Koko Babes

Koko Babes

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Koko Babes ~ 2009
Story – Mac Collins Chidebe (Mr China)
Screenplay – Nkem Alu
Director – Mac Collins Chidebe

Emeka Ike – Dj Koko
Adaora Ukoh – Titi
Uche Jombo – Esther
Uche Elendu – Princess
Emeka Enyiocha – Foster
Queen Nwokoye – Halima
Ogochukwu Anwuruebo – Ify
Chiendu Chukwu-Njoku – Elena
Vera Nwoha – Janny
Umez Connack – Musa
Emeka Okalibe – Bako
Dayan Nzereogu – Doctor
Ngozi A Nwaosu – Matron
Azi Eboh – Ege
Mac-Collins Chidebe – Mike

Themes Explored:
Fraud (419)

My Rating – 62%

This movie was a little bit like an amalgamation of Girls Cot and Boys Cot. This is a story about four girls living together in the city, three of them are getting by doing some sort of illegal activity. Only one of them, Halima played by Queen Nwokoye is on the straight and narrow working as a banker. The other girls try to keen to get her involved in their runs” and are constantly trying to persuade her to use her position in the bank to aid them with their fraudulent activities. Titi is the main instigator pleading with her,

“Halima I have told you times without number; come and kokorise with us.”

Besides doing runs the other thing the girls have in common in their love for DJ Koko. He is the hottest DJ in town and they all love his music. Princess is the most obsessed with him. She loves him beyond the music and has created a fantasy life between her and DJ which she relays to the other girls. She is willing to do anything to make DJ Koko hers, but the question is how far will she go?


The thing that I loved the most in this movie was the easy and comfortable interaction and gisting in pidgin between the girls. The dialogue was sharp. Adaora’s character was the funniest. In one scene she is praying and says,

“Lord teach me how to take my destiny by force… It is time to shine in the kingdom of Yahoo. Thank you Lord. Amen.”

Nkem Alu did a good job with the script until the introduction of DJ Koko’s character played by Emeka Ike. I would like to know why whoever is casting in these movies keep giving Emeka Ike lover boy roles? I mean have they seen his past lover boy depictions and thought, mehn this guy can make the ladies swoon? Emeka’s character was just wack. He is meant to be this highly sought after charismatic superstar and he was there telling Halima he loved her on the first date like some insecure wimp. Oh please! It also came across as so insincere.

At one point DJ Koko is trying to seduce Halima in the supermarket. He is looking super fruity rolling his eyes and lip licking like his name was LL. On top of this he is nancying about with a tight ass vest stretching over his pot belly and some tight tight jeans which are all hitched up in his crotch. Na wa! It was a sight that has the ability to give one nightmares.

Like I have said before and I will say it again. The guy has no swag. Which part of him is sexy or charismatic I wonder? The fake pseudo American accent was just ugh. The whole depiction of the character was just ugh… mess! Mess! Mess! He totally ruined it for me, bad casting to the highest degree.

The sound was a bit patchy. It would go totally silent in parts and the volume would change dramatically between scenes which was highly annoying. the spelling mistakes in the credits looked like the people that put the movie together just did not give a hoot, and the people that wrote the credits a bunch off illiterates. Screenplay was spelt SEREENPLAY, Continuity – CONTIUNITY, Costume – COUSTUM, Equipment – EQIPTMENTS.  A hot mess!

Oh and what is this new craze with men in drag in Nollywood? We saw Desmond in Dangerous Beauty, Nonso in Tommorrow must wait and now Emeka Enyiocha in this movie, playing an undercover female detective.

When Esther kills the guy in the hotel room at the beginning of the movie I thought it strange that when the maid asked her if she needed to clean the room she told her, “in 5 minutes.” You have just killed a guy why would you want to draw attention to that when you could easily be caught since you have just left the hotel? I thought it would have made more sense for her to say that she didn’t want the room cleaned at all, or requested for the room to be cleaned much much later.

Esther gets called Halima by Foster and another guy in the movie. Was this a mistake or intentional? It was never indicated anywhere in the movie that she was lying about her name to people and using her friend’s name, so what gives?

I would recommend this movie. Even though Emeka Ike kinda dragged it down a little and the story was all over the place, the four girls were all superb in this movie. I commend them all for a job well done. There was also a nice little twist at the end. Thumbs up.

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  1. Saw this movie. It was good. I found it very odd how the women behaved like men. (LOL)

    Also, what struck me as interesting I never realized the lengths some people go through to live fictitious lives……

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    LOL I thought it was going to be better than it was though… the beginning was very good and then it went downhill… still enjoyable though!

  3. love the movie.hilarious.

  4. gave up afta d 2nd part…but adaora ukoh waz gud…didn't like ike as d koko master though…too flashy a movie, no real theme…datz y i gave up in d 2nd part…cheers!!!

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    Aegoli but there were only 2 parts!!! LOL I think Adaorah was the best of the lot. I'd like to see her in more stuff.

  6. Grace Udoh says:

    yea,think so to.

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