Introducing Nolly Galore on YouTube

Nollywood Forever has had a YouTube channel for the longest time but there isn’t anything on it. Now we would like to introduce to you Nolly Galore our Vlog Movie review correspondent on YouTube. Nolly Galore will be talking about movies, news and gist, so check her out. In this short video Nolly Galore from introduces herself and talks a little bit about hyped Nollywood upcoming movies such as Phone Swap and Ije. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  1. stylishmrgordon says:

    Damn Nolly Galore is too funny. I hope she does more film reviews. I can’t wait to watch Phone swaaaaaaaaaaap based on this review. Oh and I’ve never heard of chemotherapy said with such passion 🙂

    • Nollywood says:

       @stylishmrgordon Thanks for coming by. Yes she makes me chuckle too!  Make sure you grab Phone Swap when it is released. I’m sure you will love it,

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