Lost Desire

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Lost Desire
Story – Stephen Onuoha
Screenplay – Adanne Onuoha Dede/ Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Asare Bediako 

Kanayo O Kanayo – Nana Sarpong
Ecow Smith Asante – Kelly
Samuel Ruffy Quansah – Maxwell
Kalsum Sinare – Mary
Jackie Appiah – Chantel
Naana Hayford Domfeh – Agnes
Rama Brew – Madam Serwa
Evelyn Adobea Addo – Little Chantel
Mark Kofie – Agnes Driver
Afriyie Forso – Maama
Tiwaa Twumasi – Cassandra (little Chantel friend)
Juliet Ibrahim – Suzzy
Kwane Kari Kari – Musa
Alexandra Ukana – Monica
Kwame Agyetia – James (Bailiff)

Themes Explored:

My Rating 80%

Chief Sarpong is married with two sons and a daughter. At the very beginning we see him getting caught cheating with his secretary by his wife. The opening scene is dramatic and grabs your attentions. The credits are boldly interspersed while the Chiefs wife confronts him over his affair. This alongside the music used serves to build up tension and suspense.

We find out that not long after Chief is caught having the affair his wife dies. He then remarries only two months later. The rest of the film takes place 15 years after the opening scene. At this time he is living happily with his former secretary and has a young daughter with her. When his sons return home from abroad (From where I don’t know as one has a British accent and one American!) all hell breaks loose as they take out their anger on their stepmother and sister.

It is apparent that they are still resentful towards their father cheating on their mother and then disrespecting her by marrying so soon after her death. They go on a mission to drive their stepmother out of the house.


We see the chief with his new wife and daughter and his sons from his previous marriage but his daughter from his previous marriage is nowhere to be seen. This is because when she found her mother dead she ran away to another city and happened to be taken in by a woman who raised her as her own. As we watch the film the full story begins to unfold. I’d like to see exactly what happened with that because it did not really make sense to me. Why did her neither her father nor her brothers ever bring her name up? Why didn’t her brother think about his sister when he meets a girl called Chantel, especially since they weren’t that young when she ran away? Unfortunately I only watched part 1 and 2 and it didn’t finish there so I’ll be on the lookout for part 3.

I would definitely recommend this movie. It flowed well and was funny in many parts. It was enjoyable to watch. The most comic moments are those when there is war within the family. At one point the step mum calls Maxwell a “baby elephant” Samuel Ruffy Quansah in particular was the funny guy in the movie. Just watching him washing the car getting crunk to Lil John “Snap Yo Fingas” was hilarious. There was another bit where he sees his half sister for the first time and turns to his equally dark skinned brother and exclaims “That’s not our sister… We black!”

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  1. This movie really earned the 80% u gave it .

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Did u watch the Part 3? Or are u doing it DVD style like Hana?

  3. Chinyere says:

    Chantel wasn't his sister. It comes out in part three I think. I watched it today on youtube. She used to live with her Grandmother.

  4. Chinyere says:

    I think she was brought into the home as a house help by the stepmother.

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    Thanks Chinyere I will check the rest out. In part one… she was referred to as the daughter to the father.

  6. I agree 80%. Rama Brew nailed her character in this movie, I love her. There was a scene in part 3 where Chantel was about to run away, and there she was asking the appropriate questions. I nominated her for best supporting actress.

  7. OMG……………Jackie Appiah's outfit……..outragous!!!!OMG!!! What did we do wrong? Why let her come on tv looking like a clown???????? Too many colours……..yellow pants, shoes, blazer, pick top, bag…….what's up that????
    BTW: Ekow Smith and Jackie falls in love.
    Chantel wasn't the sister, she was the little girl who lived with their mother. She's the one Kalson Sinare fooled and gave poison to Kanayo's wife (Naana Hayford)
    She later confesses and everyone finds out the TRUTH!
    Ruffy Quansah made it fun for me!!!
    I was really impressed with Kanayo O Kanayo speaking my dialect………TWI…..very impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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