Lonely In Paradise

Lonely In Paradise

African Nigerian Movie Review
Lonely in Paradise – 2010
Story, Screenplay – Chinomso Ogbuka
Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Chinomso Ogbuka

Tonto Dikeh – Rebecca
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Victor
Chigozie Okolie -Samuel
Yul Edochie – John
Tchidi Chikere – Alfred
Chinomso Ogbuka – Rose
Fati Zana- Lady B
Ifeanyi Okuhalite – Briggs
Micheal Ogbuka – timothy
Mike Joseph – Paul
Chioma Okeke – Mary
Jenifer Macauley – Grace
David Aginwa – Security
Orji Gospel – Security


Nollywoodforever.com Rating – 50%

When Rebecca played by Tonto Dikeh is widowed by the death of her husband’s David, his family (especially his daughter rose) blame her for his death to the point that she is taken to court for his death. On the last day of her trial a medical doctor steps in to give evidence to say that on the night her husband died she was in the care of his hospital. This is a blatant lie, she was not at his hospital on the night of ther husband’s death, he in fact found out about the case on the news and decided to come to her rescue producing false documents to prove her innocence. The question is why would he do that?

Can you imagine that Rose brought victor to come and deal with the person that she believes killed her father and the guy turns up to Rebecca’s house the next day trying to chat her up! He dey craze? Can you imagine the woman’s husband has just died and you are a stranger turning up to a recently widowed woman’s house begging to be “friends” na wa ooo! Wow even more funny is that the lawyer who Rebecca calls to come and get rid of the stranger beats the stranger then comes in the house to confess love too! These men have no shame ooo!

Story, Script and Dialogue
Found the script a bit iffy. The dialogue did not seem natural and it was a bit to easy the way Rebecca just agreed to the date with Victor despite appearing to be a complete nutcase and then the lawyer for 5 years all of a sudden badgering her like he is not on her payroll and can’t get sacked. Even though Victor is being paid it is clear he isn’t working according to the plan or why else wouldn’t he tell his girlfriend Rose that he had a lunch date with Rebecca?

I loved the scene where the lawyer Samuel sets up Victor into confessing that he is just after Rebecca for her money. That was a nice one. For a hot minute I thought the lawyer was a snake and really taking victor up on his offer, but then oh another twist again. In fact the twists were way too many. It kind of got too much.

See some examples of the clichéd wack azz script:

Rebecca to Alfred:

“I’m daddy’s little girl which has some brains op my skoll”

Alfred to Rebecca:

“You just won the battle but you haven’t won the war. I will be back”

I am so glad that Tchidi Chikere didn’t write this mess. I was seriously concerned for a hot minute. I had just assumed that he was responsible for the script because he normally does write the movies that he directs, but this screenplay was just blah. I was thinking that Tchidi is really slipping but luckily it isn’t him so there isn’t a state of emergency yet.

Rebecca tells Samuel,

“Is that why I keep hearing the words I love you jumping out of your mouth?”

I can’t even believe it when Samuel went through all of that palaver trying to convince Rebecca he loved her and building evidence against Victor, all for money. What am I saying? Actually yes I can believe it.

Rebecca comes across like a big fool. Two people have already come to take advantage of her money she then starts talking about how she is going to give Johns business proposal a try. Is this woman a fool? Whether he means well or not she needs to be way more cautious.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
I found the whole thing where John and Rebecca go to try and buy the company from Alfred that isn’t for sale totally nonsensical. John is the one that suggests it to Rebecca but why? Why not buy something that is already for sale. And then on Rebecca’s part the woman who did not even want to touch her husband money is suddenly going to any and every length to buy a company from a man that does not even want to sell. As far as I am concerned that is arrant nonsense as far as I am concerned.

I would recommend the movie on a day like the one when I watched it cold, windy, rainy and you know that you are not going to do anything else but watch back to back Nollywood. By the time Alfred decided that he had fallen for Rebecca I was fed up with the movie. Throughout the movie it was just the same thing over and over and it got repetitive and boring. What was it that was making them all go nuts for Rebecca at first glance. I didn’t get it myself. The characters needed to be better developed. The movie got a little long winded but ended reasonably well. The sound was poor slightly echoey throughout. The execution was also poor. Given the storyline and twists involved it could have been a lot better.

NB: 3 other movies Chinomso has been credited as Chinonso. I guess now she is the producer she is allowed the priviledge of her name being right in the credits.

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  1. KeepitReal says:

    Please please please Why was Tchidi talking like he was drunk in this movie???? In my book this is his worst perfomance so far.lolllllll

    My dear Tonto needs to take an acting class or two cause she is really starting to pluck my nerves.

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