Junny (Jonny) Just Come

Junny (Jonny) Just Come
Story by Louis Isikaku
Screenplay by Reginald Ebere
Director – Charles Inojie

Larry Koldsweat – Sylvanus
Sam Loco Efe – Malachi
Chinyere Winfred – Adaugo
Osita Iheme – Johnson
Amaka Festus – Eno
Andy Ike – Teacher
Chukwudi Ike – John
Lynna Augustine – Helen
Steve Pepple – James
Ken Odurukwe – Principal

Nollywoodforever.com Rating: 89%


Malachi turns up to his brother’s house from the village with his two sons in tow. He is not able to financially take care of them and wants his brother and his wife to put them through school. What can I say? This is where the razzness begins. From doing sums at school with sticks and stones, to declaring themselves “dead” through poisoning through coffee!


This film is definitely one that I would recommend, even if you are not one for THE TWO RATS. It was absolutely hilarious! I myself usually avoid movies where any of them (Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze) are involved, but to my surprise I really enjoyed this one!

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  1. Hey Nollywoodfoever, I am not one for the two rats. Believe me I always avoid any film they act in. Hmm! I will take your words for it and watch this one if I can find it. Point of correction I think have seen one of their films a very long time ago (Reggae Boys).

  2. Very good movie, I recenty bought the VCD. i like the song If you listen to me ahe a

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