Kill the Bride

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 Kill The Bride

Mike Ezuruonye – Ken

Mercy Johnson – Sandra

Rita Dominic- Trish

Amaechi Muonagor – Chief Raymond

Elizabeth Ibe – Sandra’s Mum
Ralph Onu – Sandra’s Dad

Jim Lawson – Chief Ike

Solace Kanu – Chief Okeke


My Rating – 50%



The first thing that you are going to notice when watching this film is Mike Ezuruonye’s awful American accent. It was so so awful I had to mention it before talking about anything else. There was absolutely nothing in the story that made it essential that he have an accent… So why oh why? So his character had travelled, but why not another African country? Or, how about he come back from somewhere and come back talking the way he talked before he left? After all how many adults go away for a year or two and come back with a completely different accent? Dear Mike was trying way too hard and totally ruined what would have been an ok film.



The story starts with a guy, Mike being stood up on his wedding day by his bride, Sandra and continues in the present interspersed with flashbacks.  From the groom being jilted on the altar the film fastforwards to another wedding and we find the jilted groom from the first scene attending another man’s wedding, his friend Ken. Surprise surprise the bride at this new wedding is the bride that he was jilted by *SHOCK HORROR*


Slowly the story behind the whole fiasco unravels and Sandra, who jilted Mike is forced to tell Ken, her groom why she is behaving so strangely in from of his friend Mike. I would recommend this film despite Mikes awful accent.

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  1. God! i ve heard so much about nigeria movies but i dont watch them becos of thier fake shootings.toooooooooooooooooo poooooooooooooooooooooooooooor

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    I don't watch any action ones because they would be too fake!

  3. Nice movie!

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