Miss Fashion

Miss Fashion

Miss Fashion African Movie Review
Retitled “Fashion Parade”

Year of Release: 2011
Story – Emelu Simon Chibuzor
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Afam Okereke
Producer – Emelu Simon Chibuzor

Tonto Dikeh – Mirabelle
Oge Okoye – Ima
Mary Remmy – Annette
Muna Obiekwe – Kenny
Chike Ike – Ugochi
Onyinye Alex – Idiong
Eniola Badmus – Sikira
Afam Okereke – Phil
Emeka Duru – Jason
Becky Ogbuefi
Jme Orighoye – Mavis


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 48%


Mirabelle, Ima and Anette played by Tonto Dikeh, Oge Okoye and Mary Remmy are in competition over who has the most up to date expensive designer clothes. Not only this but Ima is competing in a Miss Fashion contest and will seemingly go to any length to covet the title. Ima is the most braggadocious of the group cooking up elaborate stories of meetings with designer Calvin Klein people and trips to Harrods in London all the while stealing her roommate’s clothes to parade at the happening parties that she attends. The question is how far will these girls go to outdo each other?



The main theme in both movies is materialism. In this movie instead of the using the latest technology by way of the latest RIM offerings to battle each other, this group of girl’s use designer clothing and the latest fashions in attempts outdo each other.


Oge has never travelled anywhere out of the country, yet she likes to berate others for being exactly as she is. It was definitely a case of having delusions of grandeur. She goes around asking,

“Have u ever been to London, Harrods in London?”

As if it is a place she has ever seen except in magazines and television.


Blackberry Babes Comparisons

The movie is very similar to Blackberry babes. The screenplay writer and much of the cast are the same so comparisons are inevitable. Blackberry Babes however is definitely the more cleverly written script with more laughs per scene than this one. Although this was supposed to be a comedy I didn’t laugh much. Just a few sprinkles here and there mostly provided by the fabulous Eniola Badmus.

Favourite Scene

Oge is berating two girls for having never travelled and boasting of shopping expeditions in London when Mirabelle comes to burst her bubble and expose that she is wearing her stolen dress. She tries to settle is by telling Mirabelle to calm down that they will settle it when they get home to which Mirabelle replies,

“Which home is it that you are talking about? My home that you’ve been squatting in for four months?”


Nollywood Forever SAYS WHAT?

This is truly a fashion parade. How the hell Tonto in the gym with a boob tube and synthetic booty shorts? No wonder she was only walking and not running on the treadmill!



The movie was funny in parts, but not really enough for a comedy. To be honest I felt a bit disappointed by the end. The story was underdeveloped and lacklustre. I could not in my heart of hearts recommend this movie to anyone unless they were bored.

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  1. Contrary to ur rating, I would actually give the movie 60%i found it quite hilarious.

  2. The movie is extremely boring and stupid with no particular story line

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