the rubbish I have been watching lately I was so happy to actually watch something different and enjoyable. It kept me hooked to the screen wondering what was going to happen next. I just badly wish that more attention to detail had been paid in terms of realism in the story and script. If due care had been taken the movie could have been phenomenal. As it was it was simply just above average, but well worth watching. Watch Nigerian Movie Review Nollywood Production Nigerian Actress Actors

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  1. move line seems ok,i hope it is not one of those movies that lift u up and leve u standing with ur mouth open



  4. baby flexy says:

    i personally think this film deserve an 85-90%

  5. i tried to send the comment under richman review but the system wouldnot allow it

  6. sounds interesting cant wait to see this movies ,can i get a list of all new release for 2009-2010

  7. I really love dis movie.

    My review goes as I watched da movie…

    I understand da Adenture part: She felt obliged to go C her parents not she wantd 2 at this moment. Traveling by car will b a longer trip 4 her. Possibly get a flat tire or sumthin is not working rite which will take longer 2 fix nd possibly spend da nite in a hotel (story of my life which wasnt my choice LOL!!)

    Wait… didnt I just mention flat tire?

    Oh No! dey shouldnt have hit him… Wow dat part was so intense!! thumbs up 2 da producer.
    I totally understand dem just lookin out 4 demselves. A total stranger can b da sweestest devil. Im just sayin… especially a weirdo who dnt say much.

    Rape?? :-0 Love is really blind O 🙂

    My dear Nolly dey only bribin da guy 2 leave town dats all cuz of da family name reputation. But the question is can he handle da temptation on dese 2 socialite ladies. money, threat…

    R U SERIOUS!!! y not make it last a year then? come on! y draaaag another parts? Oh Lord have mercy.

    • Driving from Abuja to Lagos, two young girls is a totally stupid thing to do. What kind of adventure could she really have been looking for? That is my question.

      I coudlnt believe she almost clobbered him AGAIN after what happened the first time! After all the help he had given they should have just submitted and agreed to trust him.

      Rape? What rape? They both acknowldged that it was not rape but that she would lie and say that it was if he tried to tarnish her name.

  8. Movie is good like you said…. But the ending was so blah… Or did I miss something? Is there any info about a part 3/part 4… Cause now I'm left wondering what's next….

  9. Movie was good! Tonto and Mike was fantastic….but Ini Edo's pronounciation is terrible.

    To SJ……part 3&4 is called Beyoound Intimidation.

    • Yes I have watched Beyond Intimidation. The movie got worse. I may make a separate post or simply update the old one.

  10. Ralphina says:

    Have you seen "Beyond Intimidation"? I think it may be the sequel to this one, "Intimidation," you reviewed here.

  11. oooooooooooo I love this movie i haven't seen the continuation. I must say the best bits for me were the funny scenes. What was interesting for me was the fact that they weren't trying to be funny. It just made it damn hilarious. The whole sequence of them driving a way from Mike eventually asking him for help, Tonto admiring him, Ini being overly paranoid and then the girls running and leaving the car behind and Mike driving beside them was so hilarious they should all consider taking proper comic roles. I was literally rolling on the floor. I hope the continuation is better though. And yes I agree with Nolly's review especially the sound at the beginning of the road trip ummmmmm that was literally cringe worthy.The cast was awesome. thanks xx

    • The continuation was a bit disappointing. It all got a bit far fetched and over the top. I would have liked it more had I not ventured into BEYOND INTIMIDATION territory.

  12. nwanyiOwerri says:

    This movie started out promising. We did not know who the Mike Ezuronye's character really was or why he was scowling at everyone. Finally a movie with actual suspense and mystery. I was hooked. How was he going to clear his name? Would he ever get Tonto's character off his back? However, it degenerated in the second part "Beyond Intimidation". Ah well, the premise was nice. Kudos to them for trying something different.

  13. This was a killer movie full of intrigues and adventure. I give it 80%

  14. great movie, Mike, Tonto and Ini all killed it, wixcked movie. I give it 80%

  15. why do they keep dragging a lot of scenes from the movie where not needed jus so we can buy dem all instead of doing dat they could use the time being used to make sequels and rubbish to make new movies… these producers need to knoe the nollywood fans are not pleased just bored and tired

    • I totally agree Lara. This movie would have been much better had there been some brevity. It started off very well and then descended into the draggy syndrome caused by greed.

  16. i just watched d whole of dis movie last wk…4 sm reason i thot it was a new production…d part 1 n 2 was ok, but part 3 n 4 dragged out d movie 4 me..was started at least bearable became absolutely unbearable…however, i failed 2 understand y ini edo was alwaz showed with perfectly manicured artificial nails even after being in d jungle 4 acouple of dayz…n a perfect lace wig 2 go with it 4 sm1 who has been in such situation…i think d producers need 2 note little details like dis, bc they r like a big turn off 2 me.

    • If they kept it shorter it would have been so much better, because some of the build up of tension was really good, as well as the mystery element. It is a new movie… Well like 6 months or so old! LOL

      I think Ini insists on keeping all these things because even when she played Diana in The Queen a girl that lived in the forest for YEARS, the chick is rocking plucked eyebrows and allsorts.

  17. what*

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