Mission For Justice

Ghanaian Movie Review
Mission For Justice – 2011
Story, Screenplay, Director – Olawore Sunday Sunshine
Producer – Ruby Abodem Bothe, Sandra Shaibu

Nadia Buari – Martha
David Osei – Prince
Omar de 1st (Omar Oumson) – Barrister Kwame
Kalsum Sinare – Mrs Rita
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Rama
Artus Frank – Ben
Luckie Lawson – Tina
Odai Mensah – Commissioner
Lude Mawuli – Shine
Ruby Abodem Bothe – Linda
Paulina Oduro – Mrs Adwoa
Sandra Shaibu – Belina
Gabriel Herman – Tommy
Dominic Demordzi – CID

Armed Robbery

Mission for Justice

NollywoodForever.com Rating – 73%


A group of armed robbers played by Nadia Buari, Artus Frank, Prince David Osei, Lucky Lawson, Ruby Abodem Bothe and Lude Mawuli break into Chief Rama’s home to steal some money that they know is hiding there and end up shooting his son as both Chief and his wife (Kofi Adjorlolo and Kalsum Sinare) refuse to admit that they have hidden money in the house. It is only after their son is shot that they offer up the money to the robbers. The movie follows the robbers as they try to evade the law in an attempt to hold on to their ill gotten wealth. They are chased all over the city by the police trying to recover the stolen money.


Opening Scene

The movie opens with Chief Rama and his wife chasing a woman around the room to retrieve an envelope she has in her hands. Chief’s wife knocks the woman out with an iron and they rejoice over the words on the paper that was inside the envelope. At this point I am not sure how to take the movie as the opening scene is very comical.


Because of Chief Rama’s greed his son has been shot and instead of following his wife and son to the hospital he is there calling his commander to fret about the money. Greed and a hunger for money has consumed any concerns he has for his son.

In the armed robbery group it would also appear that Prince too is consumed with greed. While the others regret their actions after lives are lost price he is unrepentant. We later find out that there is a much stronger driving force that motivated him to commit the robbery. Ben tells him,

“I can see that you are totally out of your mind. We managed to get away with our lives and you are not even thankful. Instead of us to go to the church and thanking God you are here talking nonsense.”

To which Prince replies,

“Will you shut up? I say we go back and get the money.”


Even after Chief was robbed you would think that he would be more careful but there he is still meeting his young mistress and promising her money. It is the same way that his wife is still seeing her lover boy and enticing him with promises of the same money. Chief and his wife were most definitely two useless idiots that belonged together. They don’t know if they were betrayed from the outside yet still they go around blabbing their private financial affairs as if inviting robbery.

It is this same lust that caused the Chief of Police to allow the case of money to be snatched right under his nose for a second time. The sight of a pretty young girl in distress rubbing on his leg made him lose his mind.

Prince David Osei

I loved they way Prince David Osei’s played the character of Prince. He was so broody and dark. He appeared to be totally consumed with greed and would do any and anything for money. Why his friends trusted him I didn’t understand throughout the movie. In my opinion you can never trust anyone who is that money obsessed because you will mean nothing to them if the price is right. It was only at the end of the movie that I understood why they stuck with him.

Nollywood Forever Says What

15 minutes into the movie and they start showing subtitles. It was very strange because the English wasn’t broken or any different to how it had been previously. The subtitles were shown on and off throughout the movie. In some parts the Subtitles weren’t even correct. For instance; Chief tells the police “It will get very messy” and the subtitles say “it will get very massive” Huh? Say What?

The robbers didn’t seem all that serious. Why the hell do they keep getting out of the car and hanging around when people are looking for them? Even when they got out to dump the body I thought that they were going to run from there but oooooh no they got back in the car with the police on their trail. Say What? Why didn’t they dump the body when they were in the clear?


I really enjoyed watching the movie and would recommend it. It is worth watching and you will be impressed by the twist at the end. The movie moved at a very good pace and kept you glued to the screen. Ok ok let me aloborate I wasn’t stuck like Superglue, it was more Pritt Stick but the Pritt Stick was holding up very well. It was action packed and thrilling at the same time while the music helped to heighten the tension at the appropriate times. It is only at the end that we learn exactly why the robbers did what they did and we can have compassion. I was happy that the characters were well rounded and not all bad because it made them more real. It was a great ending and a befitting title. The story came full circle and everything that didn’t make sense at the beginning made sense. Great job!

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  1. Abeg, where do you get these movies?I am in the USA and i still cant even find through the Glass…

    • From my local market! Sorry eh? And trust me you shouldn't be searching for Through The Glass!

    • irokotv.com or ghananation.com. both of these links can be found on the actor artus frank’s website at artusfrank.com. please visit and leave a comment in the comment section. thanks! btw I’m from the US as well. Love nollywood!

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