Mad Sex

Mad Sex

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Nigerian Movie review
Mad Sex ~ 2010
Story – Nwawulu Arthur
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Nwawulu Arthur

Ini Edo – Amara
Uche Jombo – Nkem
John Paul Nwadike – Brother
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Gozie
Ruth Kadiri – Miriam
Eve Esin – Ifunaya
Amaechi Muonagor – Chief Eze
Augusta Isaac – Mrs Eze
Prince Nwafor – Barrister Mike
Chigozie Okolie – Pastor

Drug Abuse
Generational Curse

My Rating – 61%

Four siblings played by Ini Edo, Uche Jombo, John Paul Nwadike and Junior Pope Odonwodo are out of control, and show nothing but disrespect towards their parents. We see Amara come and meet a prospective suitor in front of her parents, drunk and making inappropriate gestures. Her sister Nkem returns from the United States hooked on cocaine and the two brothers behave like terrorists in the house, from selling their father’s car without his knowledge to raping the house help Ifunaya. Their parents have reached the end of their tether and vow that they will not accept the behaviour anymore, however it takes much more than that for change to happen.


The Cast

Eve Esin was brilliant as the deeply tortured house girl. Ini Edo playing the bad girl was on point, every time she would do her bad gyal dancing it would crack me up. Junior Pope too on point, John Paul Nwadike on point… Uche Jombo the cokehead, great job. I thought it was a good choice of cast as all four siblingss meshed well and had good chemistry. I loved the banter between them. The dialogue was rich. When I saw that Ruth Kadiri was responsible for the screenplay I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed on that end. THUMBS UP RUTH!

Ini Edo was the stand out performance for me. It probably helped that she had some of the killer lines. There is a scene where Chief Eze calls all his children miscreants in from of them. Amara retorts,

“Specify which of them is miscreants.” It is funny because she talks as if she does not fall under the umbrella that he labels “miscreant.”

In another the same scene Chief Eze calls the four children bastards, and again Amara pipes up addressing both her father and her sister Nkem who has just returned from the US,

“Tell us which one of them you picked outside… eh eh Americana your father just called you bastard.”


What I would really like to see in a Nollywood movie is a bad ass character that does not drink or smoke. Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes does not mean that one is capable of morally reprehensible acts as far as I am concerned and for every inherently bad person to be portrayed as a drinker or smoker or *gasp* both makes the characters cliché and one dimensional. We see the siblings all smoking like chimneys and we are automatically supposed to assume them bad or gangsta. Let’s switch it up pleasssse!

Jealousy in Nollywood

When Amara’s friend Miriam comes to stay we see jealousy bloom from Amara. She cannot stand that her brother likes her friend and that their relationship extends beyond the sexual, whereas her brother is always pestering her for quickies.

Rape in Nollywoood

The maid is raped on more than one occasion but then it is the time that she is gang raped that she decides enough is enough and packs her bags to leave only to be stopped in her tracks by Mrs Eze who begs her to stay. Rape is so seen as a trivial matter that despite Ifunaya going through such a traumatic experience and Mrs Eze supposedly deeply caring for the girl she does not throw the son out, chastise him, report it to the police or even assure Ifunaya’s safety. Instead the woman is wailing, “I’m scared for the future.” How selfish is that? The girl has just been gang raped and you are lamenting about your future. Nonsense.

The Title of The Movie

As I was watching I did not get what the title of the movie was about. I was beginning to think that it was on sensational title that had no bearing on the movie, and then came the incest scene with Ini Edo and Junior Pope. I wasn’t expecting that at all! That is when I got the meaning of the title, you can’t get madder sex than sex with your sister or brother, that indeed is mad.

The Believability Factor

It defied belief that all four children could come to have such blatant disregard and disrespect towards their parents. Even the hardest nuts behave differently in front of their parents. These children are the product of what appears to be two loving, kind and caring parents so how would they all behave in such a manner? One or two children maybe but all four no way! Then we see the nonchalant attitude towards their father’s death. You would have thought that that would have been the turning point to make the children realise the error of their ways particularly as he died of shock as a result of their behaviour. With this in mind there was no option but to make the children’s behaviour all as a result of a curse. When that part of the story was revealed everything made more sense.

The Dad dying of shock was just unbelievable to me. How many more dying of shock scenes am I going to be tortured with in this life? How many people do you know that died of shock? Saw something shocking and then just started clutching their chest and flat out dies? I am not buying it. It was so comical. Daddy walks in on his son and daughter all over each other on the sofa and then he screams “WHHHHHHHHY” with an outstretched hand which then moves to clutch his chest and then dies. Oh spare me!

When the Dad’s will is read 40% of the property was left to Ifunaya. How do you share 40% of a property unless you sell them all and split the money? Even if there are 10 properties and 4 make 40% how is it ascertained which four she would get to keep. When things like properties are left in wills aren’t specific sites awarded? Attention to detail is vital.

I would recommend the movie, it was definitely entertaining to watch despite the flaws I have highlighted and the cast did a brilliant job playing their characters. There wasn’t one person in the movie that made me shake my head in horror. It would have been better if there weren’t so many cliché things happen like the smoking and drinking to show badness and the dad dying of shock, nevertheless a good effort.

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  1. Why do I have to keep it clean? Leave it to you to pick up on the smoking and drinking….(cough, cough). i think the reason why Nollywood highlights those aspects it is because it is considered outside of the culture. I have not seen the movie yet , but based on your review I can't wait to see it!

  2. Hmmm this nonsense gal! LOL I don't actually smoke anymore, but I shole will shoot me some Patron! But isn't it so cliche? REAL PEOPLE don't work like that. One thing doesnt make a bad person. ONE shock does not kill someone… Its so one dimensional.

  3. Ralphina says:


    You've made same very good points. Although, I haven't seen this movie, I agree with your points about rape and cliche's. Rape is too often portrayed as something trivial in nollywood movies. Of course this kind of portrayal is not in every movie, but I see it often enough.

    Like you, I'm tired of the cliches. This issue is part of a larger problem I find in nollywood movies: one-dimensional characters. We need movies to reflect more complexity in human beings. I see cliches also in other ways. For example, it seems as if everyone who returns to Nigeria from the USA is on drugs, behaves rudely, or dresses in some kind of strange fashion.

    Anyway, thanks for the insight. We'll keep watching and continue looking for nollywood to grow in these areas.


    • OMG this coming back from the United States and acting like a tyrant just haaaaas to stop… It is just so ridiculous! Like any other country peopel in the US are individuals and a borad spectrum of people are its citizens!

  4. @ralphina, i agre wth u esp on d prt wre pple dt retrn frm d u.s r often portrayed as irresponsible! c'mon, gve us a brk!!

    @nolly, thnks fr d review. wil dfntly look fr ds one!


  6. Thanks for the review but I still have an issue with the title. From the review you gave it seems the subject matter of the movie was not the sex but entirely something else.

    I guess the title was just a tactic to attract people into buying the movie.

    Unless I'm missing something, I think thats a very weak title for a movie like this.

    • I see what you mean, but compared to how it started where there was no sex involved the title did not make ANY sense at all. You are right they did probably choose the title for sensationalising purposes and to create hype. I think that its ridiculous that it is the marketers get to choose the movie titles because their only interest is getting the movies off their hands and not customer satisfaction.

  7. The movie is out in the US and is titled Mad Family. Good movie so far. My first eyeroll was the selfish begging of the mother when Ifunanya decided she has had enough WTH was that. I hate how they rush love affairs in nolly films. Ok back to part 2

  8. OMG……………this movie is hillarious, lol. I think the mother was heartless when she only thought herself after Ifunaya tells her about her rape. What kind of a mother of four will say that………"what about me?" Are you serious? The poor girl has been brutally raped.

    I know this is fiction but how can four siblings be all out of control? So Ini Edo is sleeping with her own brother, that's sick. I love what you said about their father dieing…..that was tooo fake, how can one die like that?

    Most memorable scene………….after the lawyer read the will and said 40% goes to Ifunaya, how they all ganged up on the lawyer………that's was tooo funny. Ini Edo saids to Ifunaya……."40% that you don't know how they make um" LMAOF…….as if you know how your parents made um. Ohh John Paul, to think he will throw away the bottle after what his grandmother has said he puts it in his back pocket.

    Beautiful ending! I think they should've brought in their grandmother to celebrate the birthday too. Thanks Nolly for posting.

    • Yes ooo Imagine a woman with children expecting a maid who has been brutally raped to stay there and be abused just because the woman cannot control her own children? Nonsense!

  9. Aloysius eze says:

    Well Good work to all nigerians actor and actress you people are the bomb keep it up. You people are the best. But from now you people shud welcome some new members because i wont to become of the star as well thanks. I love you guys soo much keep it up and never look dawn

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