Keke Napep


Keke Napep – 2010
Story – Emeka Okolo, Christian Uche, Tona Nwakeze, Stanley Okorie
Screenplay – Emeka Okolo
Director – Stanley Okorie
Producers -Nick Nnwanko, Izundu Nnabuike

Chiwetalu Agu – Ekwe
Emeka Okolo – Apollo
Sam Loco Efe – Okafor
Francis Odega – Agamu
Friday Nwogbala – Akpu
Stanley Okorie – Skit
Oginna Paddy Aniuno – Nneka
Prince Patrick Igwe – Amechi
Doris Igwe – Madam Tee
Juliet Eze – Agnes

“Saving Face”
Village Life

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 61%


Agamu played by Francis Odega is an okada driver that dreams of being something bigger but his foolish nature lands him in much trouble after he goes out of his way trying to impress the girl that he wants to marry. Meanwhile his brothers are just as hapless. The movie makes for a funny comedy of errors.

Francis Odega

Francis Odega who plays Agamu is excellent at playing the village idiot, even down to the gurning mouth and gormless expressions that he kept pulling.

Memorable Scenes

1) The prayer scene at the beginning of the movie with Agamu his mothers and brothers is hilarious. The mother asks each brother to lead in prayer, but then becomes annoyed with each brother as their prayer continues, and so will slap and move onto the next one, unimpressed with their prayers for “more okada customers” and for their father to “decrease his palm wine” intake etc.

2) In another scene I couldn’t stop laughing at Agamu trying to toast a girl by giving her a free pack of cornflakes from the shop that he is working in for his friend. Wow talk about impressive

3) Agamu’s brothers are just as hapless. In one scene one of the brothers gets rebuffed by a girl that he is trying to talk to and rants at her,

“How many guys have told you that they like you today and I’m here just telling you that you are beautiful and you are just here misbehaving.”

To which the other brother replies,

“Let’s go my friend… I’ve always warned you If you want to confront a girl you must learn how to dress properly. Look at you and you want to confront that beautiful girl and you think she will listen to you?”


I would recommend this movie. It was a good nice feel good light hearted village movie that will make you chuckle. It feels like a proper Old school Nollywood movie with the “To God Be The Glory” at the end and everything!

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