Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell African Movies Review
Date Of Release: 2011
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Rita C Onuwurah, Darlene Benson, Anthony Kehinde Joseph
Director – Desmond Elliot
Producers – Emem Isong, Mona Lisa Chinda

Desmond Elliot – Bernard
Mona Lisa Chinda – Delphine
Joseph Benjamin – Ike
Uche Jombo – Mimi
Nse Ikpe Etim – Tena
Bhaira Mchwizu – Eka


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 74%

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Bernard (Desmond Elliot) and Ike (Joseph Benjamin) are friends and partners at BlueQuest a firm that they run together. They have a friendly rivalry when it comes to picking up girls. Ike and Bernard make a bet that if Ike sleeps with Delphine (Mona Lisa Chinda) a gorgeous divorcee that has sworn off men he will get 5 percent of Bernards’s company shares and if not he will give up 5 percent of his own shares which means that the person who wins will have a controlling share of the company. Ike enlists the help of employee Mimi (Uche Jombo) to search all the major networking sites to find Delphine so that he can conquer her and win the bet. Things are made even more difficult when Bernard throws a spanner in the works by telling Delphines’s friend Tena (Nse Ikpi Etim) that Ike is planning to bed her and that she should beware. Ike has ten days to accomplish the mission, who will win?


I found it really skilful the way Ike got on with Delphine’s friends so fantastically, making them laugh and gaining their trust. Tena and Eka thought that they were playing him but their seeming like for him would only serve to make Delphine fall for him by highlighting his good qualities, namely that he is funny and easy to get along with. What more could a woman want?


“This is Lagos and every bar is a singles bar.”

– Ike to Delphine when they meet in a bar and she doesn’t want to entertain a random guy that is bothering her.

I loved the interaction between Mona Lisa and Joseph Benjamin in one of the first bar scenes. The dialogue was quick witty funny and some brilliant social observations were made about the different expectations men and women have when entering a bar. Joseph Benjamin is definitely one to watch out for and I have thought that ever since I saw him in Jungle Ride. His performance was smooth and very believable.

Nse’s character Tena was hilarious as Delphine’s meddling and over concerned friend. She definitely was the stand out performance for me. Her pidgin English was flawless and she happened to have the best lines in the movie. The whole cinema roared with laughter every time she graced the screen.


Sometimes backing track would drown out dialogue. At this point everyone in the cinema would start talking to each other because they couldn’t hear what was going on; for instance in the restaurant date scene with Mona Lisa and Benjamin.

Nollywood Forever Says What

In one scene we see Mona Lisa stroking her raggedy static weave talking bout “I just got my hair done.” Really though? Say What?

Delphine and Ike go out to dinner and then return back to her house. Tell me why she was wearing a cream strapless top at the restaurant, which when they got back to the house that top turned into a pink t shirt? Say What?

Why was musician Ike and Bernard were trying to find a record deal for seem more like some danfo driver. No charisma, no star quality. Say What? He was a gospel star but still I had to Say What? That was bad casting.


I would recommend the movie, although predictable it was a nice feel good romantic well acted comedy, nothing great, but most definitely good.

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  1. Ha! NollywoodForever… you no try o! That rating was too harsh for such a classy, well-put together movie!
    What I loved about this movie was the dialogue! Obviously it was a very dialogue-based film! The dialogue was off the chains… funny, witty and expertly delivered by the mature cast. My favourites were Nse! oh lawdy! That girl is a character… her comedic timing is on point… my fave moment of her (spoiler) was when she came out of the cupboard and started shaking her ass! LMAO! and also when she confronted Delphine for giving in to Iyke.
    My 2nd Favourite was Desmond! Y'know Des is not given enough credit for his acting skills. He was hilarious as the weasel-ish friend of Iyke betting and cheating at the same time. very mature acting I must say.
    Then the good bit… the love-making between Delphine & Iyke!.. The wait was almost killing but oh so worth it. A very intellectual movie and a refreshing change from the crappy 'Black-Berry-Babes, I-want-your-wife' kind of films out there! I would rate this film 8/10

  2. Thanks for coming by. I enjoyed the movie but I would not consider it a must watch. I watched it in the cinema and there were alot of things that were confusing particularly in the beginning and the whole situation with Delphine's ex husband was not made clear. There were a few moments where my friend and I were looking at each other trying to figure out what was going on and none of us had the answers, that aside you are right the interaction between the characters was the best thing about the movie.

    As for Desmond he is always good, that is a given.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Tanks,i’ll go luk 4 it,pls hv u seen mr nd mrs?i nid a review.


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