My Best Enemy

My Best Enemy

My Last Enemy

Nigerian Movie Review
My Best Enemy – 2010
Sequel – My Last Enemy
Story – Chimezie Emelionwu, Amaechi Ukeje
Screenplay – Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ken Steve Anuka
Producer – Chimezie Emelionwu

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Mercy Johnson – Cassie
Ali Nuhu – Damian
Walter Anga – Andy
Chika Ike – Brenda
Miltex Ene Ogiri – Mender
Muna Obiekwe – Spencer
Amaka Orizu – Bianca
Betsy Ikeme – Chucky

Themes Explored in the Movie:
Human Trafficking

NollywoodForever Rating – 56%

Cassandra (Cassie) is back in Nigeria after spending 10 years in Italy as a prostitute and in prison. She returns to confront Spencer her ex boyfriend the one who put her in the situation she was in. He is about to get married to his fiancée Bianca but Cassandra wants him to be hers and by all costs. If he doesn’t want her she will go to all levels to exact her revenge upon him.

Human Trafficking

Movie highlights very serious issue of human trafficking and the message ro anyone that is being impressed with stories of going to a Western country to work abroad, even if you have no known skills or education the message is, f it seems too good to be true then it really is. The movie also teaches young women a very good lesson in trusting too easily. Cassie was betrayed by the man that she loved at the time but if she had known who he really was before trusting him wholeheartedly then she may have not gotten herself into such a predicament. After all Spencer was not really in the dark about why the girls were going to Italy.


Cassie threatened Spencer about telling his fiancée for too long. She should have realised that the approach that she was taking was not going to work and just made the most out of the situation. At the point where Spencer tells his fiancée everything the game is up. He has nothing left to lose.

NollywoodForever Says What?

This fool Spencer tried to jump off the balcony that was barely ten foot high to kill himself. Really though? SAY WHAT? Can one even get winded from jumping such a height? Lol

I would recommend the movie if it were way shorter than it was. I loved the storyline, although I was confused in the first ten minutes I quickly picked it up. Mercy was excellent as usual as the wronged ex seeking revenge. Muna too played his part well. He was very believable in every range if emotions. There was a good build up of tension in the movie and the pace was just right. There wasn’t a moment during the movie where I felt bored. I would have easily given part 1 and 2 70% but after starting to watch the 3 parts that was the continuation My Best Enemy the movie just dragged on way too long and started to get boring. Make your judgement!

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  1. Cassie shouldn’t have told damian to poison’s Bianca’s food since Spencer was the person that turned her into a sex slave and made her spend ten years in an Italian prison.Spencer should have cancelled the wedding with Bianca; he should have married Cassie since he was the person that put her in this situation.

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