Marital Confusion

Marital Confusion

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Marital Confusion ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay – Felix Nyemike Nkadi
Director- Reginald Ebere

Tony Umez – Chief
Francis Duru – Christopher
Padita Agu – Brenda
Pat Edeh – Maryann
Queen Nwokoye – Ngozi
Ngozi Ezeonu – Mama
Reginald Ebere – MD
Mary Igwe – Stephanie
Noel Oboh – Danny
Annabella Ojiaku – Ada
Gladrine Chinyere Ugo – Helen
Chinonso Uzochukwu – Kenneth

Family Pressure

My Rating – 75%

Two stories told alongside each other about a couple’s marriage issues. Chief and his wife are experiencing marital woes because of childlessness. Chief offers his wife an ultimatum to produce a male child in 2 months or face another woman in the home.

Christopher and Ngozi on the other hand are happily married but facing pressure with regards to financial support for her family. Her sister Brenda in particular resents the fact that Christopher’s family receive more financial support that her family. Little does the family know that Christopher and Ngozi are struggling to make ends meet and that Ngozi intends on finding a job to boost the family’s income.

One day Chief and Ngozi’s paths cross and both marriages are thrown into disarray.


Family pressure is a big theme in this movie. Ngozi’s mother encourages her to leave her husband and go off with Chief simply because Christopher has fallen on hard times. She does not seem concerned with his physical violence towards her daughter but rather the fact,

“I’m not getting the benefits of a mother in law.”

Even Brenda is pimping out her sister for gifts from Chief, eager to get her sister to move on from her brother in law exclaiming to her mother about her sister,

“I wonder why they call themselves married couple if they cannot share money the money equally between the two families.”

Brenda is really ungrateful. Ngozi gives her 50,000 Naira for her upkeep in school and she throws it back at her deeming it, “miserable.” She then has no money for school and ends up asking Christopher’s sister who is her friend in school and who she had previously attacked and called a “miserable crook” to beg her brother for money.

If she needed the money that badly then why didn’t she take the 50 instead of begging Christopher’s sister and only getting 20 in the end? Christopher sends money to his sister after Ngozi has already told her sister that she doesn’t have money to give her and that is when the trouble really starts with Ngozi’s family.

One thing that I found strange was that after Christopher was accused of embezzlement, they were they still living in the house that belonged to the company after he was fired, with no talk of moving.

The other thing I found strange, or should I say stupid was the threat by Chief that his wife should produce a boy in 2 months or face another woman. HOLD UP! How can a son be produced in 2 months if the woman is not already pregnant, and even if the woman does get pregnant in the two months stipulated, how on earth would it be known if she is carrying a boy or not. This situation comes up a lot in Nollywood and it is absolutely STOOOOOOOOPID!

I wish I could see Tony Umez in one movie where he was not saying “alwight alwight” every minute and Queen Nwokoye in one movie where she is not playing a goody two shoes. She really shone for me in this movie but it would be nice to see her play a more challenging role.

In the end Ngozi returns to her husband’s house with her family’s blessing, after giving birth to a baby girl for Chief and being cut off by him. The moral of the story is to follow your own mind and don’t allow family pressure to cajole you into a situation that is not right for you. Although it must be said that the situation when she left was pretty bad and I wouldn’t recommend any woman stay with a man who is beating them up.

I would recommend this movie, it moved at a nice steady pace and kept you fixated at all times. It was great to see Padita Agu back after a long hiatus. She really came back with a bang as Brenda and she is even better than I remembered. Thumbs up!

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    The Film: MARITAL CONFUSION is very interesting. I wished that the Film had continued till part 3. The story line is very fantastic, educating and mindblowing. I give kudos to the production crew and the stars that featured in this great movie.

  2. Very interesting…. It seems like a must watch!

  3. i love this movie.One of the best i have watched in a long while.All the participants did well.Queen Nwaokoye's performance was exceptional.She is a very good actress.keep it up.

  4. I really enjoyed this movie.Francis Duru and Queen Nwokoye have a strong chemistry.It also showed in their other movies ALWAYS MINE and MY GIRLFRIEND/CLASH OF INTREST.I wil like to see more of them together.

  5. I agree with you.I was glued till.the end of the movie.Its a must watch for every family.

  6. The angle of knowing if its a baby boy after 2 months can be achieved through ultra sound.The only mistake i see is not moving out of the house after he was sacked.

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    My dear which ultrasound is this that is determining sex after 2 months? It takes at least 20 weeks.

  8. i enjoyed dis movie…it was quite entertaining. i must confess dat i thot it was going to be below par, but to my suprise, i was glued to my screen until d movie ended…i applaud francis duru…he is a great actor. this movie depicts wat happens in most marriages especially when it involves inlaws. i rmb ngozi ezeonu makin a statement dat francis married her daughter who was d 1st child, n is refusing 2 take responsibility of her younger siblings. in most igbo communities where i come from, dis is expected of most men who marry 1st daughters who also hav younger ones n d family may nt be so well to do esp if d mum happens 2 b a widow…it makes me wonder if itz really fair 2 expect too much frm these men as they also hav families of their own. i had an interestin conversation with sm friends n dis matter was raised, n sm were of d opinion dat they try 2 avoid girls in such circumstances…anywaz, this is food 4 thot…nolly thanks 4 d review as alwaz…cheers!

    • aegoli you make a good point. The main focus in a marriage should be the two people that made the vows to each other. Meddling mother in laws and greedy sisters should be xed out.

      Even if that sytem is a part of igbo culture everything in life has to be done within reason. If the dude has lost his job or the family is struggling then to make such requests constantly is not feasible.

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