Madam Joy

Madam Joy

African Movie Review
Madam Joy ~ 2003
Story/ Screenplay & Director – Prince Emeka Ani
Producer – Nnaemeka Okolo

Osita Iheme – Akuche
Chinedu Ikedieze – Amuche
Ngozi Nwaneto – Joy
Diewait Ikpechukwu – Okeke
Steve Ahanonu – Uncle Mike
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Johnson

Promiscuity Rating – 80%


Madam Joy is a family woman with a husband and two sons that runs an acara stand. Her husband is very possessive and suspects her of having an affair with every man that she serves let alone talks to. It is his possessiveness that causes him to ban her from running the stand any more. Unable to work he watches Madam Joy like a hawk. When her husband dies suddenly Madam Joy takes her new found freedom as a license to frolic with every man in the village, after all, as she tells her sons, “body no be firewood.” Her sons are not at all happy with what they are witness to and make it their mission to put an end to the frequent male visitors to the compound.

Funny Scenes
I loved the part where Aki and Paw Paw called their mother to a meeting and laid down the law to her, about what they expected from her, ending it with, “If you have any objections you can let us know in 24 hours.” Can you imagine, two small boys giving orders to a grown woman? Their mother rejects their proposal so the boys resort to getting the wife of the man she is cheating with to catch them in the act. Na wa ooo. The man is dragged naked from the house by his fuming wife.


I would recommend this movie. Aki and Paw Paw had back to back laughs rolling in with their antics against their newfound “uncles” This is classic old school Nollywood Nigerian comedy, and after watching Fulton Mansion and Sexy Game this weekend I surely needed it.

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