Lord Of Marriage

lord of marriage

African – Nigerian Movie Review

Lord of Marriage ~ 2007
Story – Iyke Odife
Screenplay – Sunday Ozondu
Director – Iyke Odife
Producer – Sunday Ozondu
Sunec Productions

Actors Actresses Starring:
Nuella Njubigbo – Nneomma Nigerian Actress
Nonso Diobi – Izu Nigerian Actor
Ebube Nwagbo – Clara
Ikem Chude – Nnamdi
Udolisa Uzoma – Frank
Joe Ekenwe – Uwakwe
Uche Ebere – Sarah
Chinelo Oloh – Nneomma (??? Nuella not credited)
Victor Arinze – Izu Dad
Chidi Chijioke – Obinna
Ilochi Olisaemeka – Emma

Nollywood Themes:
Rape in Africa
Marriage in Africa
Forgiveness in African Society
Patience in Nollywood

My Rating – 65%

Nneomma was raped as a child and the effects extend into her present day life, She is visited by many suitors seeking her hand in marriage but she refuses them all, scared to enter into any relationship with a man. Her family are at odds with what to do with her. They do not understand why she still behaves the way that she does seeing the rape as something she should have got over. Will she ever be able to have a normal healthy romantic relationship with a man?


At the beginning of the movie we see Neomma’s parents fighting with a man and screaming. I was wondering. Is he the rapist? If so why would they just let him go like that without either inflicting some serious damage on him or call the police? Or was it the case that they didn’t know that she had actually been raped?

Clara is going on and on about Nneomma’s dressing and how it is not befitting for a girl from a Christian background to dress skimpily like she does. I was shaking my head at this because Clara is dressed almost identically to Nneomma. The only difference is that her skirt is slightly longer and the straps on her vest slightly wider. If I were Nneomma I would have told Clara to go and take a good look in the mirror.

Although Neomma overreacted by slapping Izu when he touched her leg in the car, he did not have a right to randomly touch her thigh, so I felt that she was right to pull him up about it. If she had said nothing that would be how he now starts letting his hands wonder and then saying that she wanted it. He tried to say it was accidentally. Hmm… whatever. That’s how people accidentally get raped. Rubbish.

It was infuriating me how her family kept on telling her that he was a “responsible guy.” Because of his family background and little they know of him they conclude that he is responsible, but the fact is that many guys that are seen to be “responsible” are also rapists, scammers, murders etc. He DID put his hand on her thigh without permission, so he committed the action she accused him of, be him a so called “responsible guy” or not.

Izu ends up jilting Clara on her wedding day after she slaps him when he tries to kiss her the night before the wedding. She does this because as he goes to kiss her she has a flashback of the rape situation. The problem is that she never dealt with the rape so as to get it out of her system. We never see her discuss it with any of her family or her fiancé. Perhaps if she had let Izu know about her past he would have been more patient with her and things may have turned out differently.

I would recommend this movie. It was a good watch. The cast did a good job and we learned something about understanding, and finding out why a person behaves the way that they do before jumping to judgements wrongly. People thought that Nneomma was behaving awkwardly just out of hardheadedness, not trying to understand how such a traumatic event in her past affected her present. We can also begin to understand how the past does affect the present for everyone.

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