Material Girl

Material Girl

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Material Girl ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

John Dumelo – Greg
Yvonne Nelson – Cassie
Kofi Adjorlolo – Jake
Gavivina Tamakloe – Jake
Amanorbea Dodoo – Jessica
Jme Orighoye – Nicole
Eve Asare – Nicky
William Opare – Uncle Jamey
Fred Amagi – Hon Attah
Brenda Osei Bonsu – Missy
Abieku Segoe – Jasper
Dan Tei Mensah – Elvis
Gifty Temang – Anne
Louis Saah-Acquaman – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 64%

Cassie is a bad girl who makes her money by picking up men, seducing them and robbing them, or keeping them as sugar daddies. She also uses the money to take care of her sick mother’s hospital bill even though her mother hates the method in which her daughter obtains  money.

Cassie’s immorality seems to have no limits and on the one hand she plays the hero saving a woman who she finds having a seizure in the road, taking her to the hospital and then on the other hand she uses that act of bravery to gain access into the woman’s life, and proceeds to have an affair with the woman’s husband. Jake and his wife of 29 years’ marriage now hangs in the balance and his  involvement with Cassie has devastating consequences for all parties involved.


The guy who Cassie rips off in the beginning of the movie was a big fool. You call someone that you are doing a business transaction with and immediately start spilling all the details of the contract without even so much as a “hello.” Who does that? You would at least expect to hear murmurs of agreements like mmhmmm or something!

The guy who has his phone stolen by Cassie is confronted by the guy who Cassie robbed, his business associate. He tells him, “You instructed me to bring the money to the hotel and you had me robbed.” Huh when was he instructed? Did Cassie get a man on the phone or is he referring to the time when he spoke to himself? Later he goes onto say, “I called you and you said you couldn’t talk.” Did she deepen her voice or what? We learn the rest of the instructions were through text. Mumu you are going to be heaving large sums of money and not even talk to the person you are doing business with? Nonsense!

The sex scene between Jake and Cassie was awfully bad. Here is this man who has the fine new hot thing in his bed, and granted maybe he just wanted to tear it up but it was horrible to watch his going at it like he wanted to kill her. YESSSSS that it what it looked like rather than a lustful devouring. While the whole scene seemed a bit fake to me Yvonne played it well and we see the downside in sex for money. The material things make you happy but what you have to do to get it doesn’t. We see a solitary tear at the corner of her eye.

There was great chemistry between John and Yvonne. The kissing was intense. One scene spring to mind in particular; and that would be after the two bump into each other in the supermarket after which he turns up uninvited at her home. He showed a great display of arrogance and self confidence and it only served to enhance his sexiness. Cassie throws Greg down on the sofa after he tries to kiss her. He doesn’t miss a beat and goes in for the kiss again. Hmm I was even felling like he was about to kiss me… oh wishful thinking.

If he were taller he would have been even more formidable and it would have given him more of a macho edge. Having him tower over Yvonne as opposed to stand eye to eye to her would have made the character even more powerful.

Yvonne smashes every outfit that she wears in this movie… From scene to scene her dressing is fantastic. Indeed she is a material girl, and it shows, from the clothes, to the shoes, to the earrings… Everything is absolutely on point.

I liked the movie and would recommend watching it. We learn something about consequences for one’s actions. You live a fast life and that surely will be your downfall. It was entertaining but I was disappointed that after watching 3 parts I did not feel like the movie really ended. I felt that the ending was a little over the top and rushed.

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  1. Wou Wou, let me just order this movie now………
    Thanks Nolly

  2. LOL!! N.F, you're too much jo…i've only watched part 1..i didnt even get to the part with John dumelo yet but bcos of this review, i must go and see that kiss quick quick…lmao!!
    I feel like you're always readin my mind!!! That man in the beginning was a big fool indeed..i thot the exact thing! How would you call someone and just start spilling info without even hearing the person's voice….
    The first love scene btw Yvonne and Kofi adjorlolo was sooo hilarious to me… i was like, see this old man oh..

    I don't know bt have you ever seen Yvonne act a good girl role b4? All the roles i've ever seen her play is bad girl,prostitute, conniving friend/mistress…
    If you can do a review on a movie Garden of love, i'd be glad…

    Later luv!!!

    • LOL Fashinga watch and tell me what you think? Eww that scene between Yvonne and Kofi was nasty… He seemed like he wanted to kill her. Is that what they call lovemaking? Hmm with regards to the Yvonne playing a bad girl I will have to think about that one and get back to you. In Princess Tyra she was the Princess wasn't she?

      I watched Garden of Love and Tears a while ago. I wrote the review already but can't remember where I put it. I will find it some day soon. I wan't impressed with it apart from the village scenes and I remember there were quite a few out of sync moments and random voices dubbing over Patience's voice which was a bit of a mess.

  3. Nolly I will watch this movie now, now! I was scared earlier-LOL, but you have given me new hope again.

  4. Some scenes lacked nd some passed cuz @ a certain point I fast forwarded its like i knew wat would happen next bcuz this producer didn't leave me guessing @ all… Man why would'nt anyone spare him this embarrassment nd say Cut, poor dude I wonder oo. Btw Yvonne kinda play the good sister role with Genny Nnaji in 'To love and to cherish. Go watch it Nolly its really good, I cnt wait to read ur spoilers on this and also 'A Sting in a Tale n many more I'll let u know

  5. So, I should not even but "the sting in a tail" or something?

  6. The movie is okay for watching, if nothing the consequences evil people face after their evil plot. Jake and Cassie's scene was so nasty and irritating to me, what do you expect, when u said he was trying to eat her up, old man devouring a young sexy lady!! Another scene that was so unreal to me was when Greg's mum found her murdered son on the floor, come on, a real mother would fall apart or even faint in this part of the world when she sees the body of her only son in a pool of blood. I felt her reaction was not properly done or acted out, she was too casual about it. Greg and Cassie's chemistry was very great and real. They both made the movie worth the while. Over all it was an okay movie and once again Nolly, GOOD JOB 🙂

  7. I know right! what Nigerian mother would use her own hand to uncover the corpse of her own son, then bend over him and say OH MY SON!! that was real NONSENSE!!!!

  8. So guys, do you prefer Genny & Majid or Yvonne & J.Dumelo or Genny and Ramsy or Nse & Majid when it comes to romance?

  9. For me I prefer Genny and Ramsey, I really miss that pairing of Genny and Ramsey. Well I guess I have to live with Genny and Majid now since its the in thing now! lol Producers don change gear, na Majid dey reign now oooo.

  10. This movie has been done before by Samuel Nyamekye titled "Desparate Desire". I don't understand why Abdul Salam Mumuni always copy other people's story?
    Samuel Nyamekye's story is better than Material Girl.

    As I qoute…….
    "The guy who Cassie rips off in the beginning of the movie was a big fool. You call someone that you are doing a business transaction with and immediately start spilling all the details of the contract without even so much as a “hello.” Who does that? You would at least expect to hear murmurs of agreements like mmhmmm or something"!
    This part was totally nonesence!!!


    • Really Adwoa that is interesting. I have not seen that movie before. Is it vaguely the same or a complete rip off?

      • Yes it is. The only difference is the beginning of the movie and Cassie (Yvonne Nelson) became friends with the wife, and she also knew that they were father and son and still went on to date both of them.
        Please watch Desparate Desire starring Naana Hayford, Sandra Adu, Samuel Adjeteyfio, Van Vicker and many more and kindly judge for yourself.

        Thank you for this opportunity!!

  11. I've had this movie over a year. Felt reluctant to watch it, I finally decided to watch it today. Storyline is okay but Need I say… John Dumelo!!!!! Dang!!! I hope my Hubby doesn't read your blog… Lol! Incase he does…. Babe I'm just admiring the HAWT handwork of God!!!!

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