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Nigerian Movies Review
Mirror Of Life – 2010
Continuation – End Of Mirror Of Life
Story /Screenplay Director- Michael Jaja
Producer – Chijoke Nneji

Mercy Johnson – Nneka
John Dumelo – Ferguson
Queen Nwokoye – Rosemary
Prince Eke – George
Charity Eke – Cherry
Angela Okorie – Monique
Joyce Kalu – Hannah
Ken Erics – Tunde
Amanda Dilo – Jane
Uchenna Nnanna – Vera

Prostitution (Runs)
Peer Pressure

NollywoodForever.com Rating – 60%


Mercy Johnson plays Nneka a poor village girl. One day she runs across old school friend called Rosemary played by Queen Nowkoye who pays her sisters hospital bills. Indebted and wanting to provide for her family Nneka follows Rosemary to the city and becomes makes her transformation as Rihanna a runs girl (prostitute).

Rihanna tells Vera she doesn’t do “runs” prostitution to which Vera replies,

“You don’t do runs, as in you don’t like money or you don’t like life or tell me you don’t want to be comfortable or support for family?”

It is almost as if prostitution is being touted as being the only way to live. A selfless act and the only way for a girl to survive. It is as though Vera is calling Rihanna selfish for not wanting to sell her body to random man.

Uchenna Nnanna
Uchenna Nnanna played the part of a hardcore runs girl excellently. She really looked and sounded the part. She also played the drunk really well the in the scene where she invites Rihanna around to her house to suggest partnership. Subtly done but on point. Kudos to Uchenna. I have never particularly noticed her performance in other movies but in this one her potential stood out to me.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
How would a prostitute have robbed your friend and then you leave her in your hotel room with all your money talking about you trust her. SAY WHAT? Ooooh it sounds very romantic but that one na mugu moves.

Eww that was so so gross when Queen for pouring baileys onto Prince Ekes matted chest hair and licking it off. SAY WHAT? Really though? Is that supposed to be sexy? Ewww “sexy” scenes in Nollywood are so unsexy. Eww!

I would recommend the movie.
Wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but enjoyable to watch and all the girls did a great job with their razz ways By the end of part 2 it was still unfinished which was kind of annoying but I shall certainly be on the look out for the continuation as I’m intrigued to know what happens next.

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  1. I love ds movie,Queen stole d show,nvr knew she culd be ds razz and beautiful.Used 2 hate her in those village roles.,and mercy, always gud 2 go.Generally gr8 cast, lv it .cnt wait 2 watch d part 3&4

  2. Amarachi ezengwa says:

    Honestly,i can't wait 2 watch d continuatn.

  3. I did nt feel the 3&4 of ds movie d way i felt 1&2.Nolly wat do u think.

    • I thought the continuation was more of the same and it wrapped up the story. The only thing that bothered me was the sense of deja vu I had while watching it with the whole sister dying in the abortion story line. I mean that is a common theme in Nollywood but all the same while I was watchign the end I felt like I had alrady watched it before.

  4. Yolanda says:

    @Prince Eke….. what do u mean by showing that dirty bare black ass in public. what got into u….u are a disgrace to Nijai men. U and the others that are planing that type of disgrace…. be warned!!! Never u do it again, we Nijais are not known for that….By the way, others that acted in Mirrow of Life… Good job…good movie….GOD bless Nigeria.

  5. Blessing edoise says:

    Great movie though! But one thing spoilt it all. And that's prince eke making a fool of himself when taking his bath. He nds to work on him self. Showing that dirty and ugly looking ass, would nt make him famous or richer. D rest were good…

  6. this movie is a ''true to type'', job well done nollywood

  7. barbarellanoir says:

    I watched this movie some time ago…Queen Nwokoye was actually quite good in this, and she has comedic timing. I was actually laughing at some of her lines. Even though the whole "runs" theme has been beaten to death, this wasn't a bad attempt. I noticed that some folk were offended by the brief nudity in the movie. Nudity doesn't offend me when it's shot tastefully. Prince Eke, is actually a good actor, but it's obvious that he's still getting used to being front and center, (playing more of lead role) …He lost his ENTIRE "sexy" in all of his romantic/love scenes. They were akward as heyull, and uncomfortable/cheesy to watch. While I appreciate the fact that the brotha has visited a gym in recent times, I couldn't help feeling the need to get him waxed, defurred, groomed…As my sister said "grrr"…..not sexy AT ALL…my two rusty cents…no Shade at all. Also, Mercy and John Dumelo did a respectable job with their characters.

    • Nollywood says:

      @barbarellanoir I have really warmed to Queen Nwokoye in recent years. I used to not be able to stand her at all but I really like her now. Oooh I just can't get with peppergrain chests but I'm sure Muma Gee loves it!

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