My House Help

My House Help

African – Nigerian Movie Review
My House Help ~ 2006
Story – Andy Ikechukwu Nnadi (Andy Best)
Screenplay – Jeff Amusu
Director – Obi Okoli
Producer – Any Ikechukwu Nnadi

John Okafor – James
Klint “Da Drunk” Igwemba – Klint
Ashley Nwosu – Chief Amadi
Jeff Amusu – Paddy
Chidi Ihezie-Okafor – Madam
Mina Horsfall – Kora
Chichi Onyemachi – Kate
Onyeke Chinedu – Mallam

House Help Rating – 84%

A hilarious comedy, starring Klint “Da Drunk” Igwemba as the only son of Chief Amadi. The family despairs over Klint’s alcoholism but nobody wants to tackle him about his drinking as his father places the blame on himself for his condition. Amazingly it is when Paddy a houseboy joins the family that a huge change for the better comes to pass.


Even though the movie is a comedy and is seriously funny, we see how alcoholism can affect a whole family and we also see how Klint gets hooked to alcohol as a child, like many other children may do through bad influences, be it their parents or outsiders that they are around all the time. We see the history behind Klint’s alcoholism and how neglect from his father led to it. Too much trust was placed in the hands of the previous house help. The house help was Klint’s main influence since he was around the boy all the time and himself was a secret drunk.

House Help
Good to see such positive interaction and feeling towards the house help. Even before Paddy helped cured Klint’s alcoholism he had really been embraced as part of the family. At the end we even see Paddy’s mother in the household where they all enjoy a meal together. I thought it was beautiful that she too is embraced even by the stepmother. So often when we see “blended” families there is more a focus on the negative rather than positive aspects. At the end of the movie Chief Amadi announces to the house,

“This young man here. Our good but stubborn house help is the man behind the happiness of this family.”

Funny Scenes
>>>>>The opening scene is very funny. Klint Da Drunk drunkenly staggers into the middle of the road in front of a speeding Okada. He is confronted by Paddy who is on his way for a house boy job who asks him what his problem is; going on to say,

“You are a fool. Let me tell you eh next time I come in contact with you like this again I will sit down and deal with you.”

Klint Da Drunk is in top form with his grammar and tells him,

“Wham! The next time we are going to meet again in this kind of atmospheric pressure I tell you you are going to be degrees centrigrade and I will be degrees farenheit. Ill be king, you’ll be serpent. Bet me… Get out! Nearly destroyed my vertebrae… It is a fragment of your imagination that is making you to have emotional upheaval.”

You can imagine Paddy’s surprise to find out that the drunk that he almost ran over when riding okada is his soon to be oga’s son! He must have felt very stupid after he was even boasting about being a lawyer at the roadside.

>>>>>Madam Agbonma to James and Paddy when she catches them eating lunch together in the kitchen,

“So you people have graduated in my house, to the extent of using wine cups for water. There is no there cup in this house for you people to take water?”

>>>>>Klint to his father Chief Amadi when questioned about where all his champagne and brandy at the bar is gone,

“You say I should find work. I have found work. Am now a clearing and forwarding agent. I have cleared your bar and forwarded all the liquid contents in my stomach. Please the wharf is empty. Please fill the wharf so I can continue my job from where I discontinued.”

Music played all through so appropriate “no condition is permanent” and we see in this movie how this is really true. Klint’s condition changes and Paddy too finds what he had been looking for. As for Mr Ibu, I can only assume that the song didn’t apply to him.

The Cast’s Performances
Jeff Amusu
was brilliant as Paddy. I enjoyed every bit of his performance. Where is he now? I swear this is the only thing I have ever seen him in. Jeff Amusu was also responsible for the screenplay so big big kudos to him, because there were so many funny scenes in this movie.

Jeff Amusu and John “Mr Ibu” Okafor made a great pair together. They were great when they were arguing as well as great when they were plotting together. Klint Da Drunk was also a stand out performance for me. I don’t know how he does it but I have never seen anyone play a drunk as well as he does. It was excellent casting for the main characters in this movie.

I would most definitely recommend this movie.
Not only is it funny but it contains the serious issue of alcoholism. The ending was both brilliant and satisfying. I loved so much how the family embraced him even before they found out his true identity. It wonderful to see the family so excited about him becoming a part of their family. Thumbs up! This is one to watch

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  1. Sounds hilarious! An original theme, at least to me…

  2. teeheehaa says:

    nolly! I saw this movie and it was very funny. I heard the movie "Bursting Out" just premiered in London…if you are based in London and you have the time could you review it and see if it lives up to its hype? Thanks =)

    • Well with regards to Bursting Out I was meant to go and ended up in the wrong place. I thought I was too late so didn't bother looking for the place again only to discover that they strated the movie way late. Never mind. Maybe next time.

  3. loved this 1…that was gr8 comedy

  4. My house help and hot movie

  5. ur rating is sooo on point…watched this movie yesterday and i laughed so hard..and BTW Jeff (script writer/actor/comedian) is a cutie…just sayin! the movie made me laugh and actually think deeply about how life can be unfair. wonderful cast all through.i saw three stand-up comedians in the movie (klint da drunk, i go save (the younger house boy in the flashbacks), and of course Jeff himself). it was really funny and different from the you-have-to-act-retarded-to-make-people-laugh movies that john okafor normally does.ANDY BEST does churn out good movie..they're quite consistent..loves it!

  6. Well well well,that movie is worth a thousand word,but out of those thousand words,i’ll only say ‘bravo’….

  7. It is rare to find long discussions about African movies online. This could be the best African IMDB. Is there by any chance an African movie wiki we are missing out on?

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