My Ghana Angel

My Ghana Angel

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My Ghana Angel ~ 2010
Repackaged as THE DIARY

Story/Screenplay – Uncredited
Director – Harrison Arokor, Felix Owusu Yeboah
Producer – Harrison Arokor

Nadia Buari – Candy
Julia Arokor – Kay
Yaw Gyamfi – Jonathan
Nash Alexis Smith – Jude
G-Ime Origboye – Sandra
Uchenna Chukwunta – Phillip
Sarah Adedeyi Oyinlola – Ruby
Bolanle Olawoyim Emilia – Pearl

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 58%

Candy is in love with JJ, her perfect dream man and is the envy of all her friends. While her best friend Kay ends up unknowingly falling for and getting pregnant and dumped by a married man her relationship with JJ goes from strength to strength. From nowhere JJ suddenly cuts off contact with Candy. She is not given any explanation and after a while has no option but to deal with the fact that he is no longer part of her life and throws herself into helping Kay raise her little girl Ruby.

Kay is a single mother after being left in the lurch by her married man. She finds it hard to trust men because of her past and so even though she is not in love with her fiancé Jonathan she sticks with him as he serves as a sort of security blanket and she knows that he is a good man that will not hurt her. However she is ready to put her “safe” relationship at risk when she bumps into a mystery guy called Jude one day on the street. From the day she meets him she cannot stop fantasising about him and is more than delighted when he turns up at her place of work as an employee. They embark on a friendship and start getting closer before a blast from the past comes to disrupt everything.


Things that did not ring true for me

The story about JJ going to jail and not being able to get in contact with Candy did not ring true for me. A whole four years and he supposedly could not get in contact with her. So I am taking it his whole family didn’t know where he was either. He was dead to the world right? They do not have phones in jail do they? I don’t buy it. Candy had not moved, she was still living in the same place, doing the same things. There was not even any mention in the movie of her phone number changing so why was it so hard for him to get in contact with her?

Candy and Kay are best friends I thought that as a best friend Candy should have picked up more on the fact that Kay was no ways in love with Jonathan. I mean come on! She was getting married to the guy and she was not in the slightest bit excited. Ok we know that you think that he is a good guy and he is a good stabilising influence, but he did mot make her happy. In fact every time she was around him he was on a downer. As a best friend she should have not got upset when Kay told her about the “mystery guy.” I would expect that sort of reaction from a more distant friend not a best friend that knew her like a sister.

In the beginning of part 2 there is a scene where Jonathan sees Kay and Jude together and proceeds to punch Jonathan’s lights out. This scene was so far from what was realistic that it had me cracking up. Jonathan is congratulating Kay on her engagement and they hug. Fair enough, but then they hug again, come apart and then hug again and again. Four spontaneous hugs in a row. Who does that? It has to be seen to be believed. I’m not surprised he got beat up. It would have been sufficient to just show us one congratulations hug. We would have gotten the point AND it would have been more realistic.

Relationships in the movie

When Kay moved in with Jude I thought that he had a cheek asking her if she still loved him when he was clearly still trying to get back with Candy. What would be the point in letting her reveal her feelings when you know that you are still after her best friend? I couldn’t even figure the guy out. He was sorta acting like he liked her but then at the same time when Candy came back into his life he didn’t give her feelings a second thought or have any guilt at all. They had clearly been becoming more than friends yet when Candy came back the relationship that had been forming between them was never discussed. Why didn’t Candy ever mention it or did she not know anything about it. Wouldn’t Kay have told her that the hunk she had bumped into had started working at her place?

You have to give it to him the guy is most definitely bold. He was calling Candy non stop every day and at the same time running after Kay asking her why she was running from him. ER HELLO! Why wouldn’t she run from you? She knows that if she looks at you she will succumb to your seductiveness and she does not want to put herself in any more trouble, after already being made homeless!

I didn’t feel like Kay betrayed Candy because as soon as she found out that Jude was in fact JJ she backed off completely and began to put her feelings on paper as a way of dealing with the hurt. It was a tricky situation. What would you do in such a scenario? I liked the movie ending with forgiveness; it was very simplistic but made you feel satisfied. However, could it really have gone down like that in real life? I feel that the ending needed more development before coming to the forgiveness for it to feel real.


Ghanaians are just throwing out these hotties left right and centre. There is now a new one to join the pack. Nash Alexis Smith is hot hot hot but his acting leaves a lot to be desired. He is very amateurish but hopefully in time he can improve a la Ramsey Noah. His case is not totally hopeless like some other actors and actresses who shall remain nameless.

Julia Arakor was excellent. This was my first time seeing her in a movie and I must say I was highly impressed. I look forward to seeing more from her. She kinda reminded me of Nse Ikpi Etim in the way that she looked as well as her mannerisms. Loove love looove the black silk Japanese style dressing gown that she wore throughout the movie. In fact I used to have one just like it… I digress…


The music started off well but descended into chaos. I loved the Spanish style music that they played when Kay was falling for Jude, it exuded romance but then from there it was downhill. Too many different styles of music were played and it didn’t always fit in with the scene. We got to hear operatic, 70’s porn, Mexican, marching band, majestic…  it was a bit messy.

The Title

I wondered what the significance of the title was; My Ghana Angel. It just sounds wrong. Even if it were changed to the more grammatically correct My Ghanaian Angel, what would it mean? Who was the angel and what has being Ghanaian got to do with it since they were all Ghanaian anyway?

I liked this movie and would recommend it. The beginning was a tad slow but it picked up a lot later on. My favourite scene was the one where Jonathan finds Kay’s diary and it about to expose the secret to Candy. Both Nadia and Julia were exceptional and very believable in this scene, the build up of tension had me at the edge of the sofa. Although it has a very amateurish feel to it, it was enjoyable to watch and there was some very good performances, scenes in which you were totally immersed into where you would forget that you were watching a movie. Watch it… You may like it.

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  1. I watched this movie but it was a different title, can't remember… Nadia, Nadia eiwoo, I thought artists like to challenge themselves, Im not seeing any improvement at all at all…. I totally get where you coming from Nolly, Nash is hot and he does have potential, more practice is needed or in this case "challenges"… Julia kinda picked up where Nadia lacked, Im rooting for this girl too… The movie was watchable kudos to the rating

  2. It's not a repackaged movie, it's a movie produced in Ghana by me (Harrison Arokor) and Directed by me with the assistance of Mr. Felix Owusu Yeboah. When you sell movies rights to marketers to distribute your movies in Nigeria, they end changing the titles and the name of the producer. The movie is titled "Diary"and have been released only in the US and Nigeria. It is yet to be released in Ghana. I did it and I think it's a good movie but we definitely have to improve on our works, but to say it's got amateurish feel to it, I don't quite agree. Well, we all have a right to our opinions. Good work keep up with your reviews. I will continue to check on your site to see my works that they are claiming in Nigeria. Thanks

    • Thank you for coming by!

      Why would they change the name of the producer? How rude is that! There were no story or screenplay credits either which is unusual. If you tell me who did those I can change it.

      When I say repackaged it refers to a movie being repacked with a different name, the cover will be different too. This can be deemed 419 because essentially people get tricked and end up buying doubles or even triples of films they have already seen and nobody wants that. This is when you see people turning to youtube and Nigeria online.

      I bought my movie in London a couple of weeks ago. No doubt I will also see Diary on the streets in the weeks to come too… so the game goes. Luckily I know it is the same movie but people that don't know will be more than annoyed… This repackaging thing is becoming epidemic.

  3. i think this movies has strong actors but didnot put out enough but it 's alright thou

  4. GirlOfThePeriod says:

    This movie is beautiful to me, I really liked it and you were right about the leading man lacking acting skills. And I watched it under the name 'The Diary'.
    Also I think the reason they kept hugging in the bit that the guy got punched was supposed to be because they couldn't get enough of each other so had to keep going back for more … loool, like underlying feels from both of them….

    • I didn't look at it that way Girl OfThePeriod. It wasn't like they were gazing longingly into each other eyes. It really was a "friendly" hug. It looked especially set up so as to arouse suspicion that they were having an affair but it wasn't believeable to me. They could have left it simple and the effect would have been the same as they were going for.

  5. sharry islandgirl says:

    nadia for real ,get some clue when will she get some challenging roles even better more serious ones,do not get me wrong not every one can be like stephanie ,mercy or tonto


    hi its me narsh alexei smith the actor. i am thrilled to be apart of nollywood and im proud to be a ghanaian american.being i started in 2009 i am very new and do appreciate the criticsm i am working hard every day to improve as a person,as an actor and as a artist every day bless you all and with the time and more challenging roles i will grow. thanks (oh my name is spelled narsh alexei smith lol marketing mistake) blessing

    • Wow so you mean all this time your name has been spelt wrongly? That sucks balls. I'll change that then.

      Thanks for coming by and adding your 2p, much appreciated!

  7. narsh alexei smith says:

    thanx lol. i feel harrison and global media ent are giving african movies more of a realistic feel minus over dramatic acting,but it is all apart of the industry and things are gradually changing for the better blessing to all thanx

  8. Nolly I really enjoyed this movie, saw it last year though as *The Diary*, it was such a beautiful movie, I thought Nadia did a good job. I'm loving Narsh lol.. .I've now seen a couple of his movies and I'm a fan now watching #One More Night with him and Nadia is in this one also, check it out.. .

    P.S… your right Narsh is #Fire.. .



  9. Naomi Lee Sweet says:

    yo Narsh,I cant believe ur name is Narsh Alexei Smith,all this while I tot it was Nash Alexis Smith.Well loved the movie,but it pissed me off at the second part cause there was no sound.I had to follow there lips wich I'm bad at doing.Went on youtube and it was the same " no sound",urgght still cant figure out what happened at the house when they all go back from shopping.Kay receives letters and gives one to Candy,then JJ came and then I dint understand what was going on.Narsh ur my favorite actor in the world and I fell in love with u in desperate game Aka the front door.Love ya accent and dreadlocks.Please come on facebook.Loved the end at the beach,that was worthy for me who culd only watch the images.Urggg! Nice review Nollywood

  10. Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that plays in the beginning and in the credits? I really like it. I too have the movie and it’s title us The Diary. Thanks in advance.

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