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Marshals ~ 2009
Story – Chibuzor Emelu Simon
Screenplay – Chibuzor Emelu Simon, Greg Chyke Inawodoh
Director – Kalu Anya

Emeka Ike – Andy
Van Vicker – Jerry
Tonto Dikeh – Cathy
Halima Abubakar – Silver
Ali Nuhu – Nick
Queen Nwokoye – Anita
Prince Eke – Emeka
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Braimor
Kalu Anya – Inspector James
Collins Chinedu Okoro – Morris
Mac-Donald Ekemezie – Osmond
Chioma Chris – Tracy
Chibuzor Emelu Simon – Rotimi
Eunan Chidomere – Ukonu
Victor Oguguo – Big Sam
Zubby Michaels – Abe

Chronic Unemployment

My Rating – 69%

Andy, Jerry and Emeka are three friends that have fallen upon hard times. Emeka is fired from his hospital job for stealing 11,000 Naira, despite paying 17,000 to secure the job in the first place. Jerry is a lawyer who quits his job in Port Harcourt because he is missing his girlfriend. Only to return and find that not only is she seeing someone else but she is not happy to see him. Andy is a US trained doctor who is getting paid next to nothing working in a local hospital. He is at a dead end as he cannot get a bank loan to start his own clinic as he so desires.

One day a guy called Braimor collapses in the hospital and Andy saves his life. On leaving the hospital he leaves Andy his business card and tells him that he can call anytime and “ask for anything.” One day in a state of desperation Andy calls and brings Jerry and Emeka with him to come and meet Braimor. In no time at all they accept his offer to join his “business enterprise,” believing this a sure fire way to improve their situations in life.


Nick is an old friend of the boys. When we first see him he is brandishing a gun on meeting them and it would appear that he is involved in a criminal lifestyle. Thinking that he is a criminal his friends welcome and embrace him with very open arms, wanting to get involved in whatever he is involved in, seeing that as a way out of their poverty stricken lives. Nick reveals that he is not actually a criminal but rather involved in State Security the reaction is one of repulsion,

“Police – Ah!”

“God forbid – Devil get behind me!”

“I’d rather stay a pocket lawyer than go chasing criminals”

What does this say about how the police are regarded in Nigeria, and the levels of crime or fierceness of it?

Nick as a detective finds it difficult to deal with the fact that he always has to appease corrupt officials as well as those with enough cash and connections to get away with their crimes. He expresses his woes to his friends and when he tries to give them forms to fill in for State Security jobs they request to be hooked up with 419ers and armed robbers instead. This scene had me in fits of laughter. Emeka tells Nick, “Wetin now? We no wan be police!”

When the boys actually start making money we see Andy tell the other boys,

“Why did I waste my life on messy, sticky medicine career, I should have been a drug baron my whole life.

We see how chronic unemployment can affect the minds of the youth. To be a doctor is a prestigious, respected profession yet Andy regrets not going into crime earlier. Even though he is fully qualified there was not the opportunity for him to fufill his dream of opening his own clinic and despite his qualifications he was not afforded the opportunity to be paid decently.

It has to be said. I am not feeling Ali Nuhu ATL ALL. I find his whole demeanour to be stiff and awkward. His voice grates on me. If I knew him in real life I’d probably always be shouting at him all the time, “SPEAK UP!”

I don’t normally like Emeka Ike but I thought that this was a good role for him. It allowed him to showcase his comic ability. It was soooooo good not seeing him in the lover boy role. In one of his funny scenes he shouts at Emeka, played by Prince Eke after taking his shoes off in his room,

“Today I dey battle hunger problem and you are trying to add toxic problem to it. Robbish! Mind yourself well well.”

Van was gisting in pidgin most of the time. His flow was effortless and he was actually a joy to watch. Van was looking very dark. At first I thought it was overexposure to the sun but then on closer inspection is seemed to be make up. If indeed it was make up then that the person applying was very heavy handed.

Tonto was supposed to be frumpy and dowdy, but she was in fact looking anything but. Her make up and weave were nice and subtle and her clothes were simple, classy and fitted. In one scene she was even wearing a boob tube, na wa ooo! What kind of frumpiness is this?

What was the point to Queen’s character? There didn’t seem any need for her to be there. Perhaps she has a bigger role in the part 3 which I have not yet watched.

I would recommend this movie. It was entertaining but at the same time tackled some real issues, like poverty, crime, and corruption. It was very funny in parts and highly dramatic in others. Van, Emeka and Prince made a good trio and it is a feel good movie in the sense that justice prevails in the end.

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  1. Nolly, I have this movie but I have not watched it yet. LOL@Ali Nuhu. I do not enjoy watching his movies at all.

    You have made me curious enough to watch it. I said I will never watch a next Naija movie until they start coming up with credible movies. These spate of horrible movies thye have been releasing is too much. No originality, no decent plots, and placing credible actors/actresses in subpar movies that does not reflect their true acting potential. I find the whole thing sickening.

    I have resulted to watching old Naija movies. And that says a lot ,the quality of the camera might not be that great but at least there is a proper storyline.

    • I would say it is worth watching. I find the Ali guy annoying. You can imagine my surprise when I heard he was a big "kannywood" star!

      SG I know the feeling… 2009 has been a really bad year. Rubbish movies and the onslaught of 419 in the form of repackaging. I couldnt even get half way through that Torment movie. you did well if you finished it.

      • chinedu collins okor says:

        dont give coment because u dont like the man,Ali is good BETTER GENERATION was one of the best bad boy role he took

        • Who said I don't like him? I don't know him. I do not think he is cast well. and best bad boy role my big foot. The bad boy roles don't suit him!

  2. lol…haa nolly have u seen Torment too…lol..i just don't get why Ini was acting like a martyr in d movie n Desmond thot he was hallucinating…i stopped after 45mins…may brave finishing d movie when i see a review…i'm yet 2 watch marshalls..saw d 3rd part around, so might check it out…i hp Tonto didnt over act…cheers!!!

  3. I am sooooo glad I came across your blog. Now, I am FOREVER saved from watching those movies that should not have been made in the first place. Way to go!!!!

  4. nonso okafor says:

    my dear if u said that this movie is good then it is good and worth watching but if u that it is not then yes i go with you…You're the best for sure keep it up.

  5. don't bother watching marshals 3. it didn't make any sense. there was no point for a pt 3. total waste of time and money.

  6. I didnt enjoy it too much…………….theres 3 and 4 too which is not nice at all thet changed the title as usual…lol

  7. Oooh I didn't watch the continuation… I figured the ending was ok as it was!

  8. i have a question. Is "Hottest Boys 1-3" the continuation of Marshalls? i literally had to force myself to watch the movie and it took a couple of days to get through it. they both have the same cast.

    • Yes it is as far as I can see…

    • So this is the beginning of Hottest boys,no wonder. I knew when i started watching da movie I was missing a big chunk of da storyline. I didn't even bother getting it cuz Hottest Boyz was a total bore. First of all wat kinda title b this eh? Those wanna b gangstaz were sumthing else in HB. Enough with these silly titles dey should've kept it @ Marshalls.

  9. halima stood out for me…that girl will go places ha?.she s been around for a while no

  10. Big ups halima

  11. KELECHI says:


  12. i love this movie. van vicker acted well but ali nuhu, why cant he choose another profession?

  13. the sequil is "hottest boys" right? because it starts when they in prison and it's the same characters… i personally liked the movie but it wasn't THAT great..watchable…

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