Love My Way

Love My Way

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Nigerian Movie Review

Love My Way ~ 2008
Story – Anthony Nwatu
Screenplay – Kehinde Olurunyomi
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Genevieve Nnaji – Kayla
Jim Iyke – Tekena
Tonto Dikeh – Oge
Kalu Ikeagwu – Richard
Nneka Atako – Kemi
Jessy Sahaaf – Florence
Temple Ugo Ikeji – Chiejina
Nwosu Richard – Donye
Malachy Hart – Oly Man

Themes Explored:
Unrequited Love
Family Secrets

My Rating – 77%


Tekena played by Jim Iyke wants to marry Kayla, played by Genevieve Nnaji, but finds it hard to come to terms with her incessant drinking and smoking. He does not feel that she is domesticated enough for him, but is madly in love with her nevertheless. On one occasion she answers his request to come home to a clean house with,

“I’ll get someone to do it.”

Oge (Tonto Dikeh) is Tekena’s work colleague as well as one of his best friends. Oge, Tekena and Richard meet up regularly and confide in each other about everything, well almost everything. Oge has in fact being hiding a secret from Tekena. The secret is that she is in love with him

Kayla is being nagged by Tekena until she reaches breaking point. She leaves him for a little “space” not informing anyone as to her whereabouts. She is also refusing to answer calls.

While Kayla is missing, Oge takes the opportunity to reveal her feelings to Tekena. Tekena is vulnerable and is drawn into a moment with Oge. They kiss and as they are about to get intimate when his phone rings. It is his best friend Richard who tells him that Kayla is in the hospital disorientated and suffering form amnesia. It is as though Oge does not exist and he leaps up to rush to the hospital to be with Kayla.

The question is who will win his love in the end? Will it be Kayla or will it be Oge? Or perhaps none of them will?


Kayla comes around from the coma a completely different person. Not only does she now cook but she is horrified when Tekena brings her alcohol and cigarettes in a bid to jog her memory on pre-accident life. With a raised eyebrow she disbelievingly questions Tekena, “I drink… I smoke?”

This is a twin movie and having just watched Caught in the Act/ Titanic Sister with Genevieve doing the good twin/ bad twin thing I was getting a serious case of déjà vu. However if I hadn’t of watched the movie Caught in the Act I would not feel that way. Genevieve Nnaji interpreted her role very well playing the coy inexperienced girl as well as she played the undomesticated, boozing bad girl.

I found the bit where Kayla came face to Face with her twin Kaylen very unrealistic. You see someone that is your MIRROR IMAGE and you are busy quarrelling with the boyfriend that you were trying to dump in the first place. Does that make sense? Would you not be focused on the person that is clearly your twin. You would want to know why you did not know about them and where they have been all these years. Instead you are cussing your boyfriend out over bringing another woman to his house. A woman that he clearly believed was YOU!

Then Kayla’s stupid azz friend suggests that perhaps Tekena has done “Cloning.” This was stupidity at its finest. Since when have we been cloning humans? The film was not a science fiction one and the friend was not supposed to be drunk or high on some drug when she said it so all I could say to that was NON-SENSE!

The other bit which made me say WTF was where Kayla/Kaylen is trying to process the shock of not being whom she has been told she is. She grabs her head. She is pushing her head in on both sides as if she is trying to squash it together and bust her skull, then she is complaining “My head… my head.” Why wouldn’t your head hurt with the way you are squeezing it? So after a few seconds of this she then faints and it is meant to be a serious scene but the whole thing is pure comedy.

Yes Tonto Dikeh does say “innit” a lot (a complaint I’ve heard many times) which can be quite annoying but it has to be given to her she really knows how to draw emotion from within and give her all to a character. When she is emoting you can really feel whatever it is that she is trying to put across to the viewer. It never comes across as lacking, fake, or over the top. She nails emotional scenes. She played the victim of unrequited love with so much conviction. It is heartfelt to watch. Her crying scene is subtle yet dramatic in its simplicity.

It was nice to see Jim Iyke shed that bad boy character that we know him so well for in this movie  It was refreshing and a bit of a surprise to not hear “Ni**a” and “Motherfuc*er being shouted every other second. Kalu Ikeagwu injected some humour into his scenes, he was charming and charismatic. I had no inkling that his character had a thing for Oge until close to the end.

The movie was a ended happily for all involved. I couldn’t help but feel like Oge got the short straw ending up with Richard though. Yes they tried to make it like she was happy, but essentially she didn’t get the man that SHE wanted, she just had to make do whoever wanted her which was a bit of a shame. I haven’t seen a movie where it is the man that has to be happy and make do. It is always the woman… Oh well I guess that is reflective of the African society that it is set in.


I would recommend this movie. It was enjoyable to watch. The cast was great and the storyline was gripping and somewhat unpredictable.

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  1. Sgorgeous says:

    NF- Thank you for updating…. I have seen this one. It was very good. I find Jim Iyke's role refreshing…and Tonto I thought did a superb performance. Like you I thought they could have made that scene more believable where she notices her twin.

    Ilike the ending with the ring scene as well…

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Jim does understated roles very well I dont know why they have to have him raping and swearing all the time!

    The ending was nice… Its not always realistic to have a happy ending but it sure does make you feel good!

  3. Am impressed with your analysis of the movie……'s descriptive and analytic without being altogether revealing…….it would make some1 like me who can't stand home vids give it a try, honestly though……the plot sounds like the long lost script of secret of the sands meets Samantha who………who comes up with these scripts anyway..anyway more power to them until i see some originality…….then it's

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    LOL Thank you…I can recommend some titles for you to try… I'm sure you would be a convert!

  5. N.F, kai!!! your reviews are always on point!!!!!!!!!! I've watched this movie and like you said, it was nice to see Jim iyke play a different role.
    The part of your review that got me though, was the scene where Kayla meets Kaylin for the first time.. I had the exact reaction.. She was like "how dare you!! i was gone for three weeks and you bring in another woman" wtf!!! i was so pissed at that scene..couldnt she see that it was her mirror image??? The movie had been going so well, then they had to mess it up in that scene..Typical!!!! lol

    Later Babes!!

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    She even said, "He brought in a girl that looks like me." ITS LIKE NO!!! He brought in a girl that looks EXACTLY the same as you… not just a bit. To me it would have been more realistic if she was more shocked and wanted to find otu more about her. Even if I saw a person that looked 70 percent like me I would be intruiged!!!

    Oh and she was going there to dump his azz anyway so she should have been grateful, instead she is making noise! LOL

  7. Kenneth Francis Bass says:


  8. nollywoodforever says:

    Dear Ken,

    Seek and ye shall find.

  9. pamelastitch says:

    watched this movie and loved it… 🙂

  10. nollywoodforever says:

    It was good apart from the stupidity I pointed out… LOL

  11. When i first seen that movie I feel in love with it. That movie was touching. To have a woman like that in your life that didn't love you but you put all your love in her.That would hurt any male or female.Jim Iyke is a VERY GREAT ACTOR! I would love to meet him! I would love to hear some of hs songs!

  12. JIM IYKE alllll the way!!!!!!!!!!!
    Genevieve Nnaji……….brilliant!!1


  13. Just watched this movie again this week.

    It made me love Genny more and more each day…….. The gal can do her thing man….. I love it when shes in love, she has this thing that she does with her eyes, so romantis………Eish….. Genny

  14. I love this movie so much. I watch it at least once a week. I fell in love with Jim Iyke after watching this movie…he was too cool. It was refreshing not to have nigga this mf that. And what can I say about my girl Gene…she's simply the best. Yeah the movie had its flaws but the acting was so above par I was able to turn a blind eye. Uber romantic & feel good movie.

  15. dis is my movie…i just can't get enuff of jim n genny…therz smthg abt jim wen he acts like a true romantic…u can't help but fall in love wit him…kalu n tonto (yes i said tonto even though she ain't my fav) also nailed d script…overall in d higher eighties i would say.

  16. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Finally watched this movie. I know late to the game. Because I read the reviews first I knew what was coming but I still enjoyed it. However, I must admit when he took Kaylin home after her accident, all I kept thinking was, wow she is walking around in someone else's underwear. Ewwwwwwwwww

  17. Nwanyi you shouldn't read the whole review beforehand. Only read up to the spoilers then you no get problem!

  18. I loved this refreshing, romantic movie. It was very enjoyable for big softies (like me!) Great storyline, well cast and very entertaining.

    I have to say I found the bedroom scene with Tek and the new "Kayla" a bit shocking. (I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it yet.) It had me wide-eyed and opened-mouthed. I felt the way they handled the after-effects was a bit irresponsible. So is this movie saying that if a man forces himself onto a reluctant (virginal) female she'll fall in love with him by the very next day?

    Shame about the very illegal chess moves, though. The actors look ridiculous here to anyone who has only the most rudimentary knowledge about the game. Why not either get them to do an activity they have some clue about, make a little effort to show them what to do properly or just show a bit less of the details of what they were doing? Sloppy work!

    We all know this but I'm going to say it anyway: Genevieve Nnaji is such a beautiful woman. Nice make-up for both the girls too.

    • Yes great point that you make. Very often in Nollywood women are shown enjoying rape or marrying their rapist or falling in love with a rapist. I dont imagine that this happens very often in real life and to me it trivialises a very important issue. Even in Men In Love they showed a man getting raped by a man and the next day he was in love Mscheewwww

  19. Finally a movie where Jim plays a human being not his usual animal roles he plays!!was getting sick of it and starting to believe he might actually be a baddy in real life!!

    well as for the headache scene that actually happens in real life when u get a really bad headache you squeeze your head so hard hopping to ease the sever pain.yeah the first meeting of the twins was not so real though,i would freak out at finding out about e replica of me!!

    the friend didnt say cloning,she only said if we were in the west or something i would think cloning,which is not the same as saying he cloned her.

    I thought Richard and Oge had chemistry though.

    • LOL And hes not doing his American thugdizzle LOL If you watch Cry Me River with Stella Damausus that was a very good look for him too

      I get migraines and I may hold my head but I surely don't squeeze it LOL

  20. jaunty says:

    this movie waz gud frm start to finish. Genny as always did well she kept wondarin all through the movie. The innocent twin and the bad twin. Kalu ikeagwu waz gud i love this dude. Tonto waz bad for me. She overacts and keep noddin her head in the movie.

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