Loosing You

Loosing You

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Loosing You
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Van Vicker – Ernest
Tonto Dikeh – Theresa
Juliet Ibrahim – Rose
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Mark
Prince Eke – Justus
Jnr Pope Odonwodo – Martin
Linda Kurt – Augusta
Kpobo Ekwaraye – Katie

Themes Explored
Sickle Cell in African Love
Love in Africa
Hypocrisy in African Society

My Rating – 72%

Ernest and Theresa are madly in love, engaged and about to be married. During their engagement they find out that they both possess the AS genotype which means that if they have children there is the chance that they could be a sickler. They are told in no uncertain terms by Ernest’s father that they must stop seeing each other as the health of their future children is of greater importance than the love that they share.

If you were madly in love and about to get married would you give up your love because your kids MIGHT have sickle cell? That is unimaginable to me, but obviously these things do happen. Theresa and Ernest are treated as if they are murderers by their friends and family. The empathy is totally lacking as if it were solely a business arrangement they had been planning and not a couple in love planning a life long union.

After they are spoken to by Ernest’s father Theresa flees the house and they agree to separate. Both parties take it badly, turning to booze in a bid to numb the pain of the break-up. We see them both on separate occasions chatting up the opposite sex while drunk, the heartbreak so abundantly clear.


Before the movie even starts we have Tchidi showcasing his music…What can I say? Movies is his thing (except actually starring in them) and he should stick to that as he does it well. As for the music… it was pretty bad but I guess it was catchy because as I type this I can remember the melody and some of the lyrics. Although that is probably because he also had his music as the ring tone for one of the characters in the movie, and as the backing tracks throughout.

In one of the songs he was wailing “hoooold meeeeeeeeee..” This was accompanied by one long ass scene between Ernest and Theresa crying, wailing and holding onto each other because they just found out they were both AS and couldn’t be together. They are both crying buckets of tears and in the beginning it is touching, but then it goes on and on and on. In fact it was a whole four long minutes of “hoooold meeeeeeeeee.” and wailing… Wow excruciating. Every time the camera shot would change I would prepare myself for the next scene but then it would be “ hoooold meeeeeeeeeeee!” Looking back its kinda funny but at the time it so was not.

Enough of Tchidi’s music. The story was kind of slow in the first half of part one but then started to pick up in the latter part and then again in part two the pace really quickened and it became more interesting with the introduction of Juliet and Justus. The picture and sound were fine and most of the cast gave good solid performances.

One scene that I just have to comment on is when Justus wants to surprise Theresa with some new things. He arranges for some thugs to accost her in front of her workplace and strip her of her bag, shoes and accessories… I mean what kind of surprise is this? I wouldn’t find it funny at all. The thugs then present her with a bag with new things in it, but they walk away taking her old things, including her phone with the sim card. What kind of nonsense is that really? Would she not want her old bag and shoes and phone? Then to top it off the plastic bag they present to her with the new things in is one manhandled, wrinkled old looking bag. As soon as she saw the new things Theresa was jumping for joy. She even went as far as to say,

“That is the craziest, most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.”

Wow it didn’t look romantic to me at all… Who even thought of that crap? Oh yeah Tchidi probably… Oh and let me mention this again… WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PINK DOT? YES it was there again! How many times will I have to say it? And yet again the common factor is Tchidi Chikere, so until advised otherwise I am blaming him.

Hypocrisy is one of the themes in this movie. Ernest is the hypocritical one. He knows that she is distraught about the break up yet he rings her to flaunt his new flame. I thought that that was very insensitive, and the nerve for him to expect her to be happy about it. Why would she be when she is hurting? Theresa on the other hand doesn’t go out of her way to tell Ernest anything about her new man yet when he sees them together in the car park of a restaurant he totally flips out and calls her to chastise her for going with him to the restaurant that they used to go to as a couple. He even turns up at her work place and tries to prevent her from going to lunch with Justus when he was the one to move on first. He later even has the nerve to turn up at her house and complain that he complained to rose and she refused, and expect her to comfort him. Ernest was entirely too much!

Overall the film was solidly good. After you got past the first half of part one it became more enjoyable, The standout performance was Tonto Dikeh (have I said that one before?) I am beginning to feel like a parrot but this girl really knows how to emote and you could see how the crying scenes really drained her. She really gave her all. She had chemistry with Van but I feel it was more on her side than his. His performance was slightly flat. Juliet Ibrahim was consistently ok but then lost it at the part where her character and Justus catch their prospective partners together. I don’t know what emotion she was trying to show but it just looked like she was practising emotions. It was a mess. More practise methinks. Tonto’s hair looked fab … in fact I thought it was real until she placed her palm at the top of her head to brush it. Nollywood really has come a long way from the SOCIETY LADY days where the women wore big blond wigs with the black naps showing underneath. This is progress ooo! I would recommend the film. Go and get it, unless you are fed up of the pink dot. If you can no longer take the pink dot then leave this one alone. LOL

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  1. Everything u say you take it right out of my mouth, but am just too lazy to update my blog.

    Tchidi had me in tears rolling hearing him singing that background song.

    I guess this is what we have to endure from henceforth and on top of that a red dot.

    By the way i spoke to him, he upgraded his equipment and the pink dot will sieze with his future movies

    But your review had me rolling. You said it exactly how i would have said it if not better.

    I will update my blog soon, am simply waitin for my 3-4 movies starring Genny, Magid, Nse.

    This summer will bring a lot of better releases with REAL actors.

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    I was wondering what happened to you… You just dissappeared and the haters were accusing me of being you (I know funny right?) on the MY LAST WEDDING POST.

    chidi had me in stiches tooo… Can I say HOOOOOOOOLD MEEEEEEEE! LOL

    I am so happy that there will be no more pink dot but I will not rejoice til I see it first hand!

  3. hahaha…another nice 1…cn it too…Tonto's crying got me crying myself…but that other lady…d 1 Van started seeing after Tonto; she was sooo wooden…aaarggghhh!

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    Yeah Juliet Ibrahim didn't do too well in this one! Tonto dey try o…

  5. u nigerians, u'll never appreciate Van cos he's taken the world. For Tonto to come out good, Van had to be good. Van has put Tonto on her Map so recognise it. He's the most romantic AFRICAN ACTOR out there right now an ur jealous.

  6. Chinyere says:

    I tried watching the film but I think Van put me off. I'm not really a fan of his acting any more plus I don't think Juliet can act well. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love your blogs and I think you are very funny.

  7. Chinyere says:

    Also, there's no ground for Betty's comment. I loved Van Vicker when I first saw him in films but I think I was taken in by his looks. He's a good actor but he's not so great.

    I'm still wondering how Van Vicker put Tonto on the map and I'm sure he would never even say that. She worked hard on her own. She doesn't need him.

  8. i think they all did well in the movie cos i never knew africans could act.

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    Hmmm you never knew Africans could act… very strange statement to make!

  10. This is amazingggg lolllllll i actually thought it was just me who cudn't stand tchidi's singimggggggggg plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i love everything else about tchidi but oooooo plssssssssssssssssss not the singing i almost didn't watch the movie because of it. Tonto and van vicker. hmmmmmmm i've seen abt 4 movies where they play lovers nd they really know how to make u feel there chemistry u almost wish they were a couple in reall life they almost remind me of sharukhan nd kajol devgan( sorry bollywood actors they have amazing acting chemistry together) they should have won best on screen couple or something i read somewhere about tonto taking off more and more of her clothes and playing sexual roles basically criticizing her and i beg to differ i think she has basically shown her versatility as an actress and her commitment to playing a role as best as she can her commitment would send very quickly to hollywood as an A lister if she is given the opportunity. The pink dot really needs to go my friends wouldn't let me concentrate they kept laughing at the pink dot coupled with tchidi's singing i couldn't stop laughing. Neways the movie was good it showcased some the challenges our generation has to face when it comes to settling down nd van vickers girlfriend in the movie oooo realllllllly are you kidding girl needs to get her self into english and phonetics classes as soon as possible her english is absolutely horrifyingggggg and she is so preetty i couldn't concentrate on her acting. neways i give the movie 8/10 really its the pink dot van vickers girlfriend nd tchidi's singing lol

  11. nollywoodforever says:

    Bibi I am actually scared because Tchidi has force fed me his music, and drummed it into my brain. He has one song that he sings to at the beginning of every movie and it is also the ring tone for any phone that rings in his movies… I actually found myself humming the tune recently… I am very worried!

  12. u niajas' u can't stand that Van isthe talk at the moment. Accept it or not he put Tonto on the Map. Before she started acting eith Van, she had appeared in films that people didn't even recognise her. Only after acting with Van that they took notice of her. Soooooo, get off ur jealous path and recognise this guy. In the states and carribean people can't get enough of Van and african movies. Recognis his POWER and stop being jealous. His cute, the most romantic african actor and a dedicated family man.

  13. nollywoodforever says:

    Jane you sound like you are really not well… Who is jealous of Van and for what? The guy is hot stuff… just the acting is not as good as he looks… and why do you say "you naijas" like everyone that comes to this blog is Nigerian…

  14. VAN VICKER just cannot ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Good points of this movie for me:

    1. The storyline was actually very interesting.

    2. Van Vicker's voice (The acting? Not so much)

    3. Funny scene when a drunken and heartbroken Theresa goes home with a fool she picks up at a bar.

    Bad points:

    1. Tchidi’s singing: totally hilarious. (I can't afford to think back about it in a public place, when wearing eye makeup etc…) In fact I'm not sure if this point belongs here. You could watch this movie for its comedic value alone.

    2. The overlong crying scenes. Nollywood audiences are sophisticated enough to understand more subtle (and realistic) ways to convey the emotions the characters are experiencing (see Silent Scandals!).

    4. The cop-out ending. I would have preferred to see how the two interconnected love triangles would have been resolved and the impact that would have had on each person in them. Would Ernest and Theresa actually get around to choosing each other? Or would one have bottled it and stuck with their "safe" option? Otherwise, I would have liked to see how they would have handled their predicament. I know a couple in exactly this situation and they found their own way to deal with it.

    • You make some very valid points. You know whats funny f Tchidi suddenly stopped showcaseing his music in his movies we would probably start missing it subconciously.

  16. ohHHHH Noooo why Vanvicker in dis movie, i hope he doesnt spoil it wit hez stiff acting.

  17. Marcy Townsend says:

    It would be remiss not to point out that there seems to be a huge blood clot in the heads of a lot of these movie watchers. Think it can be attributed to some kind of 'tribal feud. Whether it's subconscious or primarily conscious; who knows. I conclude the latter. My point: Are they against Van Vicker because he's from Ghana and not Nigeria? Conlusion. More than likely.Well, lets go back to watching movies, enjoying; if one wants to. However, lets not bring prejudices into the judging of one's character. Not only is it unfair to the actors. But, a more grave injustice is at hand. Kindly believe that the world is watching.

    • You are absolutely barmy if you think that people do not like Van Vicker because he is Ghanaian. People are dying to love Van because he looks so damn good but his acting is a bit off, he just isn't excelling in that area as he should by now.

      If you haven't noticed I will tell you – the Ghanaian movies are the most popular round here. Just take a look at the 5 most commented movie reviews and that much is obvious.

    • Marcy, just like you, there are others on here who are not Nigerian (or Ghanaian), who don't rate Van Vickers acting skills, e.g like me. Whenever you decide what is going on in the minds of other people and what their motives are, particularly those you don't know, you are on shakey ground. You may find yourself waaaaaaay off the mark and possibly, end up achieving nothing more than causing offence.

  18. Marcy Townsend says:

    Have seen the movie "Loosing You". Thought it was a great movie. Watched it a few times. Brilliant story, screenplay and directing by Tchidi Chikere. Lets give this guy credit. He's freaking awesome. The dot, laughable. NO biggie. The music, debatable: maybe put in at the right time. Lets hope it is not removed completely.

    Tonto and Van completely nailed it in this movie,'NO PUN Intended'. They are two very good actors showing improvement with time and experience. All the characters did well, including Juliet Ibrahim. If I were to grade this movie, I'd give it an all around solid "B".

  19. Marcy Townsend says:

    Please, NOLLy, if I may call you that. Please do not misunderstand me. What I said was that the judging of Van Vicker, I THINK, may be attributed to the fact that he is not Nigerian. And, may I add that it is not just based on this one actor… I beg to differ. This is based on the many negative commentaries that I have read where Ghanian actors are primarily being bashed. Well, let me note that I am neither from Ghana/Nigeria. I am actually from the Caribbean. Whether you have noticed it or not, the truth is quite glaring. Now, mind you..I'm not claiming to be right. It's just my honest opinion based on observation. And, see, we all have to respect each others opinions, don't we? As we are all entitled to them. Don't think I'm barmy at all. What do you think?(smile).

    • Hi Marcy! Yes you may call me Nolly.

      I completey understand what you are saying but I just do not agree with you. I do not believe that people judge as you put it Van vicker because he is Ghanaian.

  20. Marcy Townsend says:

    Fair enough. Yes, the Ghanian movies have great reviews. However, the why's or maybe's… I'll not go into right now. Anyway,I truly respect your opinion. God bless. later, my dear.

    • Hello again. What I was saying is that the Ghanian movies are the most commented on and therefore seem to be the ones that people are MOST interested in. Even on my Flickr account the most highly clicked upon movies are Ghanian ones and the top 20 bar 2/3 all include Ghanain actors and actresses.

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