Millenium Lady

Millenium Lady

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Nigerian Movie Review
Millenium Lady – 2009

Story – Gabriel Moses
Screenplay – Gabriel Moses
Director – Ugezu J Ugezu

Patience Ozokwor – Madam Gold
Fabian Adibe – Anene
Charles Awurum – Chidi
Tonto Dikeh – Sandra
Mike Ezuruonye – Smart
Camilla Mberekpe – Mama Eko
Uche Odoputa – Benson
Browny Igboegwu – Hyacinth
Ifeanyi Azodo – Peter
McSmith Ochendo – Titus
Jude Oteka – Zaki
Chigozie Okolie – Detective
Chioma Iwueze – Mama C
Ugo Uwagbama – Police Officer

Themes Explored:
Greed Africa
Materialism Nigeria
Gender Roles Nollywood
Family Pressure Nollywood

My Rating 83%

Patience plays Madam Gold, also known around town as the MILLENIUM LADY. She is a married woman with 2 sons and a daughter who likes the finer things in life. She belittles her husband because he is not wealthy, despite the fact that he is the one that bought her the restaurant that she runs. Her goal in life appears to be to attain riches through her daughter Sandra. She does this by accepting money and gifts from Sandra’s prospective suitors knowing full well that she has no intention of marrying her to them. It is only when she messes about with the wrong man that she is forced into cleaning up her greedy act.


Marriage is used as a bargaining tool
Benson comes to Madam Gold and expresses his desire to marry her daughter. As he is a business man and not working for an oil company (the kind of guy Madam Gold sees as perfect for Sandra) she knows that she will not approve of him marrying Sandra, but enjoys the gifts he brings nonetheless. She enjoys a new huge flat screen TV and satellite dish for the restaurant, a Sky dish, jewellery and money.


When Patience introduces Sandra to Benson his sole focus in trying to woo her is to boast about how much money and assets he has. He seems oblivious to the fact that this braggado is not impressing Sandra.Sandra’s mother sees her as an investment and tells her,

“God I thank you for giving me this fine girl… My investment.”

Uche Odoputa as Benson has some lame come on lines for the lovely Sandra. On one occasion when they are being introduced he tells her,

“Honestly the way you are looking now – You are looking like egg yolk.”

Wow… and he said it like it was supposed to be a compliment. Can you imagine? From this lame introduction Benson takes it upon himself to woo Sandra through bragging and boasting about his money and assets. They are clearly on different wavelengths with regards to what makes a good husband. Sandra cares about morality, interests, kindness, and in the meantime he is flashing the cash thinking that it it is turning her on, but on the contrary it is a real turn off for her.

Millenium lady on the other hand is wholly excited by the money and even tells Benson,

“My daughter will scatter your brain with hot romance.”

This gives the idea that a woman is good for sex and a man is good for money and when the two come together they can be exchanged.

 Then after Benson Sandra meets Smart and expresses concern with his line of business her mother is not worried in the slightest and tells her,
“Drug Money plus oil money, isn’t that the more reason you should marry him fast?”  

Millenium Lady is not concerned with how he came about the money, only the fact that he has it.


Family Pressure
Sandra’s brother Titus is just like his mother, and so begins the pressure to get Sandra to marry for the highest bidder rather than for love. He tells her,

“On this your shoulders lies the burdens of this family.”

In the end Sandra falls victim to the pressures of both her mother and brother over the wise words of her father and so in the end her mother and brothewr are the cause of her downfall and she learns that Smart is a criminal that has made his money illegally and so even though innocent, she is implicated by default in hsi wrongdoings.


I would definitely recommend this movie… I look forward to seeing more from Ugezu J Ugezu. There were good lessons to be learnt as well as many many laughs. We learn that all that glitters is not gold. Sandra may have found percieved short term happiness in the joys of Smart’s illegal money, but in the long term all it would bring is pain and suffering.
Patience and Fabian have an excellent rapport on screen and I love the banter between them. Fabian Adibe has been typecast as the downtrodden man who gets abused by his wife, but it is a role that suits him well, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?  Tonto and Mike had good chemistry and played their roles well. I have loved Camilla Mberekpe since I saw her in TEA OR COFFEE, and trust me she did not dissapppoint in playing the conniving Madam Gold.
Special shout out to the guy that played Titus, I don’t know his name but the scene where him and Millenium Lady are mean mugging, dancing around the new car and spraying money is hilarious.
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  1. I am encouraged.

    You pass across as one that makes out time to watch movies, reading meanings into all dialogues. This has surely endeared me to your comments. They come with unprecedented depths and I am happy.

    Accept my undiluted thanks for making out time to watch. I am looking forward to reading your comments and observations.

    I greet!

  2. Onyelueuno Beatrice says:

    Good movie only that i felt unhappy that Ugezu J. Ugezu didnt play any part. He has suddenly become the best natural comedian, so original that i like watching his films.

    This film was written by Ugezu J. Ugezu and not by Gabriel Moses. Is this a mistake on your part or did you watch a different CD from the one I watched?

    Keep it up.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    Beatrice… I just put down whatever it says in the credits of the movie or on the cover, although sometimes it differs between the two and part to part!

  4. I did not like it much!! Quite the same story like the "authentic mama"!!!

  5. It was not an original story line but I thought it well executed with great performances and highly entertaining!

  6. Looks like a good film. I will have to check it out.

  7. Saint Alive says:

    For me I have watched the movie and I really enjoyed it, please the only thing I need from you is the sound track, please use my email to forward it waiting for your reply.

  8. onyekachi says:

    please i need the soundtrack of this movie I have been looking for it for 9 years now can someone, anyone please me the soundtrack.

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