Jewels Of The Sun


Jewels Of The Sun – 2011
Story, Screenplay & Director – Ugezu J Ugezu
Producers – Uzor Godson Nwosu, Solomon Apete

Mercy Johnson – Nneka
Mike Ezuruonye – Kenny
Artus Frank – Jones
Charity Eke – Hilda
Browny Igbowegwu – Frank
Linda Chinyere (nee Ojere) – Odibeze
Jim Lawson – Uncle Onyeka
Emeka Ike – Duncan
Emma Emordi – Ezeugo
Leo Iwuzie – Pastor
Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu – Priest

Good vs Evil
Money Rituals

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 30%


A group of men played by Artus Frank, Mike Ezuruonye, Emeka Ike and Browny Igboegwu join a cult to make money but have to sell their souls in order to get in. Kenny has been instructed to kill his wife Nneka played by Mercy Johnson and Frank is busy sleeping with some Princess played by KLinda Chinyere from “the other side” while he and Duncan fight over any money neither of them can claim ownership of.

The movie is boring. Mercy Johnson and Mike Ezuruonye should be above this. I’m not into movies about money rituals although if the movie is very good I may be able to cope. All the money ritual stuff just had me rolling my eyes like “here we go again” It reminded me a bit of Church Business but NOWHERE near as good. Linda Chinyere was playing the Shan George sort of role with way less charisma and oomph.

Her majesty is frumpy and not at all graceful. This is bad casting. How the hell she meant to play some spiritual seductive goddess and she is looking all awkward and frumpy? What a mess. The special effects as well were stupid and highly amateurish.


I would not recommend this movie. This is the kind movie you have on in the background while you are doing your hair or something. You don’t need to pay too much attention because when you look back the same stupid shit will be happening. So in short don’t bother. It’s a waste of time.

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  1. I know linda. She was my parent's tenant together with her ex-husband. So she's still acting? Good for her

    • I don't know if she is back full time. I'm thinking she is simply doing a Pat Attah. As in one or two movies and then disappearing.

      • Hi nolly, i really do not follow ur reviews often neither do i watch all the movies just like this one. But sincerely speaking, i dont think ur approach to reviewing movies is right. Its absolutely wrong for u to bluntly grade a film that took time to be produced as crap by the term " BIN IT". It deosnt make sense even in biz world. I dont produce or act a movie neither do i know any one in that industry, so i have no interest. Rather my views r totally objective as an internatinal biz man. Its absolutely the most anti-marketing term i have seen in business world. You cant just write off someones product like that in today's social network that has come to dominate contemporary advertising. In a civilised world and organised industry like where i live, peopel will sue u to court and u will not be able to afford the fees and court penalties. So be fair in your critique. The worst u could do is to say is that personally the movie is not that interesting to u but that maybe someone else could find it interesting. That way u create an open door. I remember u classifying a movie as BIN IT, when i watched it i ended up giving the movie 85% cuz i loved the movie die. So speak like professional and as such use professonal terms when u r rating people'e work, its not legally right to downgrade other people's product thru open advertising tool like the social work has come to be. Just an advice, no ill feelings ok.

        • Let me see who will sue me for saying a movie is crap. You are entitled to your oopinion and you have said it but I do not agree with you. This is MY BLOG and I say that JEWELS OF THE SUN is CRAP CRAP CRAP. I said it and I will say it again a million times. If you sef give it 85% go start your own blog and tell the world. It is your right.

          • Well i wont read or rely your reviews again cuz they r faulty and misleading. One has to see a movie for himself to appraise it rightly. Cusz i d not know the indices u use in appraising a moving. U shld be able to tell us the indices like;

            1. STORY LINE…..%

            2. ACTING………%

            3. AUDIO……….%

            4. VISUAL………%

            5. QUALITY OF VIDEO….%

            6. SETTING……..%

            This is how to appraise a movie so that we wil know what excatly is crappy about the movie cuz there is no way a movie that has about three A-LIST actors wil be totally crappy in all ramifications. So get ur appraisal indices right before u come to the public square and denigrate people's work. Its abolutely preposterous and suicidal.Just an dvice from a professional.

          • You are entitled to stay away if you find them misleading. that is your right. I will say it again this movie is CRAP and so is the continuation Tears of the Moon. BUYER BEWARE! Yes a movie with 3 or even more A List actors can be rotten to the core take a look at War anmd Romance. Mike E, Mercy J, Nonso D actors I all love. The movie was hot trash. Suicidal indeed… My friend you must be smoking somthing.

  2. jaunty says:

    i only watch the sequel of this dirty crap call end of jewels of the son. It waz a total waste of time. I didnt enjoy this film abit. M

  3. Hey Nolly no disrespect yeah but I think its worth taking into consideration what max is saying, as in grading different aspects of the movie so people can have a well rounded idea of what you liked about it and what you did not. I am not saying this because I like this move, hell I haven't seen it but I can imagine that it is the pits. Fair do's not recommending the movie but you know that they say "one mans trash is another mans treasure". It will be good to help your audience make an informed decision on what to watch (just my 2 cents)

    • I have heard you and I have heard Max. Thanks for your suggestions 🙂 However even if I did do that type of grading when a movie is crap like this I will not even give it the respect to have different sections and grading.

  4. Who sang d soundtrack …°̩ luv it a lot is there any way °̩ can download it “nothing goes for nothing”

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