Jealous Husband


Jealous Husband – 2011
Story – Christian Ndulue
Screenplay – Akinlosotu Femi Despy
Director – Obi Callys Obinali
Producer – Christian Ndulue

Uche Jombo – Debbie
Van Vicker – Emeka
Uche Nnanna – Nancy
Abraham Nwodu – Frank
Ruby Orjiakor – Oluchi
Chita Agwu – Tricia
Elvis Ogbonna – Shola
Jonathan Ganagana – Sam
Fidelis Okoh – Adamu
Kyrie Ekwenze – Ebere
Dan Nkoloagu – Dad
Precious Kalu – Mum
Chukwuemeka Odenigbo – Ikenna

Runs (Prostitution) Rating – 64% 

Jealous Husband


Debbie played by Uche Jombo and her two friends Nancy and Oluchi played by Uche Nnanna and Ruby Orjiakor are runs girls on campus. They usually arrange their runs through a middleman on campus but Debbie’s desperations to make quick money for her sick father’s hospital bills drives her to the club looking for clients without that safety measure. It is while out at a club doing runs that she comes across Emeka played by Van Vicker who takes a liking to her and hires her out for the whole night. After the night is over they part ways but bump into each other another night in the same club. Emeka sees Debbie dancing with a guy and becomes insanely jealous, confronting and fighting with the guy that she is dancing with. Things develop very quickly between the two and an obsessed Emeka wants Debbie exclusively but will she be able to leave the lifestyle that she is accustomed to behind?

Emeka’s obsession develops quickly, from trailing Debbie at the club to turning up unexpectedly on campus. Those were the early warning signs that a relationship with Emeka would prove more trouble than it was worth particularly as Debbie at that time had not developed feelings for him. However money talks and the fuel for her going along with it is to raise money for her father’s hospital bills. How did Emeka even find her family home and the hospital where her father was housed? I don’t remember her even telling him about his sick father. Debbie should have known from then that Emeka was a complete nutjob.

Why marry a runs girl when you know that you will never be able to trust her? It’s pointless. Debbie was right when she said that it wouldn’t work because of how they met. Emeka cannot seem to let go of her past. His jealousy extends to the point of banning her from seeing her friends. We also see how an obsessively jealous man will cover his tracks to those on the outside. For instance when Debbie returns from visiting her parents he calls them to check that she actually visited them in the first place but pretends that he is just making sure that she has left safely knowing full well that she left safely because she is already in the house.

There was great chemistry between the 3 friends. The gisting was natural and effortless. You really believed that they were runs girls. I really liked the way they looked out for each others best interests without the usual jealousy that so often characterises “friendships” in Nollywood movies. There was no man snatching or advising their friend not to marry Emeka as I suspected their may be when Debbie expressed that she was having doubts about him. The girls genuinely wanted to see their friend’s happiness, even after Emeka began behaving coldly towards them and that was nice to see.

Funny Scene
At the end of part 2 there is a scene where Emeka slaps Debbie and calls her a prostitute. She charges at him like a bull before realising that he if he caught her he will probably kill her and so runs away. The part where the realisation dawns on her is very funny.


I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it. It was interesting and entertaining. However there was too much focus on the early club scenes. I felt they could have been shorter and conveyed the same thing. How many shots can we see up someone’s skirt without getting bored of it. I found myself fast forwarding through those scenes. Van Vicker is so dreamy and when he is not acting badly he really is nice to feast eyes upon. He is actually decent in this movie. He plays the part of Emeka with conviction, although the character development could have done with some work. It was good to see Uche with her new figure and hairstyle. I would recommend this one. It however does not finish by part 2 so you like I will need to watch the continuation to find out how the story ends.

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  1. I love this movie. I agree with you. Uche jombo wow, wonderful acting

  2. collette orji says:

    trust me, i love that movie, and i love all my girls in that movie…trust me, it was good and they were all great.

  3. OMG…………Nolly the part 3&4 was just stupid and a waste of time, just watch it and we'll dicuss it later. I was turned off with the ending of the movie.

    part 1&2 was ok, Uche looks fabulos with her new look, Van did well on his part but overall I did not like the ending at all.

  4. daintyt says:

    I too was disappointed in ending of the movie…however, I liked parts 1 & 2.

  5. what website can i watch jealous husband on? or where can i watch it? thank you

  6. NollywoodNista says:

    thanks for the review gonna watch this one this weekend! 🙂

  7. angary princess says:

    shit no one answered the question asked. WHERE DID U GUYS WATCHED THE MOVIE?

  8. precious says:

    u can watch it on online nigeria

  9. Gr8 acting,gr8 cast,gr8 movie,gr8,director.loved d movie from1-4.A gr8 lesson 2 b learnt. Two thumps up.

  10. LaurenObiorah says:

    where can i watch this movie pllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  11. Gigi Chiny says:

    Nolly, have you watched the continuation of this movie? If you haven't, please, do. It ended in a hilariously weird way.

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  13. mosaic fabian says:

    I love these film

  14. i loved the movie but impressed with the songs in it i really wish to get them where can i get it

  15. U can watch it on ytub

  16. Where can I located the music from the movie.

  17. who sing the song for this movie, please someone answer!

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