Leila Djansi Swindled By Senanu Gbedawo

Senanu Gbedawo acting alongside Nadia Buari in Checkmate

Filmmaker and Director Leila Djansi

Leila Djansi the Ghanaian filmmaker and director has now spoken out on this issue that has been buzzing around the internet the past few days. The internet has been abuzz with the story that Senanu Gbedawo used Leila’s personal assistant to swindle large sums of money from her and to try to procure movie roles. Men are so shameless these days and its scary. Does the guy not have his own money? Is he not working? Shameless useless hegoat. You would think that the man would have more pride. In fact I am not surprised as I know that a number of these so called celebrities are absolutely shameless. Leila Djansi posted a note on her facebook page which I have copied and pasted below:

by Leila M. Djansi on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 3:35pm

This note is a mere warning to all. Especially to these fame hungry people out there. Every actor wants to become a producer, write a script and put him or herself in there to play lead role. Every extra wants to become a famous star and drive an SUV. Every director wants to put himself/herself in a movie so he can be seen. its all called GREED!

I have no issues with an actress or actor wanting to produce a movie. Stay a producer or lead actress. Don’t be both. You make everyones life difficult and like it or not, the movie will flop!

There is no good thing in fame. You have to completely loose yourself. My favorite pastime is strangling people who try to intimidate me. Now, I can’t do that anymore. I have to practically beg people to understand that I am not rich.

The film business come with fame. Whether you like it or not. It is a steady climb. If you rush it, you will fall big. Do not manipulate the speed of fate. Easy does it. You will, we all will get there someday.

I also have issues with women who cannot close their legs and sit peacefully at home. I wrote a note here before that I do not encourage spending lavishly on each other in dating relationships. women need to understand that, you do not need a man to be complete. You need a LIFE to be complete. When you die, you will not be buried atop your husband or boyfriend. You will face the boatman of death alone.

In the wake of my little Delali stealing. I want you all to understand that I do not blame her a all. It is the boy, who took advantage of her heart that I blame. If the boy were not hungry for fame, if Senanu was not complaining to her that after checkmate he was not getting any more movie roles blah blah blah, I am sure she’d have remained a good girl. I know, love does strange things to you. I hope women learn that not all men love you, sometimes they just want to use you.

A big thanks to my friend Blessing for praying this thing through for the truth to be brought bare. Only God knows what else this boy would have had Dela do.

Enough rushing! seek out Gods will for your life and wait patiently until he puts you there. For those of you who do not know me, I did my time. I have slept in the classroom and worked many jobs to make myself independent. In the middle of my struggles, God blessed me. I could have taken the easy way out, stayed in Ghana and made bad movies and achieved some small time fame and recognition. But I sought for higher heights. I did not steal or find any shortcuts. I worked hard. In fact I worked so hard I had no time to come home and only came to see my fathers corpse. Based on this paragraph, I want you guys to understand that I do not take kindly to being used by anyone. I will not think twice before I go the farthest extent with anyone who uses me. That is one aspect of me I have no intention of changing. You use me, you do the time. Mind you, I will move on to bigger and better things and I will not take you with me.

You all who want to become celebrities and sleep with producers to get roles. Stop taking shortcuts in the name of seeking fame. It will only lead you to destruction, or jail.

Second point. That someone has money does not mean the money is for you to spend! We parasite too much in Ghana. Don’t leave the person with money to pay your bills all the time when you all go hang out and have fun. You had some of the fun too. You too, pay part of the bill. We live off of each other too much. I remember a friend telling me when he visits Ghana, his friends order the most expensive thing on the menu because he will pay for it.

Senanu said that because I gave my PA shares in my company, he assumed she has money. Big fool! You are a celebrity, why not spend YOUR money? she has money so the money has to be spent till its finished? What happens when the money is finished? You will move on to the next wealthy person.

I should not be shocked, but I am shocked at how Ghana men (some) have become. Gigolos! They take advantage of a womans love and use them without an iota of conscience.

Stop living off each other in relationships. In fact, stop dating. Just marry and stop this dating nonsense. Everyone should seek their own independence. Don’t seek after each other because of what material thing you can get from the other but seek each other out of love.

Frankly speaking, I am getting very tired of dealing with Africa and Africans. Its just one drama after the other. I have made movies in the states and worked here without issues. Just trying to set up back home, its one foolish matter after the other.

If you did not know about the story in the first place. Read here:


Delali Kumahor has been Leila Djansi’s trusted Personal Assistant for over a year and in that while has diligently handled Leila’s book keeping on her personal accounts anytime Leila is not in town.

After the production of Sinking Sands, Senanu Gbedawo kept sending Leila Djansi emails which centred on wanting to become an actor in one of her productions. She politely told him to wait until auditions come up and if he deserves a role, it will be given to him.

Senanu who was unsatisfied with the answer befriended Delali Kumahor who most people until today considered her as Leila’s younger sister. Senanu cunningly deceived Delali into his love web as a smart move on Senanus side to guarantee himself a movie by dating the PA of the celebrated filmmaker.

The young girl, awed by the fact that an actor like Senanu Gbedawo would fall for her this much requited his love. According to Leila Djansi, she noticed Senanu around a couple of times and warned her assistant of her fraternizing with the actor.

Leila Djansi further mentioned that she only noticed something fishy when she was ready to leave Ghana and her assistant who had taken permission to spend time with her grandfather stayed longer that the permitted time.

“Usually before I leave Ghana, I balance my personal accounts with her. For a week, this girl was gone and would not answer her phone. I don’t sign my cheques. She does that for me, she is a signatory to my personal accounts here based on trust. I have never had reasons to doubt her until this Senanu character came into the picture”, Leila said.

Leila continued by saying “The report that she forged checks is wrong. She has my power of attorney here in Ghana to draw from my personal accounts”. We gathered that, Senanu Gbedawo survives by living off sugar mummies and Delali wanting to be the only woman in his life had no choice than to steal her boss’s money for his upkeep. (Did I say she had no choice? She had the choice to let him go…).

It is also said that, Delali promised Senanu Gbedawo to finance a movie he intends to produce “Rumble Boy”. Leila did indeed make her assistant a partaker of her company by giving her shares in the company and all that attracted the greedy Senanu Gbedawo who sometimes threatened to dump Delali if she fails to provide certain things he needed. (The power of an Actor and a fine bobo, surely I will call Leila or Shirley and become an Actor too…).

When the movie Director realized her assistant was in hiding, she took the police and went in search for her. With the help of her Assistant’s friends (Judas kind of friends) and facebook chat, found her holed up in Monarch Hotel, East Legon busy having sex with Senanu Gbedawo. ( Who was on top of who? I wish I was told that…)

Leila Dzansi The two were arrested but Leila had Senanu released since he was shooting a movie. She also facilitated his release because, he insisted on having limited knowledge of the theft.

Even in the police cells, the PA kept insisting the money “went missing”. It took the intervention of Mabel Germaine, Leila’s costume designer and Amanda Jissie, Leila’s manager to finally get a confession from the PA who stated that indeed she was using the money to finance Senanu’s flamboyant lifestyle and even gave him Leila’s SUV to move around with.

According to Delali, she is in love with Senanu deeply and was doing anything to keep him around. The most shocking part of the story is that, when Delali was in jail, Senanu sent his brother to the jail to get taxi fare of 300 from him. ( Wow, is the dude that broke?)

Even at such a crucial time, Senanu was till siphoning money from the PA. It was obvious that, although the young girl was madly in love with Senanu, he was only using her for money and to secure a movie role. On his current set, he was heard loudly boasting to his fellow actors how he is playing lead in Leila Djansi’s upcoming film “Ties that Bind” which will star certain Hollywood big shots.

Later on, armed with text messages on Delalis phone, the director traced Senanu to his movie set, halted the shoot and demanded the truth from Senanu who also confessed to being a partner to the thievery.

Based on his own confession, Senanu was subsequently arrested and later bailed by his cousin. The two have been released on bail and Leila is ready to go to court.

Leila concluded with this “I have always had issues with star and fame hungry people. They are nothing but bad news. I noticed it about Senanu and I warned my assistant about it. No matter how much I love my assistant, she needs a little discipline”

“A lesson in honesty and a lesson in you don’t make sacrifices for a man. That is stupid. That will teach the people who are standing in queue to take advantage of me to find their ways back home.”

“I am tired of my talent and resources being taken advantage of by greedy people who are hungry for fame and wealth. This will serve as an example to others. I do not hold any grudge against my assistant because she was deceived by someone she thought was in love with her and also she was stupid”

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  1. I so agree with this lady that it seems like every actor/actress want to become a Producer/Director and yet cast themselves in their movie…many times they don't do well…nothing's wrong with testing the waters but for the right reasons, however somethings are better left up to the Pros…As for her money being stolen if it can be done to her then just imagine what is happening to people like us out here…I so sorry that the person she trusted the most with her most personal things such as her finance did not have enough character to say NO…This is truly a serious issue…

    • Max I loved the part where she said that because someone has money does that mean that it is yours to spend? I see too many people with that mentality and I find it greedy and lazy.

      • Nolly you are right there are many people out there who feel that others with money owe then something…I feel that when a person makes it big in a community and has had the support of others I believe that giving back is appropriate….however though others may feel that she owes then it is not their money to take and spend as they see fit…both her assistant and this actor should be sent to jail for their actions…but in some way they are jailed because they marked people,everyone is now aware of who they are so and having to hang you head in shame or always wondering if the eyes that are watching you do they know what you did is enough shame that put them in a mental jail

        • Yes I agree Max. Giving back to your community is not the same and wrecklessly spending on someone who is not in dire need. People like Senanu are just greedy opportunists and there is a lot of them around.

          I somehow doubt any of them will go to jail because Leila will not want Delali locked up and Senanu wasn't the one who directly stole the money. Nevertheless this whole thing is a good lesson for them both.

  2. nwanyiOwerri says:

    This story is better than all the last 100 nollywood or ghollywood movies I have watched. This producer lady better jump on it and turn tragedy to triumph. I hope she is using her laptop to hammer out a script based on this debacle and not just venting on facebook. By the way who would she cast for Senanu's role? Interesting question….

  3. The same leila that had problem with genny cos she rejected her money and the movie. Nw she has probs with fame hungry pple. Really? Sry o.

  4. Betty Boop says:

    I feel bad for Leila, but this is pure foolishness!!

    #1 – If she did not want to be famous, she could have become one of those reclusive and eccentric directors who direct great movies and do a lot of behind-the scenes work, but don't go to premieres and alla that – they're a dime a dozen. if you want your work to be admired and your self kept out, you could do it. it's been done several times over.

    Secondly – Senanu is a horrible person for doing what he did, but then the girl Delali, is also FOOLISH AS HELL!! What is with the "I don't blame her crap?" –

    Please let the girl take responsibility: do we all not know that embezzling is wrong? Did she not know that before she got with this boy? Abegi!!! In fact, i think in a court of law, she would be the primary accused adn he would be the accomplice – abi she stole the money….

    I am going to stop here: Leila won't kill me with annoyance!

    • I don't think Leila can be blamed. I don't think she is particularly famous but obviously in Ghana she is soemwhat of a name. I didn't even know what the woman looked like til I googled her. the thing with leeches is that they think you have something and they will find a way to try and suck dry whatever it is that you do have.

      I didnt sense from what she wrote that she was trying to keep herself hidden, why would you think that?

      Delali is a prize fool. You didn't lie, especially as she has been around these actors and actresses you would think she wouldnt be star struck like that, that she would know that they have faults like any other human beings. And what would make a young chick feel like she has to PAY for a man no matter hwo fine he is? wouldn't she think it strange that she have to be supporting a so called celebrity???

      • Betty Boop says:

        I get you Nolly, and I understand Leila too. Hell, I would be just as pissed in her situation, but her whole bit about fame… I was like, hat the heck?! that and the bit about going back to yankee.

  5. Betty Boop says:

    And #3:

    Leila is right o chastise Africans for our foolish and annoying ways.

    But NO ONE OWES HER ANYTHING! She is NOT the only one producing great Ghanaian and Nigerian movies. She is NOT the only one who works hard (many people in the movie industry are great at what they do, and they haven't stepped outside of the continent)….

    if she wants to go back and make US movies : She should GO!!! Haba!! yes it is tedious and annoying to work here, more so than the US, but no one ever said it was peaches… she can go!

    • Thanks…it was like you took the words out of my mouth…whatever behavior she's seeing in "Africans" is not a new thing so she should deal with it. And the fame saga you forgot to add she can start wearing masks…if Lagbaja could do it then she's very welcome!!

    • I understand that she is fed up. This event sounds like a culmination of things and she spoke on it. I don't blame her.

      • Betty Boop says:

        @Spree – you are totally right, you made me laugh, lol @ Lagbaja

        @ Nolly: and to each her own. Ghana is frustrating. sometimes you do everything right and evil people like Senanu and fools like Delali will mess things up.

        but to act as if (and this is just how her words sounded to me) you are the ONLY frustrated one, the ONLY good movie-maker in Ghana is a no-no. There are hella great movie-makers – and i am not referring to the two-by-four ones we have parading around – in Gh today. The ones who gave us Baby Thief, Who Killed Nancy, The Six Lovers of Melody, Jennifer, The Noise of Silence, love brewed in the african pot, road to kukurantumi…. all the movies we grew up watching and the few ones in recent years. They do better work than she does, which is not to say Leila doesn't do great work and doesn't deseerve acknowledgement.

        when you sound as if you are the only person who does movies of any quality to be reckoned with, you come off as pompous. again – if Leila Djansi were to leave and go back to producing/directing/writing US movies, whatever – grat movies won't stop being made in Ghana. Just like if i were to die today, as astonishing as it may seem, the sun would still rise and people would still go about their business 🙂

        PS: Nolly do you know the English name of this secretary? Is it Joy?

  6. why would her PA be a journalist who writes in her favor always? her PAs English name is Nora. She is on facebook. I think you should read her note again. she says the film industry comes with fame whether you like it or not so all should be patient. she also is speaking from a place of fraustration. being someone who knows her quite well, I can tell you she sometimes hires people to log into her facebook and even yahoo to avoid all the multitude of people who want to become actors or want her to produce one script or the other.

    if there are better filmmakers out there, why are they not chasing them and chasing her? i can tell you leila is the friendliest filmmaker in Ghana. Shirley will snub you one time. My guys who are journalists were shocked at her demeanor when they went to the press screening. She was opposite what they had heard about her.

    a great number of these people jxt want to use her skill and talent and she is sometimes too nice to judge people properly. Akofa comes to mind. once you make her laugh, you and her are cool which I think is childish on her part.

    give her a break. she was robbed. she is allowed to vent.

    and that bit about Genny from one poster. give it a rest. they had working difficulties because each was trying to play power. those two women are similar in nature. both proud and wish not to be intimidated. genny never said she did not want money. she did.

    • Betty Boop says:

      Joy –

      sorry, I was wondering where you were. I just put it up there to annoy you a bit. You are never far from Leila and all the accompanying drama, you know.

      But all jokes aside, of course I know you have too much sense to ever do something as stupid as that, and you love Leila too much.

      I am sorry. it was in bad taste.

    • Betty Boop says:

      PS: I agree with you – I hear things about Shirley and other people that i don't about Leila, and i understand Leila is angry and hurt – I just thought the tone of the message in the ending parts is unnecessary and doesn't paint her in the best light.

    • Betty Boop says:

      another thing: "she is too nice to judge people properly?" the heck? i feel like more than other people, she is in a field where you have to be able to assess that people you work with – so its sth she needs to learn.

      #2 – I think Leila is great on her own. There is no need to put down other people (whether or not they deserve it) to make that point.

  7. right on that. am never far. I sweep the net constantly to make sure she has the right things said at the right time. She did something for me that not many people will do and she has my support come rain or thunder.

  8. Welcome to the world of showbiz where dogs eat dogs!

  9. Iwonder y people choose de internet as a means of hypein themselves nd discrediting others.whtever transpired btw leila nd her p.a nd her cast,why bring it out here on de internet 4 de world to read?who is a perfect person?if ur employees messup is it proper to run to de press if ur not lookin 4 cheap publicity @ other peeps detriment?they re other ways of publicising ur movie than using other people as an alibi.dis same leila was ran to de media to run down sm nollywood actresses all in de name of being a producer.I ve never seen ur work yet now I knw ur name cos of all de unpleasnt stories u write on de internet.no hard feelings jus sayin dat sm people can read thru de line.fine an honest way of gettin famous nd a clean way of promotin ur work nd stop tallin tales about wht happens in ur closet .

  10. It’s all good for us dat we can come out and speak our minds. I have been with Leila for sometime now and I can tell you honestly she really loves wat she does. If she has written anything dat sound unfair or fair, it’s because she loves maintaining the level of her achievement. She has been through a lot in life. It would’nt be fair if we as consumers of movies sit back and condem our stars. For me, she is a star, my mentor. She has really proven herself worthy of an african child. Her stories are well rehearsed, picture quality-perfect, sound-very impressive. All these, she does so you and I can enjoy quality movies not noisy and discordinated motions. Please be grateful. It’s not been easy for her. I appreciate your space and support. Peace.

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